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Scrolling through Instagram and merely staring at pictures of other travelers was finally starting to irk me. And one day, when I’d had enough, I roped in 3 of my friends and booked a 2 nights 3 days package to Kasol. With pure excitement in our hearts and less than 5k in our pockets, we set on an unusual journey to Shiva’s abode oozing unending charm and tranquility.

Details Of Kheer Ganga Trip On Budget

Trip Type: An awesome group adventure
Budget: INR 5,000 per person
Round trip journey & hotel cost: INR 2,000 + INR 1,375 (per person)
Amount left: INR 1,625 per person

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I EXPLORED: The valley, the river, and the countless apple orchards!

  • The colours of the sky during sunrise over Parvati Valley

Semi Sleeper coaches aren’t exactly comfortable, but you’re bound to forget all about your aching backs once your eyes are finally treated with views of a sun rising behind hazy mountains lined perfectly on either side of a roaring river. To an artist looking for a spot of inspiration, this was nothing less than magic!

An equally enchanting view was of our hotel, Negi’s Nest. Nestled snugly in the lap of Parvati Valley was our quaint hideout with lush hills rising on either side of it and the white river gushing just below it.

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The trek to Parvati Valley: Picturesque huts, apple orchards, & friendly locals

The pale, noisy stream sprayed our faces with cool, tingling water, while we took selfies in the backdrop of our stimulating surroundings. Then after a sprint at Kasol market, we headed back to our hotel. Post some delicious dinner, a seemingly endless session of long conversations over a few drinks & loud music, we finally called it a night.

Lunch at hotel: INR 125 per person
Bus fare to and fro Jari: INR 5 + INR 5 (per person)
Amount left: INR 1,490 per person

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Long morning walks & bumpy bus rides

We woke up to the fresh smell of dew and decided to take a long walk in the light of the rising sun. Pulling our jackets close against the chilly morning wind, we walked higher and higher up the hill, refusing to go back, until our stomachs started screaming with hunger.

We were very graciously dropped off to the Jari bus stop by Mr Negi, the owner of our hotel. After a fun, bone-breaking ride on the bus, we got down at Manikaran & decided to pay the sanctum a visit!

Bus fare (Jari to Manikaran): INR 10 per person
Amount left: INR 1,480

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Manikaran Gurudwara & Temple: The spiritual connection, and the sauna!

The calm, peaceful interiors & the soothing ‘Gurbani’ of this famous Gurudwara are enough to lure you in. Add to it the rousing, energizing hot water steam! At the temple, we saw people cooking rice and chickpeas over a bubbling pool of the hot water spring. We paid our respects & left to catch our bus to Barshaini.

Bus fare (Manikaran to Barshaini): INR 20 per person
Amount left: INR 1,460

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I TREKKED: The treacherous trek begins, and so does a test of our strength…

Apart from high boulders, narrow lanes, steep, marshy grounds & a washed-out terrain owing to a recent landslide, the 12 km trek is blessed with breathtaking views, endless apple orchards, numerous thrist-quenching fresh water streams & tall maple trees all around.

Panting, we managed to reach Nakthan Village 3.5 km from Barshaini. We indulged ourselves in a delicious spot of lunch and then set off to explore the tribal village while the locals passed us by with smiling faces. We had just covered a little over 10 kms with our cramped knees & aching lungs when the sky began to get darker. Scared as hell, we walked the remaining distance with the help of a flashlight.

Lunch at Nakthan: INR 200 per person
Amount left: INR 1,260 per person

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A bonfire, some Hindi songs, scrambled eggs, and a blanket of stars

To say that the hurdles of the trek made up for what lay up there is an understatement. A tiny village with laughter and lights till where the eyes could see, bordered by layers of pitch black mountains, and a vast star-strewn sky overhead. The excitement doubled when the bonfire was lit, the glasses were filled, & some mainstream Bollywood numbers started playing on the phone while we mindlessly babbled away.

Overnight camp charges: INR 250 per person
Dinner: INR 150 per person
‘Chakna’: INR 25/- per person
Amount left: INR 835 per person

A blissful morning at Kheerganga: The natural jacuzzi and Nutella pancakes

In the morning, I zipped down my camp & was greeted by the adorable faces of three little pups who thought they were in for a little treat! We clicked some pictures of the magnificent sunrise while our fourth friend chased a puppy down the valley who had run off with her sock.

A dip in the steaming, searing water of the natural geyser on top was perhaps the best thing to ease your muscle cramps after the mercilessly tiring journey. The unexpected, yet pleasant light-headedness you experience after stepping out will be better than any high that the notorious hash of Kasol can provide. We then hogged up omelettes, nutella pancakes, bun maska & tea for breakfast before commencing our trek back to Barshaini. Fortunately, we opted for Kheerganga trekking package which offered us everything that we were looking for.

Breakfast: INR 100 per person
Amount left: INR 735 per person

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I SKETCHED: Preserving the dilapidated huts of Nakthan in my sketchbook

After I had found myself a picture-perfect spot in the charming village of Nakthan, I sat down with my pen and sketchbook, excited to begin the best and my most favourite part of the trip at last.

As I started, my hands shook out of exhaustion, but my zeal was fierce and impregnable

rahul starting his sketch in nakthan village
a close up of rahul sketching

And soon enough, I had an onlooker

kid keenly watching rahul sketch

Who decided he wouldn’t leave till he’d seen the complete sketch

kid curiously watching rahul sketch
...and that kid just wouldn't leave until the sketch was done

This piqued the interest of others

more people come about to watch rahul sketch
more and more people come to watch rahul sketching

And stopped trekkers passing by in their tracks!

travelers stopping by in their track to click rahul

Soon, my audience grew from one little boy to what seemed like half the village in no time!

rahul's ever growing audience

And the masterpiece was finally complete

rahul's final sketch against the actual setting

Image Source

Post lunch at Nakthan, I resumed my journey home.

Lunch at Nakthan: INR 175 per person
Bus fare (Barshaini to Bhuntar): INR 55 per person
Amount left: INR 505 per person

The entire group sitting near Parvati River

A bit of catching up with old friends, some dauntless adventure, and a delightful essence of art, such was the recipe of my quaint little getaway whose memories are sure to stay with me always.

High Points: Hotel location (right over the stunning Parvati Valley!), a totally unplanned visit to Manikaran Gurudwara, camping, bonfire, stargazing, a free jacuzzi, & live sketching in Nakthan Village (falling midway on the Kheer Ganga trek).

Best experience of the trip: Live sketching in Nakthan Village.

Tips for travelers:

Use public transport for commuting as cabs are really expensive there
Don’t trek empty stomach
Carry light luggage on the trek
Opt for a Kheerganga trekking package to explore the destination in the best way
Start your trek well before 10 in order to avoid walking uphill in the dark
Check your camp to ensure it’s not torn from anywhere
Go for a Kheerganga trek in September when the sky is clear and the weather is favourable

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kheerganga Trek

How difficult is Kheerganga Trek?

If you are a first-timer, Kheerganga Trek might be a bit strenuous for you. Since there are many waterfall crossings, you might come across many difficulties. Also, it is advised to prepare the body for the trail with some stretching, mild jogging, and breathing exercises.

Why is Kheerganga called Kheerganga?

Kheerganga or kheer Ganga Trek got its name from the milky white waters of Ganga that further resembles with a famous Indian dessert called “Kheer”. Just like milk and rice gives a serene while coloring to Kheer, Ganga river is also beautified with clear white color.

What should one bring to Kheerganga Trek?

If you want a hassle-free trek, then you must pack various travel essentials. Some of these include a water bottle, travel light, trekking shoes or boots. Also, keeping a swiss knife will not do any harm!

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