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    snowfall in Kasol

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    Peacefully set along the banks of Parvati River, amid the picturesque Parvati Valley, Kasol is truly a paradise for all those who want to find their true calling, those who want to climb the mountains, those who want to swallow some sunshine, those who want to experience the warmth of the people of mountains, and those who want to witness Kasol in winter.

    How’s The Weather In Kasol During Winter 2020?

    snoafll in mountains on a tree

    Image Source

    There are queries about snowfall in Kasol, Kasol temperature in winter, the weather of Kasol in December, places to visit in Kasol in December, whether Kheerganga trek in December is a great idea, and so forth. First, let’s talk about the weather of Kasol during winter. October to February is winter months in Kasol. So those who enjoy winter, chilly temperature, and are ready for an eventful trip should visit Kasol in December. In winter, most of the roads to Kasol are inhospitable due to heavy and frequent snowfall, and if not this, then cold and dry winter winds make it a little difficult to explore the valley.

    Things To Do In Kasol In Winter 2020

    Anyone who has ever thought of visiting Kasol in December, or for that matter, any month of winter, must be worried and confused about their trip to Kasol during these chilly months, but there certainly are some advantages and a different level of beauty in mountains during winter that make you take the risk and do these following things!

    1. Kheerganga Trek: The Trails Are Waiting For You

    a house on the way to Kheerganga in mountains

    Kheerganga trek can be done during any months of the year, but if you’re planning to trek during heavy snowfall months (sometimes it doesn’t snow at all), then you have to be a little cautious as the trail becomes slippery. This trek takes you through many splendid Himalayan valleys and villages, which gives you an opportunity to capture some of the greatest nature shots of your life.

    Tips: Do carry a sleeping bag, woolen gloves and socks, and wind-proof jacket.

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    2. Cafe Hopping: Explore The Happening Ones

     people standing outside a cafe

    Image Source
    One of the biggest reason why Kasol is loved by everyone is its cozy, unique, and happening cafes. These cafes are for those who would like to break free from their daily lives, sit amid nature and just look at the falling snowflakes, sit around a bonfire and sing, or patiently observe the way of life in the mountains. You can go cafe hoping to explore as many as you want and find the one that makes you feel at home.

    Popular cafes in Kasol: Jim Morrison Cafe, Bhoj Restaurant, Evergreen Restaurant, Stone Garden Cafe, Little Italy, Moon Dance Cafe, Mama Cafe etc.

    3. Photography: Capture Incredible Shots

    mist-covered green mountains

    If you’re the photographer type and always long for the Himalayas, then you need to visit Kasol in winter. The distant mountains that will be covered in a thick white layer and the parched trees that will be wearing a veil of snow will create a perfect image for your photographs. Some of the best shots of Kasol are taken in winter. Even if it doesn’t snow In Kasol this year, it is a delightful paradise for landscape and nature photographers.

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    4. Snowfall In Kasol: Let The Soft Snowflakes Fall On Your Face

    snowcovered mountain peak

    If you’ve been planning to witness the gorgeous snowfall season in Kasol, then December to January is the time. Kasol attracts a lot of backpackers and explorers, who have come to experience the most incredible snowfall in Himachal. From going on a snow trek to making a cute snowman, there’s so much you can do to make your snowfall season in Kasol a memorable time.

    Benefits Of Traveling To Kasol In Winter

    Exploring Kasol in winter has its own advantages. One might even get to enjoy a snowfall in Kasol in 2019-20! Have a look at the best reasons.

    1. Walk Like A Boss, With No Crowd Around

    two men walking in snow in mountains

    Anyone who wants to live and experience the true essence of Kasol, without being bothered by noisy tourists must plan a Kasol trip in December or January. And, the way locals will treat you when there aren’t many tourists is worth noticing. You’ll get all the attention and the popular cafes in Kasol won’t be overcrowded. Seems like a good time to visit, no?

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    2. Slashed Prices And Fancy Stays

    decorated and well lit tables in a hotel

    Image Source
    Hotel and resort rooms can be as much as 50 percent off and the cost of transport also goes down. Since you’ll get great deals offline, you won’t have to book accommodations in advance. You’ll get even the most luxurious resorts and hotels without much hassle. So, if a budget trip to this snow covered land is on your mind, then winter is the best time to head here.

    Villages Around Kasol

    Apart from Kasol, there are some beautiful villages too around it that one can explore on a trip there. Have a look.

    1. Naggar Village

    wooden houses in Naggar Village

    Image Source

    At a distance of 58 km, Naggar is a big village, which has the beautiful Naggar Castle and Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery and Museum. You can take a taxi to this charming village settled amid statuesque mountains. The place is totally worth a visit on a trip to Kasol!

    2. Malana Village

    entrance of Malana village

    Image Source

    Who hasn’t heard of Malana! This little paradise is just 20 km away from Kasol and a must-visit for those who want to see the slow and calm village life of the Himalayan villages. This is an ancient village known all across India for its premium hashish and the natives who claim to be decedents of soldiers of the army of Greek emperor Alexander’s.

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    3. Tosh Village

    houses and hotels in Tosh Village

    A hidden gem in the quaint Parvati Valley, Tosh is just 20 km fromm Kasol. The village is situated near Bharsaini, which is the commencement point of Kheerganga trek. Tosh has some of the most stunning views that’ll make your journey worth it. Enjoy a hike to the peaceful village of Tosh!

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    4. Nakthan Village

    a house in Nakthan village with snow covered mountains

    Image Source
    A traditional village consisting of 40-50 houses, Nakthan is again about 20 km from Kasol. The houses in the village are made of wood and one can see intricate carvings on the doors and windows. Settled on the left side of gushing Parvati River, Nakthan is home to some absolutely gorgeous and colourful wild flowers, some of the species also bloom during winter.

    5. Chalal

    Chalal in Himachal Pradesh

    Chalal is a small village near Kasol that is known for its trekking trail. The 2-hour long trek will take you through some of the most scenic sights of this region. You can stay at the campsite located next to a serene river. Weed cultivation is the prime occupation of the villagers. This charming hamlet is also known for its psychedelic parties.

    How To Reach Kasol?

    Kasol village in himachal

    If you want to witness snowfall in Kasol and are wondering which are the ways to reach the village, then here are all your answers!

    • By Air: The nearest airport to Kasol is  Bhuntar Airport in Kullu district. It will take you around 1 hours 20 minuets from Delhi to reach Bhuntar by a direct flight. From Bhuntar you can hire a cab and reach Kasol in 1 hour 6 minutes.
    • By Train: The nearest railway station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station. You can board a train from Delhi to Joginder Nagar railway station and the hire a cab from the station to Kasol. It will take you around 4 hours 56 minutes to reach by a cab.
    • By Road: You can also reach Kasol by a car. It will take you 13 hours to reach from Delhi to Kasol. The roads are welln maintained and you will surely enjoy your journey.

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    Itching to pack your bags and leave for Kasol? We bet you are! Plan a weekend getaway before you set off to make the best memories in the lap of snow mountains. Have a great time. Happy tripping!

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