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Greetings, travellers, to the lush, green sanctuary of Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada, a peaceful refuge from the rigours of urban life. This is one of those lovely parks that make the given city harmonious and provide a fantastic opportunity to escape the noisy life, have a walk with the family, or practice yoga in the morning at dawn. Located at New Bus Stand and Kanaka Durgamma Temple Road, Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada features exactly what the urban landscape needs: a green oasis in the middle of some of the densely populated areas perfectly depicting the spirit of Vijayawada city.

Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada Overview

Ferris Wheel at Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Mike Prince for Wikimedia Commons

Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada brings delight and joy to the heart of the town by providing an area where people can find solace. The park is located close to Kanaka Durgamma Temple Road and the New Vijayawada Bus Stand and has good transport accessibility. It entails a major decorated green region with different trees and plants, making it easy to escape from the busy city.

Many people with families or individuals interested in the health benefits of walking go to the park, like the neatly paved walkways, children’s playgrounds, and other spots where one can sit or lie down and rest. The community uses this particular park in sporting and cultural activities and events as and when required. The availability of aquatic services and plants, among other things, makes Rajiv Gandhi Park a precious and easily accessible recreational area in Vijayawada.

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Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada: Address Timings And Ticket Prices

mesmerising view of the park to visit on the next trip.

Image Credit: Rushikesh.nijampurkar for Wikimedia Commons

Address: Rajiv Gandhi Park in Vijayawada is at NH65, near Prakasam Barrage, K.L. Rao Road, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. This park is a popular recreational area featuring lush gardens, fountains, and a musical fountain show.

Timings: Rajiv Gandhi Park in Vijayawada is open from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM on weekends. It is closed on Mondays, and the musical fountain show runs from 7:30 PM to 8:15 PM, except on Mondays.

Ticket Prices: This idyllic spot offers a tranquil retreat for strolls and rejuvenating morning yoga amidst the city’s vibrant landscape. The entry fee for Rajiv Gandhi Park is as below:

  • INR 3 for Adults
  • INR 2 for Children

Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada: Nearby Places To Explore

Seek the beauty of the park and immerse yourself in nature. Do not forget to explore the multiple places nearby and embark on a trip to Andhra Pradesh as below:

1. Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage, near Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Gnana Sreekar for Wikimedia Commons

Vijayawada boasts of this barrage over the Krishna river, a recreation point. Situated beside Rajiv Gandhi Park it fascinates the visitors by creating a fusion of the architectural brilliance and nature. People from this region and visitors go to this place to enjoy themselves by taking a boat ride and engaging in a great picnic. The fact that the barrage is so big, enables one to have a great view of the River and surrounding area particularly in the evening next to the setting sun. This makes it easier for family and friends to meet up and have quality time together as they take in the park’s natural beauty.
Timings: Accessible throughout the day.
Facilities: One can find local food stalls and vendors nearby.
Activities: Birdwatching, strolling by the riverside, Picnicking, boating, and photography

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2. Victoria Museum (Bapu Museum)

Victoria Museum (Bapu Museum), located in Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Koushik for Wikipedia

Victoria Museum, arguably one of the most outstanding cultural institutions in Vijayawada, plays the role of enlightening potential visitors about the historical background of the city. The museum is located in a beautiful structure and is full of various exhibits of artefacts, sculptures, and artworks that represent the history of the place. Because of this, the restaurant forms part of cultural tours because it is close to Rajiv Gandhi Park. Collections begin from the archaeological site through artefacts to the more modern local art depicting the evolution of Vijayawada. The comprehensible information and historical exhibitions play a crucial role in people’s attraction as learners, tourists, and students visit the museum without fail in the city.

Timings: Monday to Thursday and Saturday – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday -11:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Closed on Fridays and Public Holidays
Facilities: Air-conditioned Museum, AR-VR technology
Activities: Visiting the exhibits, Browsing through ancient sculptures and idols

3. Gandhi Hill

Gandhi Hill, a must-see attraction close to Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Gnana Sreekar for Wikimedia Commons

The most famous plot in Vijayawada is Gandhi Hill, and Mahatma Gandhi’s statue is placed on the top of this hill. The height of this platform provides tourists with a wide view of the structure of Orlando City and its vast territory. Measuring up to 500 feet in height, the hill has seven stupas, the tallest of which is a 52-foot high Gandhi stupa. The hill has Gandhi Memorial, Gandhi Memorial Library, a show based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi using sound and light, and a Planetarium. Along with the nearby Rajiv Gandhi Park, Gandhi Hill becomes a perfect place to contemplate oneself and the beauty of Vijayawada and its history.

Timings: Open daily from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM, except Tuesday
Facilities: Memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Viewpoint at an altitude of 550 feet, Mini Zoo, Place of worship
Activities: Watch the sunset, enjoy the peace, Marvel at the beautiful views, Explore the memorial, and visit the mini-zoo.

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4. Krishna River

 Sunset at Krishna River, giving breathtaking views.

Image Credit: Bhanutpt for Wikimedia Commons

The fact that Rajiv Gandhi Park is on the bank of the Krishna River makes the place calm and away from much of the rush. The park has a surface characterised by grass and healthy trees that seem to blend perfectly well with the shimmering waters of the river. For tourists, walking along the riverside, watching the river, and taking a glimpse of the features along the river is a sure way of relaxing. There also might be birds on the riverside which can be watched or photographed if you are interested in nature. The view at sunset is colourful as the water reflects the sky.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days
Facilities: food stalls or small restaurants, boat rides, and seating areas
Activities: Jogging along the riverside, enjoying the sunset

Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada: Nearby Hotels

Some hotels close to Rajiv Gandhi Park in Vijayawada include the following with different privileges. Here are a few options:

1. Novotel Vijayawada Varun

stay at the best hotel room near the Rajiv Gandhi park Vijayawada.

Image Source: Facebook

It is a four-star hotel which is undoubtedly rich and chosen among others in terms of convenience. Situated just 4.4 kilometres away from the sacred Kanaka Durga Temple and 5.3 km away from Vijayawada Junction Railway Station, the prominent places of the city are located nearby. Some of the luxurious features to be availed at this hotel are free parking, an excellently facilitated conference, and the availability of an on-site ATM. Largely due to its favourable geographic characteristics and competitive advantages, it is always suitable for commercial and tourist visitors.

Address: Near Benz Circle, Bharathi Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Check-in: 2:00 PM
Check out: 12:00 PM

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2. Manorama Hotel Vijayawada

get the perfect stay for the couples at the Manorama Hotel Vijayawada.

Image Source: Facebook

The hotel is well-equipped with comfort and facilities and strategically located in a remarkable vicinity. All the rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with minibars and refrigerators for the guests’ comfortable stay. Some of the amenities that the hotel offers are free WiFi, around-the-clock front desk service, and Meals. It is well located, with attractions such as Undavalli Caves within easy reach, as well as a variety of pubs applicable for guests on a tour of Vijayawada.

Address: MG Road, Governor Peta, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Check-in: 12:00 PM
Check out: 12:00 PM

3. Lemon Tree Premier

a lavish property to stay near the Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada.

Image Source: Facebook

Based in Vijayawada, Lemon Tree Premier is one of the top-end hotels that provide services to business as well as leisure travellers. The hotel’s facilities consist of the colourful Atrium Lobby and varied dining opportunities, such as the Citrus Café offers meals of various origins, Republic of Noodles, an Asian restaurant with Michelin inspectors’ recognition, and Slounge, a bar. Concerning the hospitality services, the hotel features well-equipped banquet and conference services that would be suitable for business travellers holding corporate events or meetings.

Address: MG Road, opposite Sub-Collector Office Road, Punammathota, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Check-in: 2:00 PM
Check out: 12:00 PM

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4. Red Fox Hotel

a neat and clean hotel room in Vijayawada.

Image Source: Pxhere

Red Fox Hotel, Vijayawada stands as an attractive hotel with a clean look at an affordable price. The property boasts 101 smart rooms meant to make clients stay comfortable. Café facilities for the guests are present in the Clever Fox Café, which serves as a multi-cuisine restaurant. Other facilities available for the visitors include a fitness centre that helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The warm staff, a pleasant and cosy environment, and efficient services make Red Fox Hotel one of Vijayawada’s best places to stay.

Address: D.No. 27-44-8, Patibandavari Street, MG Road, Governor Peta, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Check-in: 2:00 PM
Check out: 12:00 PM

How To Reach Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada

reach to the Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada by train.

Image Credit: Viswa Chandra for Wikimedia Commons

This park is located near the New Bus Stand in Vijayawada thus, visitors can use the available transport means to get there easily. Here’s a guide to help you reach the park:

By Bus:
The park is in the direction of the New Bus Stand. Therefore, one can get a bus to the park. A passenger can board any bus within the city’s nexus to get to the New Bus Stand.

By Train:
Travel to the park can be done by rail, as it is close to the Vijayawada Railway Station. There are direct trains to Vijayawada and the park is approximately 5 kilometres away from the station though it can be covered by auto-rickshaw/taxi.

By Auto-Rickshaw or Taxi:
The bus stand or the railway station of the place can easily be accessed and from there, one can hire an auto-rickshaw or taxi to reach the Chandigarh Rock Garden.

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When planning a trip to Andhra Pradesh region, one should ensure that they set time aside to visit Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada. It is an urban oasis that gives a feel of the community and the landscape whether you are a resident or a visitor. If you are visiting Vijayawada to explore temples or just want to spend a relaxing day by the river, this park will be one of your favourites for sure. You should not miss this green jewel on your Andhra voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada

Is there any cafe or food stall inside Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada?

Yes, there is a small café that serves some coffee, toast, sandwiches, and other light meals right by the entrance to the park.

Are there any cultural events organised in the park?

During major festivals like Diwali and Sankranti magnificent cultural shows and troupes of bright and enchanting lighting the park.

Is it possible to hire bicycles to discover Rajiv Gandhi Park Vijayawada?

Regrettably, bicycles are not hired in the park, however, the park is ideal for a stroll. You can also walk and get fresh air from nature.

Is there some corresponding place for photography in the park?

Yes, there is provision for what is referred to as the “selfie point” complete with some breathtaking views. However, you can take photos wherever you need to collect the beautiful memories.

Is there any tour that one can take to be shown around the park?

There are no specific guided tours offered for the park, however, there are signs that offer information about different kinds of plants that grow in the park.

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