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Gujarat is a beautiful destination that offers a variety of adventures for all kinds of travelers. While it surely isn’t on the top of must-visit places for many, the tourism potential of the beautiful western state surely cannot be overlooked.

With that said, exploring Gujarat is no child’s play. The state is huge, and filled with national parks, monuments, and adventures that are sure to leave any passionate traveler weary. At such a time, all one wants is to get cozy in the lap of luxury and simply relax, in order to restore their energy that’s required for more exploration. This is why to make your vacation amazing, you must plan your stay in one of the resorts in Gujarat that are considered the best in the state!

10 Best Resorts In Gujarat

If you too, count yourself amongst such travelers and don’t mind shelling out a bit of extra cash in exchange for a memorable stay, these resorts in Gujarat are sure to pique your interest:

1. Shanku’s Waterworld Resort

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If you found the name of this resort interesting, you won’t be disappointed. Situated at a short drive from Ahmedabad (55 Kilometers), Shanku’s is a concept resort that has a full-fledged waterpark right next to it! Guests can indulge in the luxury of the tastefully decorated rooms or can simply spend a day undertaking water activities at the waterpark.

Additional Info: Don’t let the waterpark trick you into thinking that the resort is only good for a staycation. Shanku’s Waterworld Resort also houses expansive lawns and concept rooms like the Mughal cottages, making it a top choice for destination weddings and romantic getaways.

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2. Royal Safari Camp

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If you’re looking to travel back in time, to experience authentic and traditional culture of Gujarat, a visit to the Royal Safari Camp is a must. Don’t worry, the authentic red-brick cottages of this ethnic resort are designed for utmost luxury on the inside. Located near the Rann Of Kutch and the Will Ass wildlife sanctuary, the Royal Safari Camp provides visitors with an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. It is the best resort in Gujarat in terms of a stay that balances both adventure and comfort.

Additional Info: The resort organises an adrenaline pumping safari to the nearby desert area, and the nights are filled with traditional entertainment brought to the guests by local artists.

3. Rann Riders Resort

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As the name may suggest, Rann Riders Resort is situated near the Rann Of Kutch and is one of the most revered resorts in the area. The resort boasts a collection of traditional Gujarati “huts” that are loaded with luxurious amenities on the inside. With authentic Gujarati cuisine on the menu that is served next to a bonfire, the resort is perfect for a staycation filled with equal parts luxury, adventure, and fun.
Additional Info: Rann Riders Resort offers camel and horse ride to visitors, to tick the final box when it comes to being treated like royalty. The property also sells authentic Gujarati handicraft that is crafted by local women from the area.

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4. Club Kensville Golf Resort

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An expansive golf course, rooms reeking with luxury, an equipped fitness centre, and a massage parlour loaded with every imaginable amenity you may need to relax, the Club Kensville Golf Resort feels like its come out of a Bollywood film, making it one of the best honeymoon places in Gujarat. Pay a visit to this uber-luxurious resort that sits comfortably in the lap of Signature 18 Hole Golf Course to experience a relaxed weekend filled with some quality golf and relaxing inside your sophisticated and luxurious room.

Additional Info: The resort is incredibly close to Ahmedabad city (55 kilometers) and is perfect for busy travel enthusiasts looking for a quick getaway and yet remaining close to the city.

5. Gulmohar Greens Golf And Country Club

garden area outside the resort's building

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Another property for the golf lovers, the Gulmohar Greens Golf And Country Club is one of the top resorts in Gujarat. Featuring a lush 9 hole golf course, along with a sports complex dedicated to the entertainment of visiting guests, the 75 acre golf resort leaves no stone unturned in spoiling the guests with luxury and comfort.

Additional Info: The resort also boasts a coaching facility by veteran players and experienced experts of the game. These pros will help you bring your game to the next level, or simply help you get acquainted with a brand new sport, for an extra charge, of course. The resort is also the closest golf course to Ahmedabad, making it an ideal weekend getaway for the city dwellers.

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6. The Fern Gir Forest Resort

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This one is for those looking for a vacation filled with rejuvenation and the goodness of being close to mother nature. The Fern Gir Forest Resort takes luxury and opulence to the next level. The resort offers four different accommodation options to visitors, ranging from luxe tents to independent villas, all nestled in the lap of nature. The resort is also home to the super-luxurious Sohum Spa that offers its services right next to River Hiran. The spa is also loaded with a jacuzzi, a well-appointed gymnasium, and an expansive swimming pool, making it one of the best luxury resorts in Gujarat.

Additional Info: Guests looking for an accommodation with a view should ask the hotel for a Deluxe Suite. While a bit more pricey than other options on the property, the suites offer fantastic views of the nearby River Hiran.

7. Vanvaso Resort

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Another great property for nature lovers, the Vanvaso Resort is packed located bang in the middle of wilderness in the Gir National Park. The resort, much like all others on this list, comes loaded with all the luxurious amenities one would expect from a resort.

The real charm of this property however, lies in its expansive grounds filled to the brim with greenery and the atmosphere of serenity that they create.

Additional Info: Vanvaso Resort is a popular choice for corporate getaways. Particularly because the property houses a party area that comes equipped with a DJ. Another great group activity organised by the resort is the tribal dance that takes place at night by the bonfire.

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8. The House Of Mangaldas Girdhardas

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Those that love the hustle bustle of the city too much to get away from it, or those that don’t have the luxury of time, can pay a visit to the famous House Of MG for a staycation where they are treated like royalty. One of the most revered resorts in Gujarat, the opulent property reeks with luxury and is run by a team of commendable service staff.

Additional Info: The converted heritage property boasts well-appointed rooms with tasteful interiors and some very noticeable hints of traditional Gujarati culture. Guests seeking a luxurious stay to pamper themselves should definitely pay this resort a visit to take a sneak peak into the life of ancient Guajrati Aristocracy.

9. Rajvant Palace Resort


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SItuated in one of the most exclusive locations in Rajpipla, The Rajvant Palace Resort boasts a strikingly unique design and architecture. Originally belonging to a royal family of the city, the heritage property has now been converted into a luxurious hotel. The unique thing about the property however, is that the structure of the building takes architectural elements from Roman domes, Greek capitals, Gothic arches, and many other international and period architecture forms.

Additional Info: Since the property is a heritage property, it is best to not expect the rooms to feel very modern as they haven’t been upgraded to preserve the original charm of the property. The resort also houses a museum that visitors can walk through, to get a feel of what life would have been like in the palace a few decades ago.

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10. Balaram Palace Resort

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If you are looking for a true converted heritage property experience, you must visit the Balaram Palace Resort. The palace, complete with an outdoor swimming pool, a helipad, and some picturesque lawns looks like it’s come straight out of a 90s Bollywood flick about a rich businessman. The rooms are redecorated to provide modern comforts while retaining their old-world charm to give the guests a glimpse into the life of the Gujrati royals from another era. It is also a great place for a pre-wedding shoot in Gujarat.

Additional Info: The resort was established in the 1920s-30s and was the hunting resort of the royal family of Lohanis. While all rooms come equipped with a fireplace, some special rooms have a fireplace done in colonial style, along with marble-faced beds, adding to the luxuriousness factor of the property. These rooms however, are only accessible to those willing to shell out some extra money in exchange for a more authentic regal experience.

The state of Gujarat is welcoming travellers with both arms open, and the same is evident in the number of accommodation options present here. If you have more questions before you start planning to visit, we’ve taken the liberty of answering the most common questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Resorts In Gujarat

How much does a resort accommodation cost in Gujarat?

Depending on the location and the kind of accommodation you are looking for, staying in a resort during your Gujarat trip can set you back by anywhere between 1000 and 50000 bucks for a night. With that said, most resorts offer great value for money so if you can afford it and are paying 20000 bucks for a stay in a resort, you can rest assured that your experience will be well worth your money.

How many days are needed for a tour in Gujarat?

Gujarat is a big state with a number of cities and spots that intrigue visitors. With that said, most noteworthy parts of the state can be covered within a span of 10 days. However, doing so would require extensive planning, something you should consult a professional about.

What is the best time to visit Gujarat?

Summers in Gujarat can turn out to be ruthless. The best time to visit hence, is during the winter months of November, December, and January. These months aren’t too cold and the weather is mostly pleasant throughout the day, making it perfect for those looking to explore.

Which is the most well-connected city in Gujarat?

While Gujarat is a well-planned state with highways and railways connecting most of the cities and districts, Ahmedabad has to be the most well-connected. The city boasts a major airport and connects to almost all other Gujarati cities by road or by rail. Moreover, Ahmedabad in itself is home to a number of tourist spots and attractions and is close to other similar places such as the Rann Of Kutch (45 kilometers).

What should I pack for a trip to Gujarat?

As mentioned earlier, the best time to visit Gujarat is during the winter months when the weather is mostly pleasant. If you’ve decided to take this advice, all you need is a layer of moderately warm clothing and you are good to go. Those visiting in the summer need to only carry their summer attire. No chances of cold night during the Gujarati summer!

How far is Dwarka from Ahmedabad?

The temple city of Dwarka is one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations in Gujarat and lies a short drive away from Ahmedabad. At a distance of approximately 440 kilometers, Dwarka a pleasant 8 hour road trip from the city of Ahmedabad.

How far is Somnath from Ahmedabad?

One of the most famous temples in the country, Somnath temple is also a short and pleasant drive away from Ahmedabad. At a distance of about 410 kilometers, Somnath is accessible by road and by rail, with regular trains departing from major cities like Ahmedabad and Dwarka.

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