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When mustached men take to the dhol, and ghagra-clad women dance to garba tunes like no one’s watching, that’s when you know it’s the festive season in Gujarat. Celebration of most famous festivals in Gujarat will make you groove while flaunting the state’s age-old traditions and vivid culture. From dahi handi breaking competitions to decorating the livestock, all festivals of Gujarat have something special about them.

Calendar For Famous Festival Of Gujarat 2022

Month Festival Date (2022)
January International Kite Festival (Uttarayan) 14th January
January Modhera Dance Festival 19th – 21 January
March Bhavnath Mahadev Fair 11th March
November Rann Utsav 1 November – 20 February 2022
March Kavant Fair  21th March
March/April Chitra Vichitra Mela NA
August Madhavrai Fair 30th August – 1st September 2022
July Rath Yatra 1st July
August Janmashtami 18 August – 19 August
September Bhadrapurnima Fair 10th September 
August Tarnetar Fair 29th – 31 August
September Ravechi Fair September
September Navratri 26th September – 4th October
October Beach Festival 31st November – 15th October
November Vautha Mela 4th – 8th November
November Shamlaji Melo November
December/January Paragliding Festival December/January

17 Popular Festivals In Gujarat

If you’re planning a holiday here, you must time it smartly and attend these Gujarat festivals 2022. Because the way Gujaratis celebrate life leaves you pepped and panting at the same time!

1. International Kite Festival (Uttarayan)

Colorful kites soaring high in International Kite Festival in Gujarat

As colorful kites soar to the sky, festivities on ground are an all time high. The enthusiasm of the International Kite Festival in Gujarat envelops all nooks of the state – from cobbled and narrow streets to the sky.

The is one of the main festivals in Gujarat that marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. People stock up their houses with kites and charkharis days before the festival. And not just Gujaratis or Indians, people fly from far-off regions like Canada and USA to have their share of fun in one of the most colorful festivals in Gujarat.

Where: The main event is celebrated in Ahmedabad, but as it is the harvest festival of Gujarat it is celebrated in across the state.

What to expect: Kite flying competition between locals and even international participants, numerous colorful kites in different shapes and sizes (lighted kites, sports kites, hand-painted kites, 500 kites in a string), delicious Gujarati food items like Undhiyu

When is International Kite Festival Celebrated: The event takes place on 14th January every year (Makar Sankranti)

Kite Festival in Gujarat 2022 dates: 14th January

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2. Modhera Dance Festival

 A classical dancer performing in Modhera Dance Festival of Gujarat

Image Source

Also known as Uttarardh Mahotsavis, this three-day festival is a great excuse to experience the essence of classical Indian dance and music. With the exquisite backdrop of Sun Temple in Modhera transports you to the times of Solanki empire.

Modhera Dance Festival is organized by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. The temple is an epitome of brilliant architecture and elevates the whole grandeur of one of the most famous Gujarat festivals 2022.

Where: Modhera Sun Temple

What to expect: Classical dance and music performances by professionals, a peep into the history of the vicinity and a lovely setting with colorful lights

When is Modhera Dance Festival Celebrated: January third week every year

Modhera Dance Festival 2022 dates: 19th – 21 January

3. Bhavnath Mahadev Fair

A glimpse of Bhavnath Fair

Bhavnath Mahadev Fair is a five-day affair dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is believed he himself visit the place during this time. The sages riding on elephants blow shells and lead processions, marking the commencement of this fair. Dance, music, prayers and offerings are performed during this enlivening festival. People before coming to the shrine do parikrama around the Girnar Hill.

Where: Bhavnath temple, Junagadh

What to expect: Processions, prayers, dance, music, martial arts, stalls selling idols, sweets and rosaries

When is Bhavnath Mahadev Fair celebrated: The fair is organized in February or March, during Maha Shivratri

Bhavnath Mahadev Fair 2022 dates: 11th March

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4. Rann Utsav

A cultural performance on a full moon night of Rann Utsav

Image Source

This is among the main festivals in Gujarat. Rhythmic strums of ravanahatha, Gujarati men with legendary mustaches and pagris, and the sparkling white sand – the desert of Rann dons a festive avatar right when autumn is at its peak.

Gujarat’s fascinating heritage takes the forefront at the Kutch festival of Gujarat. It is that much-awaited time of the year when people, regardless of where they live, come over for an extravagant experience of the main festival of Gujarat.

Where: The Rann of Kutch

What to expect: Cultural performances, best of Gujarati handicraft & handloom, a stay in the tent city, local sightseeing tours, safari in Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary and bird watching

When is Rann Utsav celebrated: The festival takes place between November and February annually

Rann Utsav 2022 dates: 1 November – 20 February 2022

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5. Kavant Fair

A festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Kavan Fair is one of the harvest festivals of Gujarat mainly celebrated in the tribal regions. It showcases various traditional art forms of Gujarat including music and dance.A striking highlight of this whole celebration is that the performers colour their bodies in different vibrant shades and designs. The colours are made of rice and ash.

Where: Gujarat’s Tribal regions
What to expect: Human pyramid games
When is Kavant Fair celebrated: After the Holi eve
Kavant Fair 2022 dates: 13th March

6. Chitra Vichitra Mela

A festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Chitra Vichitra Mela is a tribal fair which is held on the new moon eve. During the celebrations of this festival, local woman gather by the river and spend the whole night mourning for their dead relatives. People where traditional attires on this day along with saffron coloured turban. Folk songs are sung in groups, throughout the celebrations.

Where: Sabarkantha District
What to expect: Colourful fair, drum beats
When is Chitra Vichitra Mela celebrated: Eve of new moon
Chitra Vichitra Mela 2022 dates: NA

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7. Madhavrai Fair

A festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Madhavrai Fair takes place in a small village Madhavpur. Located on the shore of Porbandar, it is a significant place in Gujarat. The Madhavrai Fair is conducted to celebrate the wedding of Lord Krishna and Devi Rukmini. It takes place in the Chaitra month of Hindu Calendar which falls in the months of March or April. Due to its significance among the locals, it is one of the most revered festivals of Gujarat.

Where: Madhavpur Village
What to expect: A grand cultural fair
When is Madhavrai Fair celebrated: March/April, every year
Madhavrai Fair 2022 dates: March/April

8. Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra celebration in Gujarat

Image Source

Rath Yatra is one of the most awaited festivals in Gujarat and other parts of India, and it takes place majorly in four places including Jagannath in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). This sacred annual celebration’s main highlight is the procession that is led by an ornate chariot.

The procession begins prior the Pahind Vidhi (cleaning the route for chariot), performed by the CM of Gujarat. The chariot and procession then make their way through different corners of the city.

Where: Jagannath Temple, Ahmedabad

What to expect: A traditional and cultural extravaganza in which exciting parade and prayers take place

When is Rath Yatra Celebrated: The festival is celebrated in the month of June or July every year

Rath Yatra 2022 dates: 1st July

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9. Janmashtami

Rath Yatra celebration in Gujarat

Image Source

Another one of  most-awaited festivals celebrated in Gujarat, Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with unmatchable zeal and devotion in Dwarka, Gujarat. People celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna at midnight, placing an idol in the cradle and worshipping him. A thread tied with the cradle is gently pulled to make it swing.

Lord Krishna is offered his favorite makkhan (butter) and mishri (rock sugar). Dahi handi breaking is also an exciting activity that takes place as a part of the celebration.

Where: Dwarka, along with many places in the state

What to expect: Dahi handi breaking, Krishna birth at midnight, music and dance, Krishna mantra chanting and prayers

When is Janmashtami celebrated: Janmashtami is celebrated in the month of August

Janmashtami 2022 dates:18 August – 19 August

10. Bhadrapurnima Fair

Koteshwar Temple, Near Ambaji, Gujarat.

Image Source
One of the biggest festivals of Gujarat, Bhadra Purnima Fair spans for three days and is dedicated to Goddess Ambaji, in Ambaji Temple. As there is no idol in this temple, thus the representation of the deity is done through a triangular object called Vishwa Yantra.

During the fair, people gather to worship the goddess and read Saptshati (seven hundred prayer verses) together. As the evening knocks the door everyone have a gala time by performing garba and Bhavai (folk dance).

Where: Ambaji Temple, Banaskantha (Gujarat)

What to expect: Offering, prayers, stalls selling knick and knacks, folk dance and music performances

When is Bhadra Purnima Fair celebrated: This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of August or September

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11. Tarnetar Fair

A festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Tarnetar Fair is a 3-day long festive fair hosted in the Village of Tarnetar. The celebrations are inspired by the grand swayamvar of Draupadi, one of the most significant female characters from Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. The fair is like a massive wedding feast for locals, and is attended by more than 1 lakh people from across India.

Where: Tarnetar Village
What to expect: Over 300 stalls
When is Tarnetar Fair celebrated: End of August to early September
Tarnetar Fair 2022 dates: 29th – 31 August

12. Ravechi Fair

A festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Ravechi Mela is an annual fair held in the white desert of Kutch in Gujarat. During this festival, a large number of Hindu pilgrims gather in this region. This popular traditional festival involves singing of folk songs and performances of traditional dance forms. Showcasing the local lifestyle of Gujarat, various art workshops and exhibitions are held.

Where: Kutch
What to expect: Folk dances and song performances
When is Ravechi Fair celebrated: September
Ravechi Fair 2022 dates: August/September

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13. Navratri

People doing garba during Navratri festival in Gujarat

Image Source

Out of all the festival of gujarat, Navratri is one of the most popular. We can’t deny we think of Dandiya, Garba and Falguni Pathak when we think of Gujarat Navratri festival! This is among the most vibrant festivals in Gujarat and other parts of India. During this 10-day celebration, locals perform a Durga pooja, and enjoy with music, Garba, and dandiya.

Where: Navratri is a traditional festival of Gujarat. You will come across the celebration in every nook and corner of the state.

What to expect: A lively celebration that exhibits the colorful culture of Gujarat through acoustic music and dance. This is your chance to dress in ethnic Gujarati costume. Ready to don that typical Ghagro na choli?

When is Navratri celebrated: This festival falls in the month of October every year

Navratri 2022 dates: 26th September – 4th October

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14. Beach Festival

beach festival

Image Credit: Piyush for Wikimedia Commons

One of the main festivals in Gujarat is the Beach Festival that is organized on the famous Tithal Beach. During this festival, the whole area of the beach is decorated with lights and several shows are hosted. From music events to magic shows and dance performances, there is a lot to explore during this festival. Moreover, you can also indulge in activities like volleyball, beach cricket, and water ball. Attending this festival might make your spirit sing with happiness.

Where: Tithal and Mandvi Beach
What to expect: Dance performance, events, music, food, activities
When is Beach Festival celebrated: October-November
Beach Festival 2022 dates: 31st November – 15th October

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15. Shamlaji Melo

Facade of Shamlaji Temple

Image Source

Shamlaji Melo, or Kartik Purnima Fair takes place in the premises of immaculately crafted Shamlaji Temple and lasts for three weeks. This is the time when large groups of devotees arrive on foot or camel carts, sing songs for the deity and bathe in Meshwo River beside the temple.

The fair, along with being a fun place, also happens to be a revered place for trading silverware, cloth and ornaments.

Where: Shamlaji Temple

What to expect: A gathering of devotees, a cultural and traditional experience, and a nice collection of ornaments in local stalls

When is Shamlaji Melo celebrated: The fair is organized around November, with Kartik Purnima being the most important day

Shamlaji Melo 2022 dates: November

16. Vautha Mela

Local old men during Vautha Mela

Image Source

Vautha Mela is an exciting animal trade festival of Gujarat. Weird as it may sound, but this is where you’ll watch many camels and donkeys decked up with ornaments and paints. This isn’t merely a fair, people even consider this event more pious than Diwali, as the location happens to be where seven holy rivers converge.

Many families leave their house for few days to live in tents near the fair venue. Everyday a different sweet dish is made; khichu is particularly popular. The river is lit by floating diyas in the evening and one can enjoy shopping in local stalls all through the mela.

Where: Vautha, Gujarat

What to expect: Beautifully decorated animals, stalls selling everything from handicrafts to machineries, Hindu traditions being performed on river bank, tents and delicious local cuisines

When is Vautha Mela celebrated: This five-day festival falls on the full moon night of Kartik month of Hindu calendar (November)

Vautha Mela 2022 dates: 4th – 8th November

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17. Paragliding Festival


Image Credit: AnnaER for Pixabay

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Gujarat has something adventurous up their sleeve for people looking for an adrenaline rush! Between the months of December and January, Paragliding Festival is hosted for 26 days which is hosted by Gujarat tourism and other private organizations. The idea was put forward to make Satpura appear in the limelight as a paragliding destination. Apart from this activity, one can also opt for bike riding, zorbing, go-karting, and parasailing. Anyone can take part in this festival as training sessions are held for everyone which is why it is one of the major festivals of Gujarat.

Where: Satpura
What to expect: Paragliding, parasailing, bike riding, zorbing
When is Paragliding Festival celebrated: December-January
Paragliding Festival 2021-22 dates: December-January

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Regardless of which Gujarat festival 2022 you choose to attend, you can soak in the Gujju vibes as this state has beautifully managed to cling on to its past while pacing up with the modern world. Hope this list of festivals in Gujarat came out to be helpful to you! Keep this list handy when planning your 2022 vacation in Gujarat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Gujarat

Which festival is most important and famous in Gujarat?

Navratri Festival and Kutch Festival are the two most famous festivals in Gujarat.

How many fairs are there in Gujarat?

There are several fairs celebrated throughout Gujarat. Some of the most popular fairs in the state include Kartik Purnima Fair, Bhavnath Mahadev Fair, Bhavnath Mahadev Fair, Bhadra Purnima Fair, and many more.

What is the famous dress of Gujarat?

Kediyu or kurta above dhoti or chorna are the most popular dresses Gujarat.

What is the famous dance of Gujarat

Garba is the traditional dance of Gujarat and it is the most famous one.

What is the famous food of Gujarat?

Gujarati food is popular throughout the world and you must try dishes like Khandvi, Gujarati Samosa, and Dhokla

Why is Dhokla famous in Gujarat?

Dhokla is famous in Gujarat as a snack and breakfast item because it is delicious and can be prepared easily.

What is the culture of Gujarat?

The culture and traditions of Gujarat are inspired by Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism

What is the traditional music of Gujarat?

Classical music and Folk music is famous in Gujarat.

What are the major tourist attractions of Gujarat?

The major tourist attractions of Gujarat are Ahmedabad’s old city, Sun temple in Modhera, Kutch region, Dwarka,Somnath, Gir National Park, Junagadh, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Shatrunjaya Hill temple in palatine, Saputara and Marine National Park.

Is Gujarat a safe state for tourists?

Gujarat is considered a safe and prosperous city of India and you can use night time to travel anywhere in the state. Gujarat is also considered a safe city for women as well but then taking precautions in a new place is always good.

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