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St. Petersburg is a jewel of world culture and Russia’s most intriguing European city. A man’s life has two extraordinary days: the day we are conceived and the day we find why. In such a case, I would recommend St. Petersburg is one of the urban communities beneficial to find and appreciate for an ideal excursion. St. Petersburg is the most dynamic and deliberate city on the whole globe. This is the city of half-insane individuals with exciting nature. St. Petersburg, on Baltic Sea, is the royal capital for 2 centuries, having been established in 1703 by Peter the Great, subject of the city’s notable “Bronze Horseman” statue.

You can disperse any troublesome Peters may have of Russian cooking. From Indian, European to Mexican, there are plenty of restaurants in Saint Petersburg which offer a variety of cuisines to people with varied palates. The feasting scene is a blend of customary eateries reproducing the air of Imperial Russia and the present day, in vogue foundations engaging the new age of princely Russians.

Best Restaurants In St. Petersburg

Since it is one among the basic spots visited by the travelers all the more every now and again, there are a lot of restaurants in St. Petersburg. Reliably cast a ballot among the Top Travel Destinations by TripAdvisor, the city of St Petersburg is the social, bohemian, cable car, connect, housetop, gastronomic and espresso capital of Russia.

1. Literacy Cafe

Literacy Cafe

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In spite of its name, this is an upscale eatery that serves an average blend of Russian and European dishes. Midway found this was the place Russia’s national artist, Pushkin, ate before taking off to the duel that would cost him his life in 1837. In any event, he had a decent last feast.

Address: Nevsky avenue, 18, Sankt-Peterburg

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2. Puff Cafe Restaurant

Puff Cafe Restaurant

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On the off chance that you’ve at any point pondered what it resembled eating out in the Soviet Union, ponder no more. Puff Cafe Restaurant expects to repeat a Soviet-period bistro and does as such with scarcely any additional ruffles. Nourishment is to a great degree basis, extending from pies to sandwiches, with a couple of mayonnaise-substantial servings of mixed greens. It is extremely well known among understudies and can get exceptionally occupied at ends of the week. You can stand or sit to eat, and wash everything down with a legit glass of crisp drain. The focal area implies it’s another helpful spot to fuel up before proceeding with your touring. Besides, you get the special reward of a look at Russia’s Soviet past.

Address: Nevsky avenue, 51, Sankt-Peterburg

3. Erivan


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For an essence of the cooking of ex-Soviet Republic, Armenia, make a beeline for the ethnically brightened Erivan eatery and test its veal, fish and quail dishes, and also its local wines. There is likewise a lot of spots to attempt some genuine Russian nourishment. The cooking probably won’t have the best notoriety on the planet, yet a considerable measure of the dishes is more delectable than they sound – Russian-style cabbage soup (shchi), is a genuine treat, for instance. New guidelines presented in the late spring of 2014 mean all eateries are currently non-smoking.

Address: 191011, Fontanka river embankment, 51, St Petersburg

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4. Palkin Restaurant

Palkin restaurant

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This restaurant in Saint Petersburg is ridiculously notable, dating back to 1785. In spite of the fact that the rebuilding took part, the inside is as modern and classy as it was in Imperial occasions, which adds to the inclination that you are being blessed to receive a supper in some rich privileged person’s home. The menu is overflowing with rich Foie Gras, Angus Hamburger, Truffles, Dark Caviar and Diversion formed into notable French/Russian formulas for a past period. They additionally offer an occasional five-course uncommon menu with extraordinarily chosen wines, themed around an alternate wine-developing district of the world. Booking ahead of time is prescribed.

Japanese, Chinese, and Korean eateries are developing in ubiquity around St. Petersburg, and in addition Indian eateries. The Indian food is as different as its way of life and utilization an assortment of surprising flavors for cooking that gives the sustenance an interesting flavor. Here are the best 3 Indian restaurants in St. Petersburg.

Address: Nevsky avenue, 47, Sankt-Peterburg

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5. Restaurant “Jai Hind”

Restaurant Jai Hind

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“Jay Hind” signifies “Wonder of India”. This eatery can be a modest example of Indian cooking from the southern piece of India. All the flavors are foreign from India and the Indian gourmet specialist guarantees that the essence of the dish will be credible. In the event that you wind up exhausted sitting tight for your request, grown-ups can involve themselves watching Indian projects, and youngsters can draw.

Address: Ulitsa Ryleyeva, 17/19, Sankt-Peterburg

6. Bar-restaurant “Cardamon”

Bar-restaurant Cardamon

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This Petersburg is the undertaking of two Indian eatery proprietors from various parts of India. Along these lines, you can attempt scrumptious dishes from a few distinct areas of India. The menu highlights Russian and European cooking styles and adds a wide range of kinds of bread that is heated uniquely for every guest.

Address: 1-Ya Liniya Vo, 18, Sankt-Peterburg

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7. The Restaurant “Tandoori”

The restaurant tandoori

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This eatery opened in St. Petersburg 15 years back, and has gotten the honor of “Best eatery of St. Petersburg” multiple times and the “Gold Crane grant”, once. Guests can appreciate the customary Indian nourishment and in addition, dishes made by the culinary experts of Tandoori. Indian cooking has developed with the epicenter of progress happening the whole way across the world and with incredible delight, we present to you Authentic Indian Cuisine in the eatery at St. Petersburg.

Address: Admiralteyskiy Prospekt, 10, Sankt-Peterburg

Best Mexican Restaurants In Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg likewise astounds their voyagers with their tasty Mexican restaurants. Some of them are:

1. Red Mesa Cantina

Red Mesa Cantina

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A saloon is laid delete with a huge open-air yard with a wellspring and capricious stylistic layout. It’s situated in the core of downtown St. Pete and hosts a smidgen of a gathering environment. There is a conventional Mexican eatery admission, for example, tacos and burritos, alongside other most loved food mixes, for example, the Sirloin Chorizo Burger—extraordinary compared to other burgers in St. Pete. They additionally have the biggest accumulation of tequilas and mezcal in the southeastern U.S. As of late, they assumed control over the second floor and housetop, which used to be Push Ultra Lounge, and made two more extraordinary spaces.

Address: 128 3rd St S, St. Petersburg

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2. Nueva saloon

Nueva saloon

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Nueva is magnificent! A portion of their things, such as the tacos presented above, alongside enchiladas, quesadillas, and tostadas, are conventional, and yet scrumptious. Other exotic meals include Mexican-Cuban, Mexican-Italian combinations. For instance, there’s the Beef Picadillo Taco (Mexican-Cuban), and the Pollo Milanese (Mexican-Italian )— the two of which are amazing! Likewise, get anything that has the Mole sauce. It is awesome, not absolutely conventional, but rather super tasty. Make a point to arrange the guacamole as it’s made crisp tableside.

3. Red Mesa Restaurant

Red Mesa Restaurant

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Red Mesa Restaurant was the first of the three, opening more than 20-years back. All Red Mesa’s; Cantina, Restaurant, and Mercado have a similar proprietorship and same Executive Chef, Chris Fernandez. Chris was brought up in Oaxaca, Mexico, and he makes incredible Mexican sustenance, however, he likewise adores to blend it up with a wide range of combinations, generally Mexican-Asian, yet now and then some Puerto Rican too. Culinary expert Chris is a standout amongst the most gifted gourmet specialists at St. Pete, and likely a standout amongst the most unassuming with the least profile. Each of the three Red Mesas has totally extraordinary menus and styles. The eatery is a little, calm family puts with to some degree more upscale and innovative dishes. They don’t have alcohol, aStuCantina, yet they do have some incredible sangrias. There is another extraordinary consistently that is in every case amazingly luring.

Address: 4912 4th St N, St. Petersburg

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And you thought you will find nothing soothing to your taste palate on your trip? Never go hungry in St. Petersburg as these restaurants come to your rescue. Make your outing promising by having an incredible feast of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg. Plan a trip to Russia and have an exciting holiday in the wonderland.

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