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Serene beaches with golden white sand providing a perfect cushion to your feet, Thailand has a perfect combination of beaches and islands that people fall in love with. Romantic boat cruises, with an exciting shopping experience makes for a rejuvenating holiday like no other. Like many others, this couple also preferred a honeymoon trip to Thailand and to add an extra touch of romance to their trip, here’s how TravelTriangle ensured a smooth journey with all the fun packed couple experiences on board.

Whether it’s about a weekend getaway or simply to soothe your senses, travel always helps. I love the beach atmosphere but since we were confused whether to choose Bali or Thailand for our honeymoon, it took some time. Since around that time, Bali has a monsoon season, it made our choice easier and we opted for Thailand. The locals living in Thailand are well versed with the Indian culture and that made things better for us. The warm hospitable environment was just about perfect for our upcoming adventures in Thailand.

The best of all were the beaches of Krabi. If you’re a fan of turquoise waters splashing across the shore and your feet stepping into the powder-white sand, then Thailand should be your preference too.

Details On Our Honeymoon Trip To Thailand

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Cost: INR 1,07,000
Travel Agent:
Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days
Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Flights, Cab, Airport transfers, Island tours, Dinner cruise, Safari World and Marine Park tour
Exclusions: National Park Fee, Island fee, Visa

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Reasons why our honeymoon trip to Thailand was a soothing escapade

A Fun Shopping Spree

Thailand markets
exploring the thailand places
around the market at night
amazing lights around the market

There’s a lot of scope for bargaining in Thailand markets. What we liked best about these markets was the wide range of products that one can buy. From makeup, accessories, bags to footwear, souvenirs and home decor, there was everything that one can hope for. We went to Indira market in Bangkok and it was fun as I took a stroll around the market with my partner, buying stuff. One of the most fun things to do in Thailand is to have street food while shopping and there are plenty of options for vegetarians too. We ordered some Veg noodles that tasted really good.

Variety Of Indian Dining Options

having the dinner
enjoying the night while having dinner
had a memorable night
spent some time in the hotel
enjoyed the day at hotel
clicked some best shots
had a fun time

Since most of our meals like breakfast and lunches were already included on our trip, there were only a couple of times that we ventured onto some street food. The best part about dining in Thailand are the Indian restaurants. You’ll find one in every corner and they serve the authentic Indian flavours that really satiate your hunger pangs. Most of the Indian restaurants in Thailand have a variety of options to choose from and are decently priced too.

Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? These Thailand travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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Safari World Tour

watching whales
a beautiful time with small lion
show in safari
elephant show
witnessed many highlights
together at safari

Visiting the Safari World is one of the best things to do in Bangkok that made us feel like we were kids again. There were plenty of highlights to explore here, such as the monkey show, dolphin show, sea lion show and the lion show. My husband won 2 stuff toys and a mug for me too! It sure felt like an adventure that we, as kids used to experience!

Beachy Vibes

having the beachy vibes
enjoyed our time on Krabi beaches
having the good time
beach walk with my partner
crystal clear deep sea water
had a great time
on the sandy beach
beach walk with partner
surreal beauty
great day to spend time on beach
on the beautiful island

Given that Krabi has less crowd as compared to Phuket, we enjoyed our time on Krabi beaches more than the ones in Phuket. Nonetheless, all of these were clean and it felt surreal to go for a beach walk with my partner. A personal recommendation to all travelers from my end is to relax and sit on the beaches here at night, just to breathe in the fresh air and watch how the soothing waves splash across the shore every once in a while. This place was surely one of the most exotic places to visit in Thailand that you ought to try on your honeymoon!

Our Customized Honeymoon Itinerary For Thailand

Day 1: Arrival in Phuket
Day 2: Phi Phi Island Tour, Sightseeing
Day 3: Transfer to Krabi, Day at Leisure
Day 4: 4 Island Tour with Lunch on Speedboat
Day 5 Safari World and Marine Park with Lunch
Day 7: Departure

Dos and Don’ts For A Thailand Vacation

  • The only thing I regret the most is to not know how to swim. With a place as beautiful as Thailand and turquoise coloured water as far as the eye can see, you just cannot resist diving in. By putting on a life vest, there’s only some distance that you can cover but it won’t be enough. So, my advice would be to learn how to swim before you head to this charming land.
  • Another important thing is to set your mind right as to what all you have to try here, like a list of things you wish to do and set a tentative Thailand budget, in order to make a proper plan.

Tips For Future Travelers

There’ll be a lot of sun that you’ll have to encounter here. Since Indians are not a big fan of skin-tan, it is highly recommended that you take sunscreen along. Not only that, you must apply it thoroughly on all areas exposed to the Sun. Another important thing is to avoid carrying water bottles on boat tours, as the staff provides you with some for your journey. You must always keep in mind these important tips for Thailand trip in mind!

Experience With TravelTriangle

Our experience with TravelTriangle has been really good. Our travel agents Mr Ankit and Amit were always available to answer our questions. My primary concern was that the hotels should be nice as it was my honeymoon trip to Thailand. This was properly taken care of by the travel agents.

Reviving your senses amidst some of the best beaches is a must. So, when are you planning your visit? Pack your bags and plan a fun packed vacation to Thailand to have a serene escapade like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Trip To Thailand

Is Thailand Expensive?

Many people usually think that Thailand trip cost is more than what you’d expect at the beach destinations. For us, Thailand was a reasonable place and a perfect choice. After booking a package of INR 1,07,000 for our honeymoon trip to Thailand and carrying an amount of INR 50,000 along with us, we still saved around INR 10,000. This was after buying gifts, shopping for ourselves and getting upgrades in hotels etc. This place is filled with must-have experiences that are quite affordable for all travelers, especially honeymooners. At the end of each boat trip, you are required to tip the guide and for the same reason, 20 THB are enough per person. One of the best Thailand shopping tips that I can give to all future travelers is to bargain a lot since the markets have a lot of scope for it. You can easily get something at almost half the price.

What is the best time to visit Thailand?

According to us, the time we went to Thailand was perfect since it wasn’t monsoon and we could enjoy almost all the activities around. During the months of February and March, Thailand offers a pleasant weather whereas, on the other hand, Bali experiences a heavy rainfall during this time.

How much does it cost for a vacation in Thailand?

It basically depends on the number of days you’re planning to stay in Thailand. If your trip is just like ours, for roughly about a week, it will be less than 2 lacs, which includes airfare, transfers,stays and tours included in your trip. For us, this seemed like a good deal for sure.

Which is the best place to stay in Thailand?

When you compare the serenity and peaceful that one requires during a holiday, Krabi is the first place that I would suggest. Not only is the environment soothing here, you also get to enjoy a lot of activities including boat tours etc with less crowd around. So, it’s a win-win.

What’s the best dish to try in Thailand?

For vegetarians, the place has limited options. But, even then, street food in Thailand is a must have. Be it the delicious noodles or any other vegetarian dish that this place has, it is highly recommended to prefer street food over the usual meals that you get in restaurants here.

Which place is the most famous in Thailand for shopping?

Indira market is one of the markets that we would recommend. Even though the shopping centre closes at 10PM, the stalls set up by the street vendors have a wide range of products to choose from. You’ll find mostly bags, clothing and footwear amongst other things.

Is Phuket a good place for honeymoon?

Phuket is a nice place for every kind of activity that you wish to try, be it the dazzling nightlife or boat cruises. But, if you’re the kind of person who likes to stay amidst absolute serenity, you should go for Krabi. This place also has plenty of beautiful beaches that one must explore.

Which island in Thailand is best for honeymoon?

The four island tour comprising of Chicken island, Tup island, Poda island and Pranang Cave is a highly recommended island trip in Thailand for a honeymoon trip. When you visit these islands, they offer a complete blissful vibe lingering in the air, unlike the islands in Phuket which are crowded. Since honeymoon is a time to relax with your partner, these islands from Krabi are a must have experience.

How did you get around in Bangkok, Thailand?

When it comes to the stunningly lit city of Bangkok in Thailand, tuk-tuk is the main mode of transportation that one must use to get around the city. However, you can also opt for a cab. These tuk-tuk are very similar to the e-rickshaw we have in India but they’re a fancier version of the ones we have in India.

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