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Thailand is the land of beautiful beaches, watersports, half moon parties, luxury resorts, delicious food and much more. A trip to Thailand is the perfect escape for beach bums and leisure seekers. All you need is a guide of Thailand travel tips to plan a safe and hassle-free trip. Once things are sorted as per these tips, your Thailand vacation is going to be a total blast!

11 Thailand Travel Tips

Go through these travel tips for Thailand below, which is a foolproof cheat sheet for packing, documents, safety, shopping, social behavior and everything else(almost) in Thailand.

  • What To Pack
  • Currency And Documents
  • On Arrival
  • Safety Tips
  • Social Etiquette
  • Food Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Nightlife Tips For Tourists In Thailand
  • Transportation Tips For Commuting Within Thailand
  • Important Thai Phrases

1. What To Pack

Top view of a woman writing travel plans
  • Scarves and stoles – for covering your head when visiting the temples.
  • Your prescribed medicines – there is a chance you still might not get the one prescribed by your doctor.
  • Sunscreen and beach hat – for times you will be visiting the beaches and enjoying watersports in Thailand.
  • Trekking shoes, torchlight, re-hydration sachets and powerbank.

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2. Currency And Documents

Travel documents
  • Carry at least 5,000 Baht per head in cash for visa and other local expenses.
  • 2 passport size photographs are required for visa application. The background must be light coloured, and there has to be 70 percent of face coverage.
  • Along with original passport and flight tickets, keep hotel vouchers and agent’s contact details handy.
  • Make sure that the passport has at least one blank page, and is valid for the coming six months.
  • Activate international calling in your SIM card or opt for local SIM cards sold in Bangkok and Phuket airports.
  • Ensure that your debit/credit card is international. The bank may charge some fee for transactions.
  • If you use odd amounts to withdraw from ATM, you’ll be able to get change. There are fair chances that if you withdraw 6000 Baht, you’ll get the cash in 1000 denomination, which would be tougher to break. If you withdraw 5900 Baht, you’ll be able to get small change.
  • Carry 200 – 500 Baht per person in cash when going for Four Island Tours, Phi Phi Islands etc. This amount is paid as compulsory National Park Fee to the Thailand Govt. The payment is to be done right there, and cannot be done in advance.
  • Keep a scanned and hard copy of the travel documents. Hard copy of the hotel and other bookings come in handy in case there is no internet access for any reason.

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3. On Arrival

Bangkok International Airport
  • If you’ve booked a TravelTriangle tour package, check your voucher to know the gate number shown.
  • Always be on time if you’re opting for SIC airport (Seat-in-coach) transfers. If you’re late, you’ll have to wait for another two hours to get the seat. In Bangkok. The service starts every day at 8 am and takes place every 2 hours till 6 pm. In Phuket, it starts at 8 am and continues till 5 pm.
  • If you’ve opted for private transfers while booking through TravelTriangle, there is no slot timeframe for the same. However, private transfers take place between 5 am to 11 pm. So, in case the traveler reaches at 3 am, and wants a cab immediately, he has to arrange one on his own expenses.
  • Emergency contact number is provided on TravelTriangle voucher, on which you can call in case your drive doesn’t arrive for pickup. The other alternative is to call the travel agent if the emergency contact number is not able to assist you.
  • On reaching the destination, verify your vouchers with a local guide to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. In case the vouchers and inclusions provided do not match-which is least likely-contact the TravelTriangle travel agent.
  • If you’re on a honeymoon in Krabi or any other Thai destination, inform your hotel staff. They’ll do their best to provide complimentary special services such as candle-light dinner, passes for an event, or room decoration. The services, however, differ from hotel to hotel.

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4. Safety Tips

Safety tips written on a road in Thailand
  • Keep the contact numbers of TravelTriangle executive and travel agent handy, so you can get in touch with them in case you have safety queries regarding a destination you’re visiting in Thailand.
  • If you’re traveling solo, avoid going to isolated beaches. This is one of the important Thailand tips as there are high chances of getting mugged.
  • Nightlife in Krabi, Bangkok and Phuket is electrifying. But to keep safe, you need to adhere to general safety tips you’d adopt anywhere else; like not getting heavy drunk, avoiding dull-lit areas, and not leaving your drink unattended.
  • In case you rent a car and the provider asks for your passport (for insurance or any other purpose), look for another rental company that accepts other IDs.
  • Keep your cash in different places.
  • Always register yourself in your country’s embassy before going to Thailand or other foreign country. This will allow your country’s ministry of foreign affairs to rescue you easily in case of any disaster.

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5. Social Etiquette

Elephant walking behind the monks
  • Do not talk about the king in a disrespectful manner. He is dearly loved by the citizens, and they’re very sensitive when the conversation is about him.
  • Wai is a Thai gesture of holding both hands in prayer position and bowing. This is an important part of their culture, used for greeting someone. Whenever someone greets you with a Wai, do the same with a smile.
  • Never touch anyone’s head, or point/touch them with your feet. Head is considered the most sacred part of the body and the opposite goes for the feet.
  • Take your shoes off before entering temples or someone’s place.
  • When visiting sacred places, dress appropriately, and cover your head.
  • When in Thailand, you’ll come across monks, and get chances to interact with them. The monks are generally friendly, but touching them is something that’s frowned upon; especially if you’re a woman.
  • Everyday at 8 am and 6 pm, the national anthem is played in public areas. Everyone stops whatever they’re doing and stands still till the anthem is over. Show respect to their country by doing the same.
  • Know about the festivals in Thailand in advance. Research about the events/festivals that’ll take place when you’ll be in Thailand.

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6. Food Tips

Dining setting on a beach in Thailand
  • If you’re looking for cheaper food, go to the less touristy areas. Not only could they be cheaper, but also less crowded.
  • Local food is often cheaper and tastier as compared to a global fare.
  • If you’re a vegetarian, notify the restaurant before placing the order.
  • If you’re on a street food walk, choose the vendors who prepare the meal in front of you. This way you know, what is going in it.
  • When trying new dishes, ask the waiter about the ingredients. If you are allergic to anything specific, tell them clearly beforehand.
  • Eating with a fork is considered rude in Thailand. Fork is mainly used for pushing the food to the spoon.

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7. Shopping Tips

View of a street market in Thailand
  • For negotiating in the local markets of Thailand, learn a little of Thai. This Thailand tourist advice will go a long way if you’re a shopaholic as there is plenty of scope for bargaining here.
  • Browse through the market first and then pick what you want. Chances are you might get a cheaper, better alternative.
  • Make sure carry some cash as credit cards might not be accepted everywhere. E.g. Street vendors do not have any provision to take payment through card.

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8. Nightlife Tips For Tourists In Thailand

 Cabaret show in Thailand
  • If you’re planning enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok and other Thai cities, get in touch with the staff to know the dress code, if any. Most prestigious clubs do not allow casuals, like flip flops and T – shirts.
  • Nightlife in Thailand isn’t merely about parties. There are markets, night cruises, cabaret shows, night food-walk, and full moon parties in Thailand that you can indulge in. Do your research to explore the options.
  • Do not get into drugs! This is among essential Thailand travel tips as many tourists think doing drugs here is okay. On the contrary, Thai laws against drugs are really strict. Many times there are undercover cops in the action.
  • If you’re going for a party on any of the beaches of Thailand, wear shoes. There might be broken glass bottles in the sand that you’ll fail to see at night, and will of course get hurt if you step on it.

9. Transportation Tips For Commuting Within Thailand

Tuk tuk in Thailand
  • When traveling short distances, prefer bus over train. Some trains might get late, especially if Bangkok falls on route.
  • Stay alert when buying bus tickets in Khao Sarn Road in Bangkok, the area is known for pick-pockets.
  • If you want to reach somewhere quickly, don’t go for minivans.
  • Always ask the price before getting on a Tuk Tuk. Else, you’ll be charged an unfair amount on deboarding.
  • Don’t go for a Tuk Tuk driver who is standing in a group with other drivers. They decide upon a certain amount, that’s usually way higher than what’s fair. A Tuk Tuk driver already road, or standing alone is a better alternative.
  • Click a picture of your vehicle when renting. Present this as a proof, if the renting person accuses of damage.
  • Once you’ve gotten on a taxi, take your phone and tell you’re mapping the route. This way the drivers will be conscious and not take you through longer route, for bigger fare.

10. Important Thai Phrases

Board with no smoking sign in Thailand
  • Hello – Swasdi
  • How are you? – Sabai dee ru
  • Yes – Chai
  • No – Mai chai
  • Airport – Sanaam bin
  • Thank you – Khob khun
  • I can’t speak Thai – Pood Thai mai dai
  • How much? – Nee tao rai
  • Can you give a little discount – Lot noi dai mai
  • I don’t understand – Mai kow jai

11. Money Saving Tips


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  • Keep a track of your expenses by keeping all the reciepts and entry tickets as many times as possible.
  • Take out money from ATM’s in large amounts as it costs much more than before.
  • Try to avoid riding on expensive taxis and switch to shared taxis.

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These are some of the best travel tips for Thailand that you should have a look at! Already excited to explore the country? Get packed, plan your Thailand vacay and leave right away! One last tip, stay carefree, but stay alert! For any assistance, you can get in touch with TravelTriangle through toll-free number – 1800 1235555, or mail your query to thailand@traveltriangle.com.

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