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    Rivers of the World Cover

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    Rivers have been an extremely essential part of people’s lives throughout centuries in all parts of the world. Not only do they offer people a source of drinking water, but also help them to fertilize lands as well as to transport goods between two places. Rivers play an important role in the ecology of rainforest, wetlands as well as provide habitat for wildlife. And while rivers of the world are important in various aspects, they also are very beautiful and manage to attract a lot of tourists from different corners of the world.

    15 Most Stunning Rivers Of The World

    This article presents you with the most popular rivers in the world that you can visit in order to enjoy the peace as well as the calmness they radiate. Hence, here is a list of 15 most popular rivers in the world that are incredibly beautiful and spectacular.

    1. Nile River

    Nile River

    Image Source

    Located in northeastern part of Africa, Nile is the world’s longest river spread over about a whopping 4,132 miles. It flows through 11 countries in total and plays a significant role in the history of ancient Egypt. Most of the major Egyptian cities were built along the Nile. As a result, around 95% of Egypt’s population today lives along the Nile. The mud obtained from the banks of the river Nile was utilized in making bricks by ancient Egyptians. This was used in building houses, walls, and other buildings in cities along the Nile. The Aswan Dam built on the River Nile prevents most of the modern cities from getting flooded.

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    2. Amazon River

    Amazon River

    Image Source

    The Amazon River, flowing for over 4,100 miles through the exquisite Amazon Rainforest, is the second largest river of the world. The river flows through the countries of Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia as well as Peru. And while the Nile is the longest river, the Amazon boasts of being the world’s widest river. At some locations during the season of monsoon, the Amazon can be greater than 30 miles wide. The river is so widely spread that it constitutes around 1/5 of the total flowing water on Earth’s surface. This river comprises a whopping 1,100 tributaries that flow into the Amazon River.

    3. Ganges


    Image Source

    Starting from the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayan mountains, the River Ganges runs for around 1569 miles, across India as well as Bangladesh, finally entering the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges River is considered extremely sacred or holy in the Indian religion of Hinduism. So much so, that people worship the river as the goddess Ganga and some cities through which the river flows are a very famous place of worship in the country, with over millions of people visiting the river every year. The Ganges is home to more than 90 species of amphibians as well as 140 species of fish. Also found here, are unique species, such as the Ganges river dolphins and the Ganges river sharks.

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    4. Mississippi River

    Mississippi River

    Image Source

    Over 2,340 miles long, this fascinating river flows through ten U.S. states. The Mississippi flows from Minnesota Lake Itasca, flowing further into the Gulf of Mexico, combining with the Missouri River. It is North America’s longest river system and the world’s fourth longest. For many tribes of Native Americans, the river was extremely significant from the point of view of fishing, farming, as well as trading. The river, a major route for trade as well as travel, currently provides hydroelectric as well as water power to many states.

    5. Danube River

    Danube River

    Image Source

    The Danube River in Eastern & Central Europe flows through a total of nine countries. It flows over 1,770 miles, beginning from Mountains of Black Forest into the Black Sea. The Danube is Europe’s second-longest river. The Danube provides drinking water to over 20 million people and is very famous for travel as well as luxury cruises. This is the reason why it is loved by many tourists who are touring Europe.

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    6. Yangtze River


    Image Source

    The third longest river of the world, Yangtze flows for 3,917 miles through China’s 9 provinces. Flowing from the mountain range of Tanggula to Shanghai East China Sea, it is Asia’s longest river. It acts as a line of division between North and South China. For more than 2,000 years, this river has been an important route for transportation in China. The river brings large quantities of silt in the province of Jiangsu, that grows much of the rice in the world.

    7. Mekong River


    Image Source

    Another spectacular river from Asia, the Mekong River runs from the famous Tibetan Plateau to the South China Sea. The river flows extensively through the countries of China, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand as well as Cambodia. It is a very important transportation and trade route. Also, the Mekong river comprises about 800 species of fish, as well as 430 mammal species. This river is very important for the food, transportation, farming, as well as power generation of the area.

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    8. Volga River

    Volga River

    Image Source

    Located in Russia, Volga is Europe’s longest river as it flows over 2,294 miles, starting from the Valdai Hills and flowing in the waters of Caspian Sea. The river is so wide that in some areas you can’t even see the other side. The river remains frozen for about three months in winter. But when not frozen, the river proves to be an extremely important waterway in Russia. Also, it is an important hydroelectric power source in Russia.

    9. Thames River

    Thames River

    Image Source

    Although just 215 miles long, it is the longest river in England. The river was used for the disposal of raw sewage until 1858. But today, it provides clean drinking water to over 2/3rd of London’s population. It has, since the 1700’s, been an important transportation and trade route. In the Middle Ages, boats traveled through the river to bring fish, wood, wool, and people to London. The river houses over 200 bridges as well as 20 underway tunnels. The famous London Bridge is also built across the Thames river.

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    10. Zambezi River

    Zambezi-River_23rd oct

    Image Source

    The African continent’s fourth-longest river, as well as Africa’s longest east-flowing river, Zambezi river flows through the six African countries of Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. From North Zambia to Mozambique, the river travels over 1599 miles before flowing into the waters of the Indian Ocean. One of those rivers that are very less explored, Zambezi is the cleanest and well-preserved river. Several national parks and waterfalls are situated along the banks of the river, including the world-famous Victoria Falls as well.

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    11. Rhine River

    Rhine River

    Image Source

    Flowing from the Swiss Alps into the beautiful country of Netherlands, before finally entering the waters of the North Sea, the Rhine river is a fascinating 764-mile long river in Europe. It is the second longest River of Central & Western Europe. The Rhine has always been a significant transportation route that links the southern and northern Europe, since the era of the Roman Empire. Passing through six countries, it houses a variety of fishes and helps the six countries for trade, transportation and for other purposes. The Rhine enter Germany, forming Germany and France’s border.

    12. Seine River

    Seine River

    Image Source

    One of Paris’ popular tourist attractions, the 483-mile Seine is France’s second-longest river. An interesting thing about this river is that it flows only in the interiors of France. The river provides clean water that is suitable for drinking and also helps in cooling the electric power stations located in the vicinity of the river. One can spot most of Paris’ landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, from this river.

    13. Orinoco River

    Orinoco River

    Image Source

    The Orinoco River runs for over 1,700 miles in the continent of South America, with 75% flowing in Venezuela, while the remaining 25% in Colombia. The Piaroa people are dependent on this river for their livelihood as the men indulge in fishing while the women use the water in order to grow vegetables and crops. Many colorful species of birds are found along this beautiful river. The river also acts as a habitat for almost 1000 distinct species of fish, such as electric eels, piranhas, and a species of catfish called the Laulao.

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    14. Missouri


    Image Source

    Traveling over 2,341 miles from western Montana to Missouri, the river Missouri is world’s 15th longest river. It flows through Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, while also passing through Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. Missouri has been a major source of transportation, trade, and agriculture for millions of people. Around 1/3rd of America’s wheat barley and oats are grown along banks of Missouri river.

    15. Hudson River

    Hudson River

    Image Source

    With plenty of mountains and natural beauty on offer, Hudson River Valley is the perfect getaway from the chaos and crowd of New York City. One of the most wonderful rivers of the world, Hudson River houses thousands of attractions and events that are a must-visit. Flowing for over 315 miles from the North to South of New York State, it forms the boundary between New York and New Jersey.

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    These are the stunning and most spectacular rivers of the world that are visited by a number of tourists every year, just to observe their beauty. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and enjoy the activities these rivers have to offer around the world. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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