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    romantic sites in brussels

    If there is any city to go to for a romantic getaway in Belgium, the capital Brussels is one place that must be on the top of the list. Known for its colourful and extravagant culture, Brussels is nothing short of amorous and charming. With scenic routes to take a stroll, delicious cuisine, world-famous chocolates and much more to offer, Brussels is the perfect romantic place to visit any time of the year with your partner to enjoy some glamorously charming time.

    5 Best Romantic Places In Brussels For Couples

    With an elaborate list of places to go with your partner in this city, Travel Triangle brings you a well evaluated and narrowed down the list of the must go to places that you and your partner should not miss while in Brussels.

    1. Van Buuren Museum

    Van Buuren Museum

    Image Source

    Known for its extravagant poise, this place was built by Alice and David Van Buuren, who have spent their whole lives decorating and perfecting their villa and garden and turning them into a work of art. This then caught the local eye and became a big attraction for couples. Alice then turned this home into a certified museum, dedicated to her late husband. But not before redefining the garden and having it personally shaped by famous architects Jules Buyssens and René Pechère. The garden is one of the biggest romantic attractions in Brussels with its vibrancy and serenity. Alice named it the Garden of Hearts, dedicated to her late husband. The garden has heart-stringed plantations all over and makes it a perfect spot to have some romantic time with your partner. The home also has a small museum, with a top-notch décor in the interior, with many original pieces of art and much more, which is a homage to her love life and is a very fascinating thing to experience with your partner.

    Location: Avenue Leo Arrera, Brussels
    Timings: 2:00pm to 5:30pm

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    2. The Grand Place

    The Grand Place

    Image Source

    A renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grand Place has and is the heart of the city. Widely considered one of the best places in the whole of Europe, Grand Place doesn’t fail in leaving its more than 10,000 visitors in its awe. Known for the roller coaster of a cultural experience it gives its visitors, this place has it all. Situated at the centre of the city, Grand Place is the place to be with your partner. Known for the magnificent Maison Du Roi and the City Hall, the place is really a sight to behold. With many squares around, you get a chance to see many famous street artist’s works before your eyes and get acquainted with the city’s art culture. But that’s not it, as the place also offers its visitors a chance to participate in many festivities throughout the year. The central square is the main attraction for any and all festivals happening in Brussels and is the best place to be with your partner as you can experience Brussels at its best.

    Location: Central Square, Brussels
    Timings: Open 24hrs

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    3. BOZAR- Centre for Fine Arts

    BOZAR- Centre for Fine Arts

    Image Source

    One cannot simply talk about Brussels without mentioning BOZAR. Known worldwide for its pristine architecture and elaborate collection of fine arts, BOZAR is the perfect spot to go to with your partner for getting immersed in the art and culture around. Built by Victor Horta, this architectural masterpiece is nothing short of brilliance. With a vast and diverse programme, this place has earned a name for itself for being inclusive of all kinds of art. With regular events happening throughout the year like art exhibitions, concerts and other artistic glees, you can visit this place anytime and always find something new to take away with you. With a very amorous backdrop, you and your partner will only find each other closer by the end of the experience inside this amazing place.

    Location: 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels
    Timings: 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Mondays

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    4. Elevator to the Sky

    Elevator to the Sky

    Image Source

    This is where things get very interesting. Place Poelaert is known for the view of the city it offers, but it comes at a price. If you and your partner are not afraid of heights, this place is the best experience you will have in this beautiful city. Known for the stunning and picturesque panoramic view it offers, this place is a haven for couples. The place has a glass box see-through elevator which takes you to a staggering height. After you’ve reached the top, you can take in all of Brussels at once, with the view only limited by the horizon. A free of cost experience and open till late night every day, this is a perfect spot to admire the beauty of this city with your partner and even propose to them if you haven’t done it already. What can be better than proposing the love of your life surrounded by one of the most romantic cities in the world? The elevator is also open for bikes which makes it even more convenient for couples who have rented a bike to go around the city.

    Location: Place Poelaert, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels

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    5. Streets


    Image Source

    It’s not a particular place, but Brussels is the best city in Europe to take a stroll with your partner, holding hands and taking in the beauty of the city in. Start at the Grand Place and move around in any direction to see some amazing architecture and street arts, along with the local beauty of the city. Along the way, you will come across many bars and restaurants which always have something festive happening, especially during the winters. Brussels has a variety of good pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants which are at a walking distance from the Grand Place like Hard Rock Café, Le Roy d’Espagne, Le Cercueil, Little Delirium and many more. So, just hold your partner’s hand, and take a stroll for a simplistic, yet amazing romantic experience.

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    With this list, there is nothing else left to do other than visiting this haven of lovers and experiencing the best moments with your partner. So, don’t think much, ensure that you include your visit to Belgium in your Europe trip with TravelTriangle, and let the spark of romance get reignited in your relationship!

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