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Exploring new places, meeting new people, trying local delicacies, and enjoying each moment to fullest are few facets of traveling that I love. Ever since I’ve been blogging about the things I love, I have found happiness in small things, and that is exactly what I & my wife tried to gather from our romantic Mauritius trip this time as well.

Being an ardent trekker by passion, and a foodie by nature, here’s an account of our romantic Mauritius trip which was the most thrilling experience of our lives.

Ganga Talao

Mauritius Honeymoon Guide: Here’s All You Need To Plan The Romantic Vacation

Trip Type: A romantic getaway to Mauritius
Duration: 7D/6N
Budget: INR 1,31,600
Agent: Online Travel Trails
Inclusions: Flights, visa on arrival, local sim card, accommodation at the Pearle Beach Resort & Spa, South Tour, Catamaran Cruise, Casela Nature Park tour, Underwater Seawalking, sightseeing, breakfast, dinner, airport transfers, honeymoon freebies, GST, and taxes
Exclusions: Lunch | travel insurance | local transfers | driver charges | surcharges | personal expenses

Mauritius has always been a dream destination for us. Especially because of the Lion interaction in Casela. While we were in the process of planning the trip, a friend of mine gave very good reviews about TravelTriangle. So I thought of giving it a try and started reviewing the options available.

Couple in Mauritius

Fortunately, with help of TravelTriangle and their team, we could customize a romantic Mauritius trip that met all our needs, and perfectly under our budget. And just like that, our package was booked in no time as we geared up for the trip.

Itinerary Of Our Romantic Mauritius Trip

Day 1: Arrival | Check-in at the Pearle Beach Resort & Spa in Flic-n-Flac | Leisure Day
Day 2: Ship Model Factory | Seven Coloured Earths | Ganga Talao | Turtle Farm | Chamarel Waterfall
Day 3: Ile Aux Cerfs | Underwater Seawalking
Day 4: Catamaran Cruise
Day 5: Leisure Day
Day 6: Casela Nature Park Tour
Day 7: Check-out from the resort | Airport transfer | Departure

Touchdown Mauritius

We boarded our flight from Chennai International Airport in the morning and reached Mauritius in the afternoon. On arrival, we were greeted by one of the agent’s representative at the airport.

Seven Colored Earth

Post briefing us on the entire itinerary, we were transferred to the Pearle Beach Resort & Spa wherein we finished the check-in process and collected our local sim card provided by the agent. Since we were worn out by the 5-hour long journey from India, we freshened up, and decided to get enough rest for the day.

South Tour: Admiring Nature At Its Best

On the second day, we had an early breakfast and were set on our way to embark on the south tour of Mauritius. Our driver Ram, picked us up from the hotel as we geared up to explore the stunning Chamarel waterfall, the Seven Coloured Earths, and the Grand Bassin of Ganga Talao.

Ship model factory, Mauritius
Ship model factory in Mauritius

Adventure, Romance, & Luxury: An All In One Exciting Trip To Mauritius

We started off by visiting the Ship Model Factory first where handmade ship models are put up for show and sale. The kind of detailing that goes into making those ships was quite fascinating. Later we stopped by a couple of local shops for shopping and rum tasting.

Seven colored earths Mauritius
Turtle Farm, Mauritius

Next up was the Chamarel area wherein we witnessed the beauty of the seven colored earth, and a turtle farm. Also, We also stopped by a couple of food stalls for lunch, and shops for tasting different flavors of tea.

Ganga Talao Mauritius
Hindu Gods Statues in Mauritius
Hindu Gods Statues in Mauritius
Shiva statue in Mauritius

 Honeymoon In Mauritius: A Toast To The Best Trip Of Our Life

Post lunch, we visited the majestic Ganga Talao. Much famed as the Grand Bassin of Mauritius, it was indeed the best place that we visited that day. We admired different idols of the Hindu Gods and especially the 13th Jyotirlinga of Shiv, which is a one of a kind sculpture built outside India.

Chamarel Waterfalls
couple at Ganga Talao, Mauritius

Our last stop for the day was the Chamarel waterfalls that cascades down to about 300 ft in the gorge below. It was very exciting to see such natural marvels which made our day quite eventful.

Ile Aux Cerfs: The Great Adventure Of Underwater Seawalking

We took the third day a bit slow. We had a particular day dedicated for water sports, and spending some time on the beach. Post breakfast, our driver picked us up and we left for the adventure land of Ile Aux Cerfs.

Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius
Island of Ile Aux Cerfs

We had included the thrilling underwater seawalking activity in our itinerary. Though the activity was only for a short period of five to ten minutes, we did enjoy the thrills of the underwater experience.

couple enjoys underwater seawalking
friends enjoying at the beach

14 Important Things To Know About Mauritius: A 2022 Travel Guide For All Travelers

We got to feed the fishes underwater but expected the walk to be a little longer. Later we relaxed on the beach for a while, interacted with new people, and in the evening, we returned to our hotel.

Catamaran Cruise: Witnessing The Happy Blues

On the fourth day, we had actually included the North tour in the itinerary but at the last moment, we decided to swap the tour with the catamaran cruise as it appealed more to us.

Catamaran cruise Mauritius
Mauritius Catamaran cruise
Mauritius cruise package
Mauritius cruise
Cruise party in Mauritius

It was indeed a very nice experience. We were taken to the cruise ship via a speedboat. We sailed across the whole day with unlimited food, drinks, music, dance, and the amazing views of course.

dolphin spotting in Mauritius
Dolphin spotting
Mauritius cruise tour package
islands in Mauritius
party on a cruise in Mauritius

 Romance Aboard A Catamaran Cruise On Your Mauritius Honeymoon For Memories Of A Lifetime

In between, we stopped for dolphin spotting and witnessing the charm of a hanging rock in the middle of the sea. We stopped at an island for a while, and at around 5 pm we sailed back to the hotel. The experience was very refreshing, and an unforgettable one indeed.

Leisure Day: Shopping Mode One

Our fifth day was solely reserved for leisure and relaxation which was spent quite well as we indulged in shopping. The only famous and the nearest place for shopping was the supermarket of Spar.

Mauritius sightseeing
shopping in Mauritius
Couple relaxing near the beach

We picked up a couple of beers from Spar and chilled out near the beach. We watched the sun go down, and relaxed our mind and bodies. Later in the evening, we went back to the hotel as yet another adventure awaited us the next day.

Casela Tour: Thrills Of Wildlife Interaction

The sixth day was the most awaited day for us and the Casela Nature Park is the reason why we chose Mauritius as our destination. The nature park was huge and the best part was that it was located at a distance of just 10 minutes from our resort.

Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
Mauritius Casela Nature Park
Casela Nature Park
wildlife interaction Mauritius

Casela Nature Park In Mauritius: Everything You Should Know About This World Of Adventures

We took our maps and tickets at the entrance and boarded the shuttle which takes the travelers to different points inside the park. The first thing we wanted to do was the Lion interaction activity and now that it had come to pass, we were really very excited.

Lion walking in Mauritius
Casela Nature Park Maruitius
Lion walking in Mauritius
Mauritius Lion Walking

Though we had to face a bit of hassle due to my wife’s height, the officials finally cleared our height check post reaching the spot. With the help of extra security and at our own risk, we also got to interact with the cubs.

Caracal cats in Mauritius
Serval cats in Mauritius
Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
wildlife watching at Casela Nature Park

 A Sweet Honeymoon Trip About Must Do Things In Mauritius

That’s when we learned that as per the security protocol, anyone whose height is less than 5.3 ft. are not allowed to interact with the big cats. Later, we entered the same cage as the lions and it was thrilling to the bones. On the other hand my wife was also taken to meet the Caracal and Serval cats.

Giraffes in Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
monkeys in Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
birdwatching in Mauritius
peacock in Mauritius

Apart from that we also got to experience Giraffe feeding. The park is also a home to many other species of birds, and fishes. It felt like we had saved the best experience for the last day. It was not only the best experience of the day but also the highlight of the entire romantic Mauritius trip.

Last Day In Mauritius: Until We Meet Again!

Hanging Island

Curepipe Mauritius: 5 Top Reasons Why It Is An Unrivalled Getaway

On the last day of our adventure-filled romantic Mauritius trip, we woke with a sense of satisfaction. It was not only a romantic Mauritius trip but was a perfect mix of nature, adventure, watersports, and leisure. We finished the check-out process, and our driver transferred us to the airport. As the nostalgia struck us, we set back on a journey back to India with new and unforgettable memories.

Highlights Of Our Romantic Mauritius Trip

  • Our interaction with the lions and walking with them at the enthralling Casela Nature Park.
  • The Catamaran cruise.

Low Points Of The Trip

  • The water sports were not that good considering the fact that there were better options at Ile Aux Cerfs.
  • In comparison, my experience was much better in Andaman wherein watersports were much cheaper.
  • We also missed out on exploring few more interesting places like the glass making factory, and the Crocodile Park.

Overall Experience With TravelTriangle

Couple in Mauritius

The overall experience with TravelTriangle was very nice. Since we were traveling for the first time with TravelTriangle, I did some mistakes while customizing the package. However, in future, I’ll know how to navigate better and ask for better quotes on their platform.

Tips For Future Travelers

  • Be sure to read all the reviews of the hotel options that you’re considering to stay at.
  • Ensure that the hotels serve vegetarian food in case you’re a vegetarian.
  • Casela Nature Park is a must-visit place for everyone.
  • Be flexible and have fun.

Are you also looking forward to make your romantic Mauritius trip more special like they did? Well, worry not! We have you covered. Customize alluring Mauritius tour packages with TravelTriangle, let us do the planning, and travel the way you want your trip to be!

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