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Thailand is called ‘Amazing Thailand’ for a reason. If Bangkok and its nightlife is what attracts bachelors, then the surrounding islands and beaches, especially around Pattaya, is a paradise for people who love scuba diving and snorkeling. It goes without saying that when you are in Pattaya, you must try Scuba diving. You can never go wrong with the scuba diving in Pattaya. You will never have the heart to come back to the beach leaving the amazing world beneath the turquoise green water. It is simply breathtaking, literally. It is very common to sight the scorpionfish, batfish, sweetlips and hawksbill turtles in scuba diving sites in Pattaya.
Spending the day on the land is only half the fun. The real fun is beneath the beaches where dozens of coral reefs and bright colorful Nemos are waiting for us to be explored.Never heard of scuba diving? Or are you a pro? Do not worry, you will be given no excuse to skip this scuba diving in Pattaya. It is a must-do activity and gets your gears ready for the visit to paradise.

Best Time To Visit Pattaya For Scuba Diving

Best Time To Visit Pattaya For Scuba Diving

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Pattaya, the paradise island of Thailand, has a tropical climate with monsoon from May to October. Most of the time you will experience the weather to be around 30deg celsius. The perfect sunlight will help you see through the turquoise green water and enjoy the world beneath.
Tourists make a beeline to Pattaya all through the year, you will never be disappointed when it comes to Scuba Diving. It is available all through the year, even though many prefer the months of November to April since that is the best season with great visibility through the water.

Best Places For Scuba Diving In Pattaya

Scuba diving in Pattaya is very famous for the innumerous shipwrecks to be explored. Remember, Pattaya is well known for its reputation as one of the best divers training grounds since these areas present strong currents and all possible water conditions to get your professional diving experience and win your scuba divers license. Do not miss this adventure, for you can never find a cheaper place to do these scuba diving in other countries. Get your GoPro ready, and let’s hit the beach.

1. Koh Larn

Koh Larn

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Koh Larn is the largest island in the Pattaya Near Island group and one of the most famous places for scuba diving in Pattaya. It is around 12KM west of the Pattaya beach and can be reached in less than an hour on boats. The picture-perfect scenes will welcome you and drag you to the sea the moment you touch your feet on the beach from the boat. Around here, you will find the large concentrate rings which are all covered by the soft corals and many reef fishes. You can also find large corals as you swim along the stretch of the coast. The place has shallow water very ideal for beginners. Although it is shallow, you will not be disappointed since it offers a wide range of marine life even in this shallow water.

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2. Koh Sak

Scuba Diving Less than 1 Kilometer from Koh Larn, lies Koh Sak. The north bay of this island is much protected from winds, thanks to its natural horseshoe shape. The south of this island contains a coral reef that extends all along the seashore. And this is the reason why this is one of the most suited sites for scuba diving in Pattaya, for not just professionals, but also beginners. Similar to any scuba diving spots, this location too has a big collection of colorful fishes and corals. This includes even the Octopus, Seahorses too. There are around 40 different species of Seahorses you can have a close encounter with. Watch around, and do not miss the close encounters of the friendly neighbor Nemo!

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3. Koh Khroh


Scuba diving

One of the closest scuba diving sites near Pattaya is Koh Khroh, just 9 Kilometers from the coast and is one of the most popular scuba diving in Pattaya sites. With the strong incoming tides, it could be huge fun to do the dive in this area. During the lower tides, the area will be calm and tranquil. You will encounter many reef fish and hawksbill sea turtles in this Koh Khroh site.

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4. Koh Rin

Koh Rin

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Koh Rin, is the largest scuba diving in Pattaya sites in the Pattaya Far Island group of islands. Even though it has good all-around visibility, it is very favorable for diving during November and March. The island consists of fallen rocks which are all covered with the foliaceous corals. At around 12m depth, you will find the sea whips and black coral bushes. This island houses many marine lives including the snappers squirrelfish and lionfish. Along these, there are also chances to find the Three-spot Dascyllus, basslets and chromis. These shallow bays are also suited for snorkeling.

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5. North Rock

North Rock

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North Rock is one of the best scuba diving in Pattaya sites. Here, the soft corals almost illuminate the seafloor. Do not be surprised if you happen to visit the small gray bamboo sharks under the large rocks. If you swim farther deeper into the water, you would also see some areas where the sea wipes are common.

You could be lucky if you happen to sight the pelagic Barracuda, hacks and even school of tuna here. This site could have strong currents, so beginners are advised to be visiting the place along with the trainers.

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6. Koh Chuang

Koh Chuang

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Koh Chuang is the largest scuba diving in Pattaya sites in the Samae San Island. They are good for a visit all around the year. Due to their picturesque beaches and shallow waters, Koh Chuang is most ideal for the novice or beginner scuba divers. It is common for scuba divers to jump into this water and follow the coral reel down all the way to the sandy bottom. You could also see the turtles which are common here. This site is home for some of the most amazing fish like blue-spotted rays, angel and butterflyfish.

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7. Koh Chan

Scuba Diving

Koh Chan is beautiful but a bit far in the Samae San Island. But that distance is what makes this place unique due to being the secluded site. There are huge rocks in the southernmost tip. These rocks have fallen from the cliff before centuries. Be ready to explore this place to encounter the Black Tip reef sharks here. Enter the water and start following the coral reef, you will reach the bottom which slowly grows to be deeper. Once in there, be ready to be amazed by the blue-spotted stingrays, schools of yellowtail Fusiliers and ion fish.

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8. Shark Fin Rock

Scuba Diving

Shark Fin Rock, obviously named due to the presence of the rock that resembles a shark fin, is one KM west of the Hardeep shipwreck. On the first look, this site may seem to be a small one. But if you get into the water and start exploring the large reef, you will change your mind as it is one of the most popular scuba diving in Pattaya sites. On the north-western side, there are many sightings of stag horns brain corals, barrel sponges, and anemones.

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Along with these beautiful underwater diving opportunities, you can also find Pattaya to be one of the most amazing shipwreck dives. Not one, not two, but almost there are five famous wrecks for divers to explore. HTMS Kut, HTMS Khram and HTMS Mataphone are few to name here. These are all 2nd world warships from the US Navy and are decommissioned to sink and make a home for hundreds of artificial reefs. As you can see, the list is endless. There are innumerous locations for experiencing the scuba diving in Pattaya. In the interest of your own safety, make sure you get a PADI certified teachers and tours. Take a trip to Thailand with TravelTriangle and go dive in fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Pattaya

What is the best time to do Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

Due to the tropical climate of Pattaya, it’s an all-round year activity. But October to May is the most suited month of the year.

Is Scuba Diving safe in Pattaya?

All adventurous sports are safe, as long as it is done under the supervision of the certified trainers. Make sure you follow the given guidelines like the bible, and your safety is guaranteed.

Can I take flights after scuba diving in Pattaya?

No. It is recommended not to fly for at least 18 hours after you are done with the Scuba Diving.

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