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Seychelles is one of the best places to go when you are bringing your children along for a holiday. Not only because it’s a beautiful island country in the tropics, but it is also because it is one of the countries where there are no dangerous plants and animals, and also does not require any additional vaccinations. The people are friendly too. On the streets, you will always find someone or the other coming up to you to chat. People will not frown at you if your child throws a tantrum or makes loud noises.
The endless sandy beaches with shallow waters are ideal for kids to enjoy while providing an excellent place for the adults to relax. Seychelles with kids can be a fulfilling vacation for both you and the kids.

Seychelles With Kids: 8 Places To Visit

There are over a hundred islands in Seychelles. All the international flights arrive at Mahe, the main island. Mahe has a lot of tourist attractions. Praslin and La Digue are also two other islands that you can visit with kids. Something that you will genuinely like in Seychelles is that there are no purpose-built tourist attractions. Most of the attractions are natural attractions, and you can spend a lot of your time on the beaches.

1. Beau Vallon Beach

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If you are going to Seychelles with a baby, you will appreciate the presence of a large number of relaxing child-friendly beaches. The Beau Vallon beach in Mahe is a favorite spot for tourist. It is a beach filled with soft white sand. The sea is calm and quiet with lapping waves.

The Beau Vallon beach is known as of the most beautiful made up beaches. However, it is impossible to notice that it is human-made. It is the perfect mix of nature and development. If you have a baby or a toddler and you want to have a relaxing vacation, then checking into a hotel near the beach would be the best option. Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort is one of the kid friendly resorts in Seychelles. If you are in Seychelles with a toddler, then you may want to stay here.

Beau Vallon also has great market stalls where you can taste the food that is indigenous to the region. Local food is available at a reasonable price. You can also buy souvenirs from the place.

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2. City of Victoria

City of Victoria

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Even though Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, it is quite small. However, it still has a busy and bustling vibe, and there are a lot of things you can do in Victoria. The lovely picturesque city is flanked on both sides by the mountain and the sea, and the hills are often capped with mist. It is a fascinating sight that cannot be missed. Victoria is filled with colonial architecture that can be explored with a trip around the city.

You can find places of worship of various religions – a Hindu temple, a mosque and a cathedral too. There’s also a market, a botanical garden as well as a natural history museum. The latter is an excellent place for the kids too.

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3. Praslin


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Another island in Seychelles is Praslin. Like in Mahe, the main thing that you can do in Praslin in East Africa is soaking up the sun on the beaches and bathing in the sea. Praslin is a great diving destination too. Among the numerous beautiful beaches that Praslin is blessed with, theVallée de Mai is one of the prettiest ones and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. The natural park in the city is famous for its flora and fauna. Praslin can be a great place to visit if you have teenagers accompanying you.

4. La Digue

La Digue

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The third largest island in Seychelles is the La Digue with a population of only 2800 inhabitants. La Digue is known for its perfect white beaches. Though a little less popular than the rest, the wild beach Grande Anse with its beautiful scenery and rock formations is genuinely breathtaking, and a must visit. The wildlife in the Veuve Nature Reserve is also something that should not be missed, especially when you have kids along with you. It’s a great place to spend time with the family.

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5. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

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From downtown Victoria, you can reach the botanical gardens after a short walk. The gardens are clean, shady and well maintained. You can also spot giant tortoises and fruit bats. It’s probably the perfect place to enjoy a family picnic. It’s always the top attraction in any nature lover’s list that visits Seychelles, as there are so many awe-inspiring natural elements to explore and observe at inside the park.

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6. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

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Another kid-friendly trip would be to the Natural Museum. At the museum, you can learn more about the local flora and fauna, as well as the geology of the place. The museum has an area that is only for children’s activities so that your kid can enjoy different enriching activities and understand the importance of nature while you’re busy exploring the museum. Those who are traveling with children must visit this place during their tour.

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7. Ste Anne Marine National Park

Ste Anne Marine National Park

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The Ste Anne Marine National Park is another beautiful place. But it is more famous for diving and snorkeling activities. If you have a teenager along with you who loves the water, you can go snorkeling. It is entirely safe since the waters are shallow. There are tons of colorful fish and coral reefs that are quite a sight. There are glass-bottomed boats too that you can take if you have a younger child. They can be expensive, but it will be a fun ride for the kids.

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8. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park

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The Morne Seychellois National Park is filled with thick forests and covers one-fifth of Mahe. It is tough to miss since the park is visible from all across the island. Morne Seychellois National Park is famous for multiple hiking trails. You can go on guided walks, or go all by yourself. The trek is not challenging, and older kids will enjoy the journey. Even though it’s mostly flat, it’s recommended that you carry a lot of water with you. If you are going on a Seychelles holiday with a toddler, then you can skip this.

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A lot of what you can do depends on your child and how old he or she is. However, Seychelles is one of the most relaxing places to be in and is a perfect holiday destination for kids too. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Seychelles for a thrilling holiday with the little ones! Know of any more interesting places to visit in Seychelles with kids? Put them in the comments section below.

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