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A gorgeous inner suburb in the south of Sydney, Alexandria is a little hub of varied experiences for both foodies and Shopaholics. While on the one hand, it is dotted with beautiful cafes, on the other it is surrounded with top-notch outlets offering everything from clothes to shoes on huge discounts. So, irrespective of how much you resist to shop around in the city, the famous outlet stores for shopping in Alexandria will make you add things in your cart with a drop of a hat.

However, the suburb might seem small, but since the number of shopping places in Alexandria are countless, moving around with bags can be a task. So, we dug out the most popular stores in the neighborhood where you can grab everything at a really reasonable price!

10 Best Places For Shopping In Alexandria

Are you a bargain hunter who wishes to shop at every place he or she explorers? If yes, then here’s a handy list of the best places to shop in Alexandria for an enriching experience!

1. Alexandria Homemaker Centre

Alexandria Homemaker Centre

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Located on the O’Riordan Street, the Alexandria Homemaker Centre is one of the most famous places to buy everything from furniture to other home decor items. Not just that, but this place has made itself popular as a one-stop shop for all the essentials for the modern-day comfort in your home. So, irrespective of whether you are renovating your house or not, buying something to add a touch of Alexandria in your home would make it look only more beautiful.

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2. Victoria’s Basement

Victoria’s Basement

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Situated at the far end of McEvoy Street on the Euston Road, this huge Victoria’s Basement offers the best shopping in Alexandria. This place has got shelves full of classic home and kitchenware that would make you want to splurge your heart out. Not just for yourself, but this place also offers some of the best things that you can grab as gifts for your loved ones.

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3. FSW Shoe Warehouse

FSW Shoe Warehouse

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Popular across all the Australian cities as the biggest shoe store, this place is actually a paradise. From casual to formal and trendy to funky, it has got all kinds of footwear for people of all age groups at mind-boggling discounts. So, whether buying a new pair is the need of the hour or it isn’t, buying one from here would only do you more good.

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4. White Runway

White Runway

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This place is a haven for all those who are planning to get married or attend any most-awaited wedding. So, even if you are on a holiday, stopping by here for a quick glance at the stylish bridesmaid, formal, and evening dresses is worth every dime. Just make sure to book an appointment if you don’t wish to get disheartened at the last moment since this place’s popularity has got the staff absolutely occupied.

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5. Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre

Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre

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Are you into antiques and all things vintage? If yes, then this is another great place for enjoying the laidback experience of Alexandria shopping. Whether you need props for a film or a photoshoot, or want some really classic and quirky items for your living room, this is the place on Bourke Road where you need to stop by for at least an hour.

6. Oxford Alexandria Outlet

Oxford Alexandria Outlet

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Located on the McEvoy Street, the Oxford Alexandria Outlet is a perfect place for travelers and locals alike looking for the right attires to upgrade their wardrobe. The store opens at 9 in the morning and closes by 5:30 in the evening which gives the perfect opportunity to the Shopaholics to go out and shop at their own pace. Needless to say, the prices here won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.

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7. Barcs Australia Factory Outlet

Barcs Australia Factory Outlet

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Offering a wide range of accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, and also candles & homeware at very pocket-friendly prices, the Barcs Australia Factory Outlet is one shop you ought to stop by. You can find literally everything here irrespective of whether you’re looking for something to take back as a souvenir or for your own self.

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8. Italian Luxury Group

Italian Luxury Group

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Being one of the most luxurious and recent online market stores in Alexandria, this place is a hub for buying everything trendy, classy, and Italian. From high-end fragrances to swanky apparel brands, this clothing store in Alexandria offers it all. So, if you’re looking to buy something with a Italian touch is Sydney.

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9. Baby Kingdom

Baby Kingdom

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Got a baby on board or expecting one? This is an amazing store to drop by for everything fun and baby-related. All kinds of comfort and care related products are available at this little haven for parents. Also, the customer service is remarkable here and you can also just stop by for getting some really nice gifts for your niece or nephew if you aren’t a parent yet.

10. Canterbury


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There’s no better place in Australia than to buy your sportswear than Canterbury. From clothing to shoes and from sports caps to protective gear, this store offers everything. And if there’s ever a sale on it, they are pretty genuine about it. This store stays open from 9 to 5 too, offering a huge window to everyone out there to come and splurge as they please.

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Shopping in Alexandria is truly a delight and you wouldn’t disagree once you step in the paradisiacal streets of this inner city in Sydney. The locals swear by these outlets for a pocket-friendly experience and there’s no reason to not visit these places. So, the next time you are planning your trip to Egypt with TravelTriangle, make sure to stop by here for an absolutely amazing experience!

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