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Russia is a remarkably beautiful place with so much of diversity in geography that a trip to Russia gives one of the finest experiences. If you have never been to Russia, you must have possibly seen it in films or have heard about its gorgeous winter with knee-deep snow or orange snowfall in Russia or the festivity of the place.

If that wasn’t enough to compel you to book a Russian holiday, you must read below. It will inspire you to plan a trip to Russia during the winter season. Heavy snowfall in Russia makes it look great and beautiful.

8 Places To Witness Snowfall In Russia:

Winter holiday in Russia can give you a breathtaking experience, as you can enjoy the beauty of the place that gets prettier than it is during any other season. In the following list, we have mentioned the amazing things that you can do and see during winter and make your holiday a memorable one. Take some time out to scroll down and read the provoking reasons to explore Russia in winter.

1.Mariinsky Theatre

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You must have seen snowfall in Russia videos; however, the firsthand experience that you can get here is something beyond the expectation. In Russia, November to March is winter and apart from heavy snowfall in Russia, there is something that you must not miss. Yes, here we are talking about the Russian theatres, ballet dance performances, and opera. The performances by the local artists can make your winter holiday memorable because most of the theatres are open only during the winter season. If you are in St. Petersburg, you must make a visit to the famous Mariinsky Theatre and watch the magnificent performances of ballet dancing during the International Ballet festival that happens during winter.

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2.Railway Trip On The Trans-Siberia


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If you are up for making some lifetime memories, you must not miss a railway trip on Trans-Siberia. Along with the fun of enjoying the train trip, you can experience Russian history and traditions while exploring the great landscapes and winter vistas that is superb. You can stop around the gorgeous natural beauties of Russia, including the Baikal Lake, which is of the size of Belgium. During winter, the heavy snowfall in Russia makes the lake frozen and locals, as well as tourists, enjoy activities like ice trekking, winter fishing or even riding sleds run by huskies. The surface of Baikal Lake gives chance to many amazing winter activities. If you are interested in none, you can just sit and watch people having fun.

3.The Karelia Region

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Another fun thing to do during a winter trip to Russia is exploring the Karelia region. Located at a close distance to St. Petersburg, the place is full of fantastic prospects for people who have a great love for history and natural beauty. The glamour of the place gets accentuated during winter with breathtaking vistas and unique charm. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy your vacation in this location.

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4.New Year’s Eve In Russia


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New Year’s Eve is a must not miss if you are yet to plan your Russian holiday. Make sure to be in Russia on 31 of December. Among the locals, it is one of the biggest festivals and people participate with full enthusiasm. Be it average snowfall in Russia on the New Year or heavy, people love to celebrate it with vodka, firework and full mood of festivity.

5.Winter Cruise In Russia

Winter dish

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Winter holiday in Russia can give you a chance to explore the delicious winter cuisine of Russia. Even if there is heavy snowfall in Russia during your visit, you can keep yourself warm with the assortment of authentic Russian gourmets and delicacies specially made during the winter season. You can enjoy your evening strolls on the street followed by the delicious warm food. For lunch, you can have a delicious and hearty bowl of borsch or ask for pelmeni, which is meat dumplings at any authentic Russian restaurant. They serve it with a variety of seasonal dressings. You can also keep yourself warm with a cup of hot Russian tea, which is served with lemon and sugar. Having mulled wine while watching tiny snowflakes touch the ground is a fun activity to do in Russia while on a winter holiday. If you want to enjoy the authentic and traditional flavors of Russia, you must try some vodka with horseradish.

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6.Winter Shopping In Russia


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Winter is the best time to buy Russian souvenirs. This is because most of the shops in Russia offer great discounts during winter. You can buy Russian jewelry, porcelain items, traditional shawls, fur hats or Russian dolls at very affordable prices. The deals are so alluring that you might end up doing a lot of shopping from Russia during your winter holiday trip. It is the best time to indulge in a shopping spree.

7.Saint Peter’s Square


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Since there are very few tourists in Russia during winters because of the heavy snowfall in Russia, most of the tourist attractions are more enjoyable. There are fewer tourists and no one is in a hurry, which gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty of the mesmerizing and awe-inspiring masterpieces for as long as you want. Also, you can enjoy the places more without annoying disturbance from other travelers. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, winter is a perfect time. Also, your pictures will not be photo-bombed by others.

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8.St. Basil’s Cathedral In Moscow

Russia christmas

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When you arrive in Russia during winter, the places look amazingly stunning with the snow-sprinkled everywhere. The buildings, churches, mountain views, and streets are all so pretty and if you get a chance to see the snow falling from the sky, you can make stunning snowfall in Russia videos to share with your friends and family on social media. During this time one of the prettiest sights can is the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Besides with Christmas round the corner, this is where the people flocks to during the winters.

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The above-mentioned list of activities and things to see is just a glimpse to inspire you for planning a holiday in Russia during winter. However, there is a lot to explore when you are here. If you are ready to explore the vivaciousness of snow in an exuberant way, an unforgettable Russian trip is what you need. This is not the end of the facts which will make you fall in love with Russia in winter. Just take the chance to step into this amazing land and know its beauty closely.

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