Amazing Treks In Canada

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Buy some good boots, now break them in and get ready to tackle some of the best treks in Canada. These treks may take even days while others could take even a month or so. Each and every trail is different, but all of them are amazing and spectacular. Going beyond from the exotic and picturesque locations the adventure enthusiasts can find their peace at these enormous peaks of rough trails.

10 Best Treks In Canada

Here’s a list of some of the most active and best treks in Canada

1. Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail in Canada

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This is definitely one of the most famous hiking trails in the country and is carefully maintained as well. You will get to witness beautiful scenic vistas all along the 900 km route hiking in Ontario Canada. It begins from the Niagara Escarpment to the Georgian Bay and so be prepared for everything ranging from vineyards to mixed woods forests and quaint townships to pristine waterfalls and lakeside cliffs too. Legs for this route range from an hour or two to even a week and more. To complete this whole route you need to have a month in hand. The routes here are well marked, but the unofficial side trails do extend to even more than 900 km.

Location: Bruce trail dyers bay, Ontario

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2. The Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail actually runs for 1,200 km and it roughly follows the continental divide through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and BC. While most parts of this trail are suitable only for the more experienced trekkers but the allure of scenic vistas is hard to resist for many. Then towns of Jasper, Waterton and Blairmore are very popular jumping off point and resupplying can be done every four to nine days. Be ready for a workout as there is more than 1,500 metres of elevation between the lowest and highest point on this trail. Much of the Great Divide Trail is also very rugged as well as unmarked so caution is advised.

Location: Alberta/BC

3. Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Rail Trail

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It is a famous bicycle route, but it is also famous as a trekking ground. It was built as a rail line 105 years ago by the Canadian Pacific Railway, but now it is a recreational route which goes through the Okanagan for a good 600 km. Then lengths over here can extend from a five kilometer jaunt to even multi day journeys. This trail passes over many of the 18 trestles and also through two historic tunnels. Trekkers will also surely enjoy the lakeside views which are mainly found between Kelowna and Penticton. Don’t forget to stop at one of the wineries along the route as well.

Location: British Columbia

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4. Alexander Mackenzie Heritage (Grease) Trail

Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail

Image Source

The approximate hiking time over here will be 25 to even a full month. The starting point is Quesnel, BC and the end point for this trail is Bella Coola, BC. So this requires labour, time and commitment. But if you don’t have that much time to devote then you could sample a small 80km section which goes through the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and it is a section which lasts for around a week. You can expect river crossings, Alpine Meadows, dense woodlands as well as the occasional town for re-provisioning. But this trail is definitely one of the country’s best hikes.

Location: British Columbia

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5. Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail in Canada

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The PEIs Confederation trail was also a railway line which was converted later on to a cycling and hiking path. The topography over here is generally flat, but do expect very gentle stroll along any part of this island trail. There are also even more than 1,600 geocache sites over here which are all tucked over the trail. Trekkers will find that the towns this trail covers are renowned for their hospitality. But to be fair, it’s not really an adventurous trek, but more of a lovely scenic walk where you can walk till as long as you want.

Location: Prince Edward Island

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6. Rideau Trail

Rideau Trail View

This trail extends to a staggering 400 km but the Rideau Trail is actually comprised of a beautiful network of trails which run between Kingston and Ottawa. Trekkers will be able to see mixed wood forests, historic sites, charming towns, Canadian shield lakes, vibrant birdlife and even more. Hikers will be able to enjoy legs that go from an hour to even two till the End-to-End epic, all of which takes about two weeks to complete. It is advisable to just begin from the trails present around Rideau Lakes and then proceed from there. Also, if planning to go here, then plan it in autumn when the trees an surroundings will be steeped in fall colours.

Location: Ontario

7. Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park

Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park

Going across The Rock which stretches from St. John’s to Port Aux Basques, this railway line of former times goes through 55 towns as well as crosses around 150 bridges. A typical leg ranges from just a few kilometres to over overnight journeys. Vey few hikers have actually traversed the full length of this trail which was once very popular with the snowmobilers and the ATV’ers. But it should be kept in mind that there are some parts which are combustion free and so trekkers visiting for solitude and peace should be able to find that along this mammoth trail.

Location: Newfoundland & Labrador

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8. East Coast Trail

East Coast Trail View

Image Source

This is another famous hiking route present in Newfoundland where the eastern trail goes south from Cape St. Francis which is present on the tip of the Avalon Peninsula till the rugged Atlantic coast line. This 265 kilometers of adventure is well marked and maintained. Be prepared to see beautiful lighthouses, cute puffins and humongous whales. If you have luck on your side, then seeing the world’s southernmost caribou herd is possible as well. You can either camp out here or just book a bed and breakfast.

Location: Newfoundland & Labrador

9. Canol Heritage Trail

Canol Heritage Trail in Canada

Image Source
The Canol Heritage Trail may not be the longest, but it definitely one of the most challenging ones in here. It’s long enough and requires either a fly-in or a fly-out; and in some cases even both if you accidentally sprain or hurt your ankle. This trail is nothing less than the ones shown on Man vs Wild since it requires food drops, bear sprays because of the black bears and grizzlies that prowl this area and also self-sufficiency to finish this trail. The route is actually an old industry road which hasn’t been maintained since 1945 so expect oil barrels an rusts for sure. But it’s not all roads and rust as trekkers will be able to experience this beautiful tundra and taiga mountains along the way. Do note that it is only for experienced hikers only.

Location: Northwest Territories/Yukon

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10. Waskahegan Trail

View of Waskahegan Trail in Canada

Image Source
This 309 km trail is hidden clearly in plain sight. It is actually comprised of about 40 routes and ranges from 5 to even 15 kms. It loops all around the city of Edmonton. This trail runs all over both public and private land and is mostly maintained by volunteers. Trekkers will find the serene landscapes they witness to be scenic and a balm to sore eyes. If you want to try out the multi day routes then the trails run along some public campsites and also private stopovers on the way. Be ready to witness wildlife as well, which includes both natural and domestic livestock while enjoying the beauty that is Alberta parkland.

Location: Alberta

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Treks in Canada range over lovely walks to hazardous routes which require fly outs. If you don’t want to do it all alone, then be a part of the best hiking & trekking tours in Canada to enjoy it all. So, be prepared for everything while also taking in the beauty of the whole place.

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