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    Solo travel

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    Travel by choice is the new trend! People like to travel in certain ways, mostly two ways – solo and group. Some people love to travel in a group of two or more while others travel solo. While some people may travel in groups for completely different reasons and solo travelers for completely different, both kinds still keep one thing in common – travel. If you think which is better – solo travel vs group travel, there is no winner. Both the travelling ways have their own highlights. Let’s see what are those.

    Taking Solo Travel Tours

    Check out the best experiences purveyed by the solo travel tours:

    1. Freedom


    Some people love to travel for nothing but freedom. They see travel as an escape from the crowd. To them, it feels liberating and alive. There are no worries, responsibilities or liabilities during a solo travel. You are free to choose a destination, make changes midway, adjust at places or simply loiter around. There is no restriction to travel anywhere you always wanted to. You can be as crazy as you want during your venture. Feel like going to that waterfall on a starry night? Absolutely!

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    2. Spend Your Own Time

    Spend Time In Your Own Company1

    When you are traveling solo, you can do whatever you like – read, write, dance, play a little music or just sit and stargaze. This is not possible when you are in a group because at some point you have to compromise with your personal preferences. Travelling solo reveals a lot about your own self. You start accepting yourself and gradually appreciate your own company. You realize it’s more peaceful sitting by the window pane, lost in your own thoughts.

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    3. Stick To Budget

    Stick To Budget

    Image Source

    It is easy to manage your own budget and modify it whenever you travel solo. You may either choose to stay in a luxury accommodation and eat cheap or the other way round. You may choose to hitchhike or take public transport without having to worry about anyone else. Also you can save a lot of money this way. Bargaining is also easier when you travel solo, especially while shopping.

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    4. Unique Experiences

    Unique Experiences

    Image Source

    Travelling solo opens a lot of opportunities. You get to meet several people on your way, get to know them and may be, befriend them after certain interactions. You do not have to be bound by the societal boundaries and norms. You get to stay as low-key as you want or go ahead and join a random group of people out there just for the sake of fun.

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    Choosing Group Travel Tours

    Following are the best things about group travel tours:

    1. Tour Guide

    Tour Guide

    A tour guide is the best way to enjoy an organised travel. While traveling to a place unknown, you might need a person who already knows about the place. It is safe and secure, and there are less chances of getting tricked by locals. During a group travel, everything is well-organized with precautionary measures. If you ever get lost or feel lonely, your tour guide has always got your back. Also, you will get additional information about a place you otherwise might not know during a solo trip.

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    2. Safety


    Travelling alone can often be risky, especially if you are travelling to a foreign country. There are chances that you might get thugged or run in a trouble. And if you are alone, you cannot immediately reach out for help. On the other hand, group travel offers you safety and immediate help. You can reach out to your tour guide or co-travellers if you run into trouble. If you fall sick while traveling, a helping hand will always be there for you.

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    3. Accommodation And Restaurants

    Accommodation And Restaurants1

    Image Source

    During group travels, you do not have to worry about finding the best accommodation or restaurant. The tour company that you pick will do that for you. You would receive various quotes with a number of stay options to choose from. In some cases, you may customize your packages as per your needs. You will also save a lot of time and money. Several tour packages also provide you exclusive facilities such as cab transfers and goodies.

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    4. Activities/Itinerary


    If you are running short on time or you have no idea about an ideal itinerary to enjoy a place, tour packages are the best options. A set itinerary with major attractions and exclusive facilities included, will be provided to you. You will be able to utilize your time wisely and get ample time to enjoy your vacations. Group tours are tested, tried and fun.

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    Now that you have gone through the greener side of both the travel types, you have a clear idea to decide which one to choose. Whether on solo travel vs group travel, you know what to look out for. If you still have any apprehensions, be assured there are customizable tour packages for both (group and solo travel) that will let you do nothing but enjoy!

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