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Influenced by diverse cultures, the astonishing spice island is also famed for its sweets and desserts apart from its spicy food and exotic fruits. Taste like nowhere in the world, Sri Lankan desserts are prepared using the exotic spices and sweeteners like: treacle and jaggery along with the combination of aromatic flavors from India. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s time to gear up for an expedition full of sweetness. So, pack your bags, and get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a list of sri lankan desserts, grab the opportunity to binge on these famous Sri Lankan desserts from Sri Lanka!

12 Scrumptious Sri Lankan Desserts

If you have a weakness for sweets, then visit this rich melting pot of cuisines without any procrastination, and grab a chance to soothe your cravings with the best traditional Sri Lankan desserts recipes mentioned in the listing below at some of the popular food paradises of Sri Lanka.

  • Aluwa – Go Nuts Over It
  • Aasmi – A  Web Of Delight
  • Wattalapam – A Festive Treat
  • Kithul Treacle – Sweet Treat To Health
  • Kalu Dodol – Get Things Sweeter
  • Peni/Undu Walalu – The Honey Rings
  • Athirasa – The Hot And Sweet 
  • Konda Kavum – Bun Cakes
  • Kokis – Snack it Up
  • Bibikkan – A Little sweet, A Little Salty
  • Helapa – A Drool Worthy  Snack
  • Aggala – Evening snack

1. Aluwa


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Mostly served on the occasion of Tamil New Year or Sinhala is one of the traditional Sri Lankan sweets, the nutty sweetmeat- Aluwa is one of the favourite Sri Lankan desserts amongst the locals. Usually prepared with just two ingredients: palm treacle or coconut and rice flour and garnished with cashews, the simple rice flour aluwa is a pure delight to have. You can also savor this candy in other flavors: Semolina Aluwa and Cashew Aluwa.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Foodie Colombo

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2. Aasmi


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Served with thick sugary syrup, though this sweet easily melts in your mouth, it’s certainly not easy to prepare it. The batter for this Sri Lankan sweet is made using rice flour and coconut milk along with a dash of the juice of the cinnamon leaves. Once batter is ready, it is poured on the hot oil with the help of a punctured coconut shell spoon to make a web-like design.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Mount Lavinia Hotel, Foodie Colombo

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3. Wattalapam


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Often pronounced by locals as ‘vatlappam or watalappan’, wattalapam is a lip-smacking Sri Lankan pudding usually made during festivals or other special occasions. Prepared with coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, and eggs, and flavored with cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom, this steamed dessert is a pure delight for you if resist having sugar these days. Just grab a bowl of it, and dig into its luscious flavors without worrying about calories.

Popular Eateries: Upali, Galle Caterers, Al-Mass Indian Family Restaurant

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4. Kithul Treacle

Kithul Treacle

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Favourite amongst locals, Kithul treacle is one of the best Sri Lankan dessert recipes for its freshness, authenticity, and delightful taste. Made from buffalo milk curd, a pot of this healthy dessert has a refreshing sensation, which helps you to beat the heat. A perfect substitute for sugar, it makes for a quintessential part in the process of the preparation of other desserts.

Popular Eateries: Laksala, Galle Caterers

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5. Kalu Dodol

Kalu Dodol

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On the list of the best Sri Lankan sweets comes another dessert, called Kalu Dodol. Made with rice flour, jaggery, and thick coconut milk, and garnished with raisins and nuts, this jelly-like candy is mostly found in the local grocery stores in the southern region of the island country. As it requires a lot of time in preparation, you can find it in packets manufactured in the markets of Hambantota.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, The Dodol House

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6. Peni/Undu Walalu


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Here are these sweet rings full of calories- a dessert that probably decides if you are considered amongst people who claim to have a sweet tooth! Prepared with a great quantity of honey, Peni Walalu or Undu Walalu is one of the must-try Sri Lankan traditional sweets food recipes. باى بال Popular among children, this dish is exclusively handmade; and can also be called as ‘honey rings’, if you find the traditional name hard to pronounce.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Foodie Colombo

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7. Athirasa


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One of the most delicious Avurudu sweets, Athirasa is just what its name implies- extremely tasty! A sweet cake made with rice flour and jaggery, flattened into circles and then fried later; it is often prepared during the seasonal occasions or special events. Extra rich in sweetness, this tempting delicacy is hard to given a miss.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Foodie Colombo

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8. Konda Kavum

Konda Kavum

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An oil cake with a bun-like lump in the centre, Konda Kavum is again a sweet treat prepared during the famous festivals in Sri Lanka. The batter of this dessert, which is a mixture of sugar and treacle, is poured into a wok full of hot oil, and then the lump is created with the help of a wooden skewer, ensuring the bun soaks the oil completely. The king of Sri Lankan sweets, this dessert is a must-have on your next trip.

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Foodie Colombo

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9. Kokis


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Again, a dessert often served during the festive season, Kokis is a deep-fried snack made with a mixture of coconut milk, and rice flour. Albeit, it is considered as a traditional Avurudu snack of the island country, it is believed that the name of the dish has been derived from the Dutch. تابع اون لاين

Popular Eateries: Lakpahana, Foodie Colombo

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10. Bibikkan


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A rich, moist, and chewy cake, Bibikkan is a delectable cookie made with shredded coconut, roasted semolina, egg, and jaggery. While, chopped dates, cashew nuts, winter melon, cloves, cardamom, crushed fennel, cinnamon, ginger preserve along with a dash of salt are mixed to add a sweet salty flavor to the whole dish. One of the best Sri Lankan desserts, this traditional coconut cake, often served on special occasions, leaves you craving even more.

Popular Eateries: Tammy’s, Foodie Colombo

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11. Helapa


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Helepa, a unique traditional sweets of Sri Lanka is made up of kurakkan flour, treacle, rice flour, cardamom, and grated coconut which is cooked together to make a thick consistency like a dough. This mixture is then wrapped in a kanda leaf and boiled until the doughy texture becomes firm. It is served with the leaf wrapping which is removed while eating. This sweet delicacy goes best with Ceylon Tea.

Popular Eateries:

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12. Aggala


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Aggala is a traditional Sri Lankan sweets snack which is usually popular as part of evening tea. Made with fresh coconut, salt, honey and rice flour, this mixture is rolled into tiny balls which is then rosted until brown. Somtimes, a dash of pepper is also added to the mixture to enhance its flavour. لاعبة كرة قدم سعودية

Popular Eateries: Natural eats, Ella Relax Inn

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If you believe yourself to be a food connoisseur with a sweet tooth, then book an excursion to Sri Lanka, now! And, let your taste buds take complete delight in the perfect concoction of sweet and crispy cookies the tear-shaped island has to offer. For, either you choose to have the Sri Lankan desserts in the morning with a tea, or gulp them down post a scrumptious dinner, you are bound to crave them more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Lankan Desserts

What is the famous food of Sri Lanka?

The central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish, chicken or mutton, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols.

Do they eat pork in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean which can be considered as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. In addition, chicken meat is the most consumed animal protein source among Sri Lankan meat consumers and the other most preferred meat types are pork, mutton, and beef.

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