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    Summer-In-Azerbaijan_22th oct

    Still untouched by the full-fledged tourism, Azerbaijan is a country which is far off from the beaten path. From the ancient mosques, churches to the undaunted beauty of nature, there are a pack of things which makes this one of the less known but worth a visit destination. Away from the hustle-bustle and holding its ancient culture together, Azerbaijan makes a vacation memorable one for the travelers who love to explore untouched destinations. And alongside the summer in Azerbaijan is famous for its own reasons. If you’re planning to visit this offbeat place during the summer, then keep this guide handy to know about the best things to do around here.

    Weather In Azerbaijan During Summer

    The weather in Azerbaijan remains warm during summer and the temperature can reach up to 26-degree Celsius. July is considered the hottest month here in the country.

    Things To Do In Azerbaijan In Summer 2019

    Here are some of the best activities one must experience during the summer in Azerbaijan and know more about this place.

    1. Baku: Experience The Skyline Of Downtown


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    The nightlife in Baku is considerably the best thing one could experience while in Azerbaijan. With expensive sightseeing and bright lit towers of glass and steel, the downtown looks like a festive town to explore after sunset during summer in Azerbaijan. Apart from that, the Flame Towers adds a charm to the city.

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    2. Qubustan: Explore The Mud Volcanoes

    Mud Volcanoes

    Image Source

    Azerbaijan is known for many unique things and one of them is being the home to a dazzling number of mud volcanoes. This is quite a sight to capture where the mud constantly spews out along with sulphuric gases. And the most fascinating thing is that the cold mug can leave a refreshing feeling if applied on the face in a summer afternoon.

    3. Sheki: Discover The Palaces


    Image Source

    Once home to a Khanate in the second half of the 18th century, and in this city there are still two palaces which can be visited. The Khan’s palace is one of the main attractions in Sheki which is followed by lesser-known House of the Sheki Khans. These palaces are beautifully intricated with colorful glass windows and furnished halls. Photography is strictly prohibited in the premises, so enjoy the view with your naked eyes.

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    4. Kish: Know The Past


    Image Source

    Alongside exploring the history of Khanate, move ahead to the northern Azerbaijan where there ancient remains of the Caucasian Albanians. While exploring this place, you will get to know more about its history and also don’t miss out to visit the restored Kish Albanian church. It is located in the wilderness of the cobbled-stoned village of Kish and apart from that, the surreal surroundings of nature will definitely be appealing for you.

    5. Khinalaug: Witness The Nature’s Beauty


    Image Source

    Khinalaug is a beautiful village in Azerbaijan which will be a perfect retreat for the nature lovers. Adorned by the majestic mountains and beautiful landscapes, this is truly a paradise hidden in the jungles. This mountainous village is perfect for spending a day hiking through the forests and also get postcard-worthy pictures.

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    So have you made your mind to spend the summers at this Russian paradise? If yes, then don’t miss out these exciting and adventure worthy activities which will keep you entertained and satiate your wanderlust. But before that also take a look at the customized options to plan a holiday in Azerbaijan and enjoy it with all the leisure.



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