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    Meet Swarnamber, an adventurer, explorer, and traveler who took a road trip across Bhutan with three other friends. This once in a lifetime adventure took place across 6 days. This trip came to him at a total cost (including sightseeing, cabs, and hotels) of INR 43,650.

    Waterfall splashing through the rock Bhutanese terrain

    Traveling for me is a passion. For me, it’s all about enjoying a new place. I am happy traveling with friends, family or alone. The most important idea is to travel, whichever way it may be.

    Admiring the blue sky from the hill top in Bhutan

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    TravelTriangle was incredibly helpful in arranging my entire trip. My travel expert, Nadim, made sure I got a package that was economical yet enjoyable. The services were prompt and efficient.

    Day 1 – Beginning of Bhutanese Adventure

    Selfie moment with friends at the beginning of an adventure

    So we reached Hasimara, the nearest railway station to the gateway of Bhutan at about 12.30 pm. Our cab was waiting to take us to Phuentsholing where we had lunch and finished all our immigration formalities.

    Beautiful silhouettes of mountains from another Bhutanese hilltop

    Post that, we began our journey to Thimphu. The drive was completely beautiful and worth the entire effort. We reached Thimphu in the evening. Exhausted by the journey, we checked into our hotel and went to sleep to revive our energies for the next day.

    Day 2 – Traveling Around Thimphu

    Serenity of the river in Thimphu on a sunny day

    The next day we went sightseeing around Thimphu, where we visited the various highlights of the city. We visited the paper factory, the national museum, and a few other popular places to visit in Thimphu. It was a great opportunity to get to know about Bhutan’s culture and history.

    Relaxing in a cozy local restaurant over a chat

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    We spent the remaining part of the day enjoying each other’s company and exploring the local culture.

    Day 3 – Discovering Dochula Pass

    Gorgeous view of the Dochula Pass on a clear day

    Early morning, we made our way to Punakha. On our way, we also stopped at the Dochula Pass. However, due to a paucity of time, we could not explore its full contents.

    Colourful flags flying across a Bhutan hilltop

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    The weather as we drove to a higher altitude got better and cloudy, only enhancing our entire experience.

    In the evening, we checked into our hotel in Punakha and retired for the day.

    Day 4 – Road trip to Paro

    Winding through the hilly roads with stunning views in Bhutan

    We were supposed to visit Ta Dzong, which is the British Museum. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit it, as it was closed that day. However, our adventurous journey to Paro more than made up for it.

    Wet roads and windy weather in Bhutan

    We checked into our hotel in Paro around afternoon. Rest of the day, we visited the street markets around the area and tried out the local cuisine.

    Day 5 – Exploring Chele La Pass

    Enjoying the chilly view after a hike at Chele La Pass

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    This was the highlight of our entire trip. We hiked through most of the Chele La Pass. The journey through was exhausting but after we reached the top, the view was mesmerizing.

    evening view of the scenic Bhutan

    The scenic beauty of the place left me completely speechless! We got back to Paro in the evening, where we relaxed and shared some quality time with each other.

    Day 6 – Back Home Too Soon!

    Blue skies and rocky roads in Bhutan

    Sad to leave, we got onto our cab to make our way back to Hasimara and then home.

    Best friends share a special moment in Bhutan

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    The trip was one of the best of my life and I feel privileged that I got to share it with some of my closest friends. This trip has only further fueled my desire to see the world, and I will definitely be going on more of these adventures soon.

    Blue Skies, Green hills and stunning silhouettes in Bhutan

    Wow Moment: The Chele La Trek

    Low Moment: The British Museum being closed

    Tips: Try to spend more time hiking and less seeing the historical sights.

    Feel like taking an adventure road trip with your friends? Book your package to Bhutan NOW!



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