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    tanzania april

    The wild and vast continent of Africa is home to one of the centers of human civilization – Tanzania. Although the nation has seen its ups and downs in recent history, its glorious past makes sure it features in every traveler’s bucket list. From the first human to the 18th-century spice markets of Zanzibar, Tanzania holds the key to so many stories. Although it is advised to visit Tanzania from October to December, however taking a trip to Tanzania in April has its own perks. Lesser crowded and better on the pocket, End March to May is the perfect window to visit Tanzania on a budget.

    Weather In Tanzania In April

    Weather In Tanzania In April

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    Lying in the Southern Hemisphere, Tanzania has different seasons and climate patterns than your home country, if you are from North America, Europe or most parts of Asia. As said above the best months are from October to December when there is less precipitation.

    On the other hand, from January to March, the weather is slightly colder. The temperature in Tanzania in April is pleasant with outpours of rains every now and then. The country does not exactly get hit with monsoons and the chances of sighting animals during rains are quite high. The best part about April or May is the fact that the country is not flooded with tourist from all over the world. It will help you travel easier at lower costa.

    Things To Do In Tanzania In April

    Read on to know more about everything you can do in Tanzania in the month of April with your friends and/or family:

    1. Olduvai Gorge: Tour the birthplace of the first humans

    Olduvai Gorge

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    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Olduvai (or Oldupai) Gorge is the site where three million years old human fossils were discovered way back in the seventies. This site is what led to establishing the theory of evolution of human beings in Africa in the first place. Mary and Louis Leakey, the two paleoanthropologists, led the excavation of the site in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Even today, this site is definitely one of the must-visit places in Northern Tanzania. To visit, you can either take a safari or trek up to the site.

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    2. Kilwa Ruins: Marvel at this majestic monument


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    Located on the coast of Tanzania, where first Muslim settlers landed, the Kilwa ruins should definitely make a part of your itinerary while visiting Tanzania in April. Dating back to the ninth century, these ruins and the city were once the biggest part of the East African region. The empire was rich and powerful given the tactful geographical position of the port on all the spices, gold and other things coming in and going out from India, China and Arabia to Africa.

    The Great Mosque in these ruins is one of the majestic monuments of the time. Probably the biggest mosque in East Africa, this beautiful structure is full of domes and arches and surely a must-visit!

    3. Zanzibar: Stroll around Stone Town


    Image Source

    No trip to Tanzania is complete without enjoying the nitty-gritty of life in Zanzibar. Playing an important part in spice trade as well as slaves trade at the time, Zanzibar today is a tourist center with lots of options for things to do. You can opt for scuba diving or snorkeling in the turquoise blue waters here. And if that is not your thing, stroll around the Stone Town area. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is also the place where you will find the house of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of British band Queen. With the fragrance of spices in the air even today, Zanzibar is a beautiful mix of old and modern.

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    4. Iringa: Explore the art scene


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    The town of Iringa has so much to offer in terms of local art and artists. You can visit the Iringa Boma Museum here, which showcases works of the local tribes and their ways of life. It is a beautiful place to aquatint yourself with the culture of the area.

    You can also visit the famous prehistoric site Igeleke, where you will spot rock paintings dating back thousands of years. With figures like elephants, giraffes, and human beings, this is surely one of the must-do activities while visiting Tanzania in April.

    5. Ol Doinyo Lengai: Witness the world’s coolest volcano

    Ol Doinyo Lengai

    Image Source

    Only in Eastern Tanzania can you visit the coolest (quite literally) volcano in the world. Ol Doinyo Lengai also called the Mountain of God by the natives, is the only active volcano in the whole world, where the lava that comes out is carbonatite instead of hot silica. You can definitely climb it but do so in the guidance of a local travel guide. Rising up to 2800 meters, the mountain sits on flat land, making for a picturesque scene. The lava on the mountain takes the color of black and grey instead of the usual red, you can see fumes on the top, but relatively, it is probably the safest volcano in the world.

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    6.Kilimanjaro: Climb Africa’s highest mountain


    Although it is usually suggested to climb Kilimanjaro in the dryer season (for better views), you can try hiking in April too. The upside is that the crowds you will encounter on the hill would be significantly lesser than other (peak) seasons. You might also encounter snow on the top of the mountain. Be warned that hiking up Kili is not that easy a task. You would have to acclimatize well to stand on the top of the highest mountain in Africa.

    If hiking is not your thing, try the famous Tanzania Safari in April in the vast and diverse Kilimanjaro National Park. Again, the safari charges and the number of people is significantly less in an offseason month like April.

    7. The Rock: Have a lavish dinner

    The Rock

    Image Source

    A must for all couples, this phenomenal restaurant is located off the shore at a coral rock. You can walk up to here when it is low tide. After lunch or dinner, when the water is high, the restaurant organizes for boats to reach the shores. The blue-green waters should definitely be reason enough for you to visit The Rock, however, their food also is worth it. Ranging from prawns, crabs and other seafood to delicious burgers and chips, this place is definitely a must-visit.

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    8. Red Lake: Take a trip!

    Red Lake

    Image Source

    Want to observe flamingos and the deadliest lake in the whole world – take a trip to Lake Natron in the Rift Valley! This beautiful lake appears red due to a high concentration of algae present in the water. This lake is so alkaline is nature due to high amounts of salt, that the entire area is not habitable for human beings. However, due to the unique ecology of the area, it is also the sanctuary of endangered flamingos so much so that if the saltiness of the lake is disturbed, the flamingo population will die out too. Just another weird way nature works in Africa!

    9. Wonder Workshop: Observe artists

    Wonder Workshop

    Image Source

    This inspiring place is located in the city of Dar es Salaam. Artists with disabilities come together on the floors of this shop to create world-class items from jewelry, sculptures to paintings, candles, and whatnot. Most items used here are waste which is recycled in decor objects you can buy. Visit this workshop and observe the wonderful artists at work. You can also commission works at this place, which will then be delivered to you at your home. No better way to take back memories from Tanzania.

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    10. Serengeti : Witness the start of the Great Migration


    Weather in Tanzania in April is not exactly warm or cold. This is the time rains hit this part of Africa. If you are familiar with the concept of the Great Migration, you might know, animals ranging from deer, wildebeest, and others move from one part of Tanzania to Kenya and back before and after the rains in search of food and grass. The numbers are so big that this migratory pattern is referred to as the Great Migration. The national park of Serengeti is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tanzania for the same reason. If you visit in April, crowds would be a lessee, and you might be able to catch some part of the migration without paying the hefty fees that apply otherwise in peak season.

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    Which of the above activities excite you the most about Tanzania in April? You’ll know what this place has in store for you during this time only when you take a trip to Africa and experience it all for yourself! Book yourself an exclusive tour at the most affordable prices today!

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