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Dreaming of a perfect vacation? Let us show you why Hungary is the place to be! Tucked in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary is geographically situated within Central Europe and has thus witnessed the confluence of several cultures. Its heritage is represented by Celtic, Roman, Germanic, and several other tribes that have settled in Hungary. If you are wondering about the best things to do in Hungary and you love to gorge on natural beauty, then Hungary has it all – from the charm of flowing rivers, the beauty of rugged mountains, the magnificence of lakes, to the natural splendor of the Transdanubian region.

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8 Amazing Things To Do In Hungary

To make your vacation planning more comfortable, we have enlisted the 8 most famous things to do in Hungary which shall translate into unforgettable memories.

1. Miskolctapolca – Have A Cave Bath

a natural spa

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If you are seeking relaxation, then simply head towards Miskolc-Tapolca. There is a natural cave system which is commonly known as Cave Bath. You need to wade inside the cave to enjoy the natural hot water bath. It is akin to a natural spa.

The temperature of the water stays at 30C and reportedly contains minerals in reasonable quantities. This is not a new site because since the 17th-century people have arrived to enjoy the natural thermal Spa. There are plenty of spa treatments for pampering your body and soul.

Location: Miskolc, Pazár István stny. 1, 3519 Hungary
Entry fee: 1950/person HUF (Adults) | 1500/person HUF (Children) | 2000 HUF (night bath or sauna)

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2. Buda Castle – Catch Panoramic Views Of Budapest

beautiful architecture

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Buda Castle is hailed as the Paris of the East. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majestic appearance of the castle, along with its beautiful architecture, makes it a dramatic structure to behold. It is known to have been rebuilt during the reign of the Habsburg monarchy in the 18th century. The central dome is 61 meters high and offers a stunning view of the castle. The Buzogány Tower and the South Tower, which were reconstructed, are impressive structures.

You are definitely going to love the view of the river from the high dome of the castle. The adjoining castle hill adds another texture to the terrain and glorifies the entire site. If you are thinking about things to do in Hungary for kids then you should have this place in your bucket list.

Location: Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary
Entry fee: Nil

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3. Danube River – Ride A Cruise

enjoy the scenic beauty of the river

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The river splits the city of Budapest into two regions. The Freedom Bridge is a well-known spot for viewing sunsets on the river. The Danube Bend is the famous excursion site from where you can enjoy the majestic view of the river and the surrounding area.

If you love trekking, then the Visegrád Mountains will grab your attention. The bend of the river follows through the woody mountainous region. The winding of the river is best experienced through the Danube Cycle Path and among the top 10 things to do in Hungary, this is the most important one. There are guided tours available that will help you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river. Cruises and boat operators are flocked along the river bank and can take travelers near Austria

Location: Danube River, Budapest
Timing: Anytime between 10:15 AM – 10:15 PM daily

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4. Lillafüred – Go For Hiking

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Lillafüred is quite famous as a spa destination, and if you are making a list of famous things to do in Hungary, then you should not miss this place. However, if you are seeking adventure, then you can delightfully spend your time exploring the caves in this region. Hikers will find enough food for adventure while following the trail of Szeleta Cave and the Anna Limestone Cave. If you are not interested in hiking but still want to absorb the beauty of the surrounding area, then the train ride through the rugged mountain will gratify your senses. In addition, exploring the food scene of this place is one of the most significant things to do in Hungary at night.

Location: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary

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5. Eger Castle – Gorge On Hungarian Delicacies

try diffrent cuisines

Image Credit: Adonis Villanueva for Pixabay

There is no shortage of historical delights if you decide to visit Hungary. Eger is one such location that is also prominently known as a spa town. The Eger Castle, which had suffered damage due to invasions, still has a few majestic high towers to flaunt. If you have a keen eye for intricate architecture, then you are not going to miss the Italian design of the fortress. After exploring the architectural design of the pillars, you can satiate your taste buds with local cuisines available in the nearby restaurants.

Location: Eger, Vár 1, 3300 Hungary

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6. Pécs Cathedral – Find Inner Peace

explore church

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Prayer and peace are powerfully connected. In Hungary, you have the opportunity to explore an old cathedral which was once a Roman chapel and had faced damage during the Mongolian attacks. History lovers will again find it interesting to follow the backward trail of a religious site in Hungary. Numerous artifacts that are representative of Hungarian history are displayed here. The current grand structure of the cathedral was built in 1891.

The historical flavor is quite pronounced in this site, but the religious tone cannot be undermined. It is a site that will definitely purify your inner spirit with its calm and serene ambiance.

Location: Pécs, Dóm tér 2, 7621 Hungary
Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM

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7. Dohány Street Synagogue – Learn About World War II


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If you are wondering about the things to do in Budapest, Hungary then you should visit Dohány Street Synagogue as it is located in Budapest. This is the biggest synagogue in the world apart from Israel. The ancient structure has faced demolition due to Nazi bombings during the Second World War. It was around 1990 when the structure was renovated.

The silver weeping willow memorial is placed within the garden of the synagogue. The Jewish people of Budapest, who died or went missing during the War, are imprinted on the leaves of the memorial willow. A memorial dedicated to Roual Wallenberg is also present. He was a well-known diplomat who had saved several Hungarian Jews.

Location: Budapest, Dohány u. 2, 1074 Hungary
Ticket Cost: 4 000 HUF
Timing: 10 AM – 6 PM (Sunday-Thursday) | 10 AM – 2 PM (Saturday). Closed on Fridays

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8. Sopron – Explore The Architecture

explored some old structures

Image Credit: Ákos for Pixabay

When you have filled your platter with visual delicacies offered by nature, then it is time to marvel at some man-made structures. Sopron is situated near Austria in the foothills of the mountainous Alps. The baroque styled buildings and allied medieval structures stand in a well-preserved condition in this city. There are 115 monuments and about 240 buildings which are protected. The old buildings represent different periods of history, and your day-long explorative journey within the old structures will surely remind you of the past glory.

Entry fee: 240 HUF (The Forum Of Scarbantia) | 1150 HUF (The Fire Watch Tower)
Timing: 10 AM – 4 PM (The Forum Of Scarbantia) | 10 AM – 6 PM (The Fire Watch Tower)
Location: Győr-Moson-Sopron County, Western Transdanubia

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Don’t miss out on any of these exciting things to do in Hungary when you visit it in 2023. Offering the perfect blend of history, art, adventure, entertainment, and food, these activities will surely make your vacation in Hungary a thrilling roller coaster ride to remember for a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Things to Do in Hungary

What are popular tourist activities in Hungary?

Go for a cave bath, enjoy sightseeing in Budapest, ride a cruise, go hike, enjoy delicious cuisine, etc. for a perfect experience of Hungary.

What are some tips for travelling in Hungary?

The following are the tips for travelling in Hungary:

  • Complete your documentation and visa formalities before booking your tickets.
  • Carry a plug converter for charging your phones and other electronic devices.
  • Avoid your visit during peak tourist season if you wish to capture the best experiences.
  • Book your holiday in advance.

Is it safe to visit Hungary during covid?

Make sure that you have completed both the doses of vaccinations and get yourself tested at least 48 hours before your departure. You need to follow all the travel guidelines mentioned by the authorities.

What are the popular tourist attractions in Hungary?

The top tourist attractions in Hungary that you must explore are Buda Castle, Danube river, Spa towns, Esztergom Basilica, The Caves of Lillafüred, Hortobagy National park, the Open air museum, Eger castle, Pecs Cathedral, and Visegrád Royal Palace.

What is Hungary best known for?

Hungary is best known for its rich culture and ancient architecture that are well-preserved till date. It is also known to have renowned opera houses and several thermal baths that could be experienced during the winters.

What should I avoid in Hungary?

Tourists often indulge in some illegal activities such as gambling, etc, that may get them in trouble. The Hungarian Government has strict rules and regulations like any other well-developed country.

What is there to do in Hungary besides in Budapest?

Some of the most beautiful things to visit besides Budapest are Eger's Baroque Heritage, the Danube Bend and Vác, the Royal Palace of Gödöllo, Nagytétény Castle, the Hungarian Open Air Museum, and Aggtelek National Park.

Can we communicate in English in Hungary?

Yes, in the major cities and towns of Hungary like Budapest, one can easily communicate in English with the locals. Several hotels in the countryside have English-speaking staff for foreign travellers.

What are the wintertime activities in Hungary?

During December, one can go shopping at Christmas markets, try ice skating, and travel by special Christmas light tram in Hungary. Other popular activities include taking a dip in warm Miskolctapolca, visiting lake Balaton, exploring the Budapest zoo and Botanical garden, and visiting Margaret island.

How many days are required to explore Hungary?

If you are planning to visit Hungary, then at least 6-7 days are required to explore the top attractions in the major cities. Budapest itself needs 4 days since it comprises several things to do and impeccable places to explore. During the last 2 days, you may visit Keszthely and Pécs.

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