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Khajuraho is a magnificent town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh located in beautiful Chhatarpur District. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Khajuraho owns the country’s largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain Temples and widely famous for their erotic sculptures. Let’s not forget to appreciate that the Khajuraho Group of Monuments has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 left alone it is considered as one of the ‘seven wonders’ of India. There are many things to do in Khajuraho that will let you witness its true beauty.

13 Best Things To Do In Khajuraho

Khajuraho is an amazing place to be and it offers a lot of places to visit and things to do. The following activities are some of the best things to do in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh and they are as follows:

1. Take A Tour Of Temples Of Khajuraho
2. Sound And Light Show Near Western Group Of Temples
3. Explore The Old Town Of Khajuraho
4. Witness Wildlife And Nature At Panna National Park
5. Enjoy The Dance Festival In Khajuraho
6. Take A Visit To Ajaigarh Fort
7. Enjoy Mouth-Watering Street Food of Khajuraho
8. Experience The Soothing Ayurvedic Spa At Ayur Arogyam
9. Explore History in the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art

10. Relinquish Yourself at Raneh Falls Canyon
11. See the Mesmerising Beauty of the Pandav Waterfall
12. Explore The Ruins Of Mastani Mahal
13. Enjoy The View At Beni Sagar Dam

1. Take A Tour Of Temples Of Khajuraho

Temples of khajuraho

It is certainly known for its rich historical charm and is said to have some of the best yet most ancient temples in the world. Along with a group of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments also enjoy fame for stunning nagara-style architecture and erotic sculptures that grace the temples. As some of these temples do date back to the 9th and 10th centuries and it is no lies to say that they have undoubtedly witnessed the rise and fall of several kingdoms including the very famous Chandela dynasty. Visiting the temples is for sure one of the best things to do in Khajuraho.

Highlights: Offers the stunning nagara-styled architecture and erotic sculptures left alone an opportunity to explore some divine yet magnificent temples of Ghantai, Vamana, Brahma, Matangeshwar, Adinath, Mahadev and thus the list just goes on for a remarkable religious tour.
Price: Mostly there are no fees for an entry fee.
Timings: From 06:00 am to 08:00 pm every day.

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2. Sound And Light Show Near Western Group Of Temples

light show

Out of all the things to do in Khajuraho at night, the sound of the light show held by the Western Group of Temples is a sight to behold and cherish for a long time. Besides illustrating various historical and religious facts and cultures of the said ancient times, during this paid event many of the burning curiosity of visitors can be satiated. To the already magnificent temples, the sound of light snows does nothing but bathes them in a whole new light and that is a sight which is truly a pleasure to eyes and soul.

Highlights: The shows here are well organized in English and Hindi both. Visitors may have a lot of learning experience about temple art, carvings and some fascinating stories never heard before and it shall leave you in awe.
Timings: October to February:
English Timings: From 06:30 pm to 07:25 pm.
Hindi Timings: From 07:40 pm to 08:35 pm.
March to September:
Timings: From 07:30 pm to 08:25 pm.
Hindi Timings: From 08:40 pm to 09:35 pm.
Location: Western Group of Temples, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

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3. Explore The Old Town Of Khajuraho

Old town of Khajuraho

For the keen lovers of our great Indian history, one of the top things to do in Khajuraho is for sure to take a tour of the old town and this again considered to be one of the best offbeat things to do in Khajuraho. Replete with beautiful rustic huts and mud cottages, this fascinating old town is paved with roadways way cleaner than any other Indian city. What can be possibly better than to go through a start reflection of the old ages of India in its entirely? Visitors can certainly catch the rare glimpses of the strange life of the natives and watch the passing by laddies garbed in their traditional attires. It’s often considered as an unsaid tradition followed by the natives to invite the visitors for a cup of tea.

Highlights: Visitors can explore the native lifestyle and cultures of the beautiful old town and watch the beauty of real rural India unfolded for you. Visitors can have an interesting and enlightening chat with the natives most often over a steaming cup of tea.

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4. Witness Wildlife And Nature At Panna National Park

Panna national park lake view

Being well situated in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Panna National Park is said to be the state’s 5th tiger reserve and country’s 22nd. It’s home to several wildlife species including cheetah, jackal, langur, wild boar and Chinkara. It is also a paradise to many species of birds like king vulture, honey buzzard, Indian vulture and hawk-eagle right in its lush green drapes. Carrying a backdrop of the Vindhya Hills, it is for sure to say that the Panna National Park offers fun safari rides in park owned vehicles. This activity is to be certainly added on the list of top things to do in Khajuraho, as it also gives you an option to choose to stay at the jungle cottages and forest rest houses.

Highlights: Spot exotic species of wildlife and birds. Choose to stay in magnificent jungle cottages in the park for a mind-blowing experience. Experience the bliss and beauty of Mother Nature in her entirety.
Location: Panna National Park, NH 75, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.
Safari Price: INR 1000/Vehicle (Indians)

INR 2000/Vehicle (Foreigners)
Safari Timings:
Morning: From 05:30 am to 09:30 am
Evening: From 03:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Morning: From 07:00 am to 10:30 am
Evening: From 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm

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5. Enjoy The Dance Festival In Khajuraho

Dance Festival

Winters are known to be amazingly beautiful and undoubtedly memorable in the town of Khajuraho. One of the famous things to do in Khajuraho is for sure to witness the grandeur of the stunning dance festival organized here. It is generally held in the last weeks of February and it carries a mesmerising backdrop of beautifully lit Khajuraho Temples. During the festival, visitors can have the pleasure to witness the famous Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Kathakali, Odisha, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam and to add some more to the details, some modern dance forms have also been seen. This is something which shouldn’t be missed if you are planning a trip to Khajuraho.

Highlights: Experience the super amazing magical union of almost every Indian classical dance form like never before. Many famous artists are known to attend and participate in the very dance festival. As an addon, the beautiful nearby Chitragupta Temple certainly amplifies the joy.
Location: It takes place in a huge open auditorium near Chitragupta and Vishwanatha Temples of the Western Group of Temples.

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6. Take A Visit To Ajaigarh Fort

Fort in Khajuraho

Ajaigarh fort is situated at a distance of 80 km from Khajuraho and its well-rested at a height of 688 meters on a beautiful hill. It was known to be a fortress of the Chandela Kings and is considered to be one of the most important monuments in their recognisable and impeccable history. The magnificent Vindhya Ranges border the fort offering beautiful views of the sprawling landscape. Stronghold of the Chandela Kings, the forts are said to have played a significant role in their reign.

Location: Ajaigarh Fort, Chhatarpur District, Khajuraho, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh
Price: No entry fee as such.
Timings: From 06:00 am to 06:00 pm every day.

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7. Enjoy Mouth-Watering Street Food of Khajuraho


Food is an integral part of every place, community or region and if we need to talk good things in and around Khajuraho, let’s not forget to mention the all mouth-watering street food of Khajuraho. It does have its fair share of the tantalizing street food that you just can’t keep your hands off. The very beautiful Khajuraho is well strewn with tempting little food stalls on nearly every street and is placed at a decent distance from the temple groups being silent zones. Indian chats, tikkas, samosas, dal Bafia and bhajiyas are some widely available delights for you to devour among the other delicious items.

Highlights: Discover the varieties of local street food and relish them. Treat yourselves with delicacies like samosas, pakoras, jalebis and other tasty food items awaiting you.

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8. Experience The Soothing Ayurvedic Spa At Ayur Arogyam

Relax your mind and body with Ayurvedic spa

A required dose of rejuvenation is a must while travelling in purist of gaining a delightful experience. It is founded and managed by a qualified Keralan couple and this so-called beautiful Ayurvedic spa is an ideal choice for those seeking to experience a true bliss of refreshment after a tiresome day. It is of utmost relaxation as the wonderful short head and neck & back massages left alone an hour-long full body massage with special oils will for sure release all your stress and tension, release those tight and sore muscles followed by the senses to enjoy an indescribable soothing ambience.

Highlights: Highly qualified trainers offer you the best massages you can expect. Release the stress and tension from your body and mind after a long day’s excursion. Experience getting basked in massage therapy with special oils.
Location: Ayur Arogyam, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
Timings: The spa is open for 24 hours every day.

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9. Explore History in the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art

Image Source

The State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art is one of a kind museum that is situated in the Chandela Cultural Complex in Khajuraho. It houses some of the most notable ancient relics and artifacts. The museum also exhibits magnificent tribal works of artisans. It attracts visitors from all walks of life such as travelers,patrons of history, folklore, and culture.

Highlights: The museum showcases the artifacts of various tribal artisans. You can witness several cultures, traditions, and artifacts and relics of religions.
Location: State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art, Link Road No 1, Chandela Cultural complex, Khajuraho.
Timings: 12 pm to 8 pm

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10. Relinquish Yourself at Raneh Falls Canyon

Image Source

Raneh Falls canyon is a 30 feet deep canyon that is a beautiful cluster of colors and made of crystalline granite. The canyon is the perfect place for people who love nature and enjoy birdwatching. There are also a lot of small and large waterfalls that make this place more beautiful. The lush greenery gives this place fresh air and makes this place a treat for the eyes. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Khajuraho.

Highlights: Experience peace and tranquility when you visit this place. The crystalline granites of the canyon will leave you mesmerised. The place is best for nature lovers and trekkers.
Location: Raneh Falls, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh
Price: INR 15 – Indians; INR 150 – Foreigners

11. See the Mesmerising Beauty of the Pandav Waterfall

Image Source

Hidden behind the drapes of Panna National Park, Pandav waterfalls drops from a height of 30 meters. Beneath the waterfall is a pond that is formed by a steep gorge that stores all the water from the waterfall. It is believed that this waterfall got its name after the Pandavas as they passed through the waterfall. If you are thinking about what to do in Khajuraho, visiting this waterfall is the best thing to do.

Highlight: The pool beneath the waterfall is a treat to watch. The gorge that collects water forms a pool that is mesmerizing to watch.
Location: Pandav Falls, NH 75, Nahri, Madhya Pradesh
Price: INR 50

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12. Explore The Ruins Of Mastani Mahal

Image Source

Mastani Mahal is located in the Dhubela region in Madhya Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 60 Kms from Khajuraho. Mastani mahal was built in 1969, for a dancer whose name was Mastani, by Maharaja Chhatrasal. Taking a trip to this mahal is one of the things to do in Khajuraho. There are many folklores and legends that roam around this mahal that might interest you. Later, the great Peshwa Bajirao married Mastani after gaining victory on Bangash.

Highlights: Know about the tales and history of Bajirao and Mastani. Indulge in the history of this mahal and bask in the architectural marvel.
Location: Dhubela, Madhya Pradesh

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13. Enjoy The View At Beni Sagar Dam

Image Source

Beni Sagar dam is deemed as one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Khajuraho. It offers an amazing view of the river that flows from the dam. The dam spawns across 8 kms and is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. The dam will captivate your senses and will give you some peace. Witness sunset and sunrise here and you will feel yourself closer to nature.

Highlights: It hosts various water adventure sports for the visitors
Location: Beni Sagar Dam, Pahadi Hirajoo, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh
Price: Entry free

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There are many tourist destinations in and around the country which has a lot to offer to visitors. Khajuraho is for sure to be added in the list of most visited tourist places across the country as its beautiful, serene and scenic surroundings with a touch of divinity and a diversified activities to choose from certainly makes this place a sure visit if you are seeking an adventurous, refreshing or rejuvenated, spiritual and a memorable vacation. So, plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh and enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Khajuraho

Is Khajuraho worth visiting?

Yes, Khajuraho is worth a visit. It is known to be one of the finest travel destinations in India as it offers a lot of beauty in diversity.

Where is Khajuraho located?

Khajuraho is a magnificent town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh located in beautiful Chhatarpur District.

What is the best time to visit Khajuraho?

Khajuraho can be visited anytime between July to March.

What is Khajuraho known for?

It is widely known to be one of the finest and most popular tourist destinations. It has several Medieval Hindu and Jain Temples and is known for their erotic sculptures. Besides being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also considered as one of the seven wonders of India.

What are the best places to visit?

The Sound and Light Show near Western Group of Temples is worth a visit. The old town is for sure to win the heart of the visitors and the Panna National Park is certainly known to have its delight. Ajaigarh Fort is another tourist attraction which defines beauty in its way.

Is Khajuraho expensive?

Well, there are many places in Khajuraho which are considered as some best-known tourist attractions out of which few falls in the budget, some are even free and few others may be expensive comparatively. In simple words, the visitors can plan their trip accordingly taking into consideration their time and budget wisely.

Can Khajuraho be visited with children?

It is a definite yes as Khajuraho has some amazing places which can be undoubtedly visited by the visitors with family.

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