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    Hey there, all of you global hippies, have you all packed for your next trip. The destination is Mexico and we bring you absolutely awesome activities that you can indulge in to make your time in Mexico totally memorable! Well, to start, it’s a huge country and expectedly the country offers you with umpteenth choices to choose from if you want to kill some time. Here’s our tiny list of things to do in Mexico that you can try your hands on. Are you ready?

    The Most Amazing Mexico Activities

    Don’t give yourself a hard time figuring out a good itinerary. We have done your share of homework! Our pick of top activities will give you a peek into all the wonderful possibilities that you can indulge into while in Mexico.

    1. Floating Gardens of Xochimilco: Take a cruise

    Floating market

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    Xochimilco has gained its status of a world heritage site back in 1987 when the declaration came. Interestingly it’s also Xochimilco which stands as the last remnant of unique and vast man-made canal system. This very canal system gives you a glimpse of the ingenuity of the historical Aztec Empire. Xochimilco is also considered a must-see attraction and is famous for the floating gardens in here that is called “chinampas”. Tourists can choose and board anyone from the many colorful boats here and they also get to sample the best of Mexican cuisine in their spare time, when they are not floating.

    Nearby hotels: City Express Plus Periferico Sur Tlalpan

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    2. Museo Frida Kahlo: Learn about Mexico’s past

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    If you are into the art of Frida Kahlo and like her captivating self-portraits pay a visit to the Museo Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo has been considered one of the most famous Mexican artists in the history of Mexican art. Museo Frida Kahlo is better known as “La Casa Azul”. It has another nickname, Blue House. The museum is located in the Coyoacan suburb. It’s in the building which was once the residence of Kahlo.

    Nearby hotels: Holiday Inn Mexico City

    3. El Angel de la Independencia: See Mexico’s iconic symbol

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    Don’t forget to plan a visit to see one of the most iconic symbols of Mexico City, El Angel de la Independencia. The icon is also known as “El Angle.” The symbol represents the Mexican Struggle for Independence from Colonial Spain. The symbol was conceived by President Diaz way back in 1902 and architect Antonio Rivas Mercado directed the work and he was also the architect of the Juarez Theatre in the City of Guanajuato.

    Nearby hotels: Real Inn Perinorte

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    4. Palacio Nacional: See the stunning architecture

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    Next in line is the National Palace of Mexico, El Palacio Nacional. The structure also houses the Mexican Government’s branch of the federal executives. This absolutely ravishing building, stunningly ornate, showcases murals by Diego Rivera, the husband of Frida Kahlo. These murals are the depiction of the chapter of Mexican history and were all painted between 1929 and 1951.

    Nearby hotels: Hotel Del Rey and Best Western Majestic.
    Tip: You need to carry your passport and ID.

    5. Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico: See the oldest university

    exciting place

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    You should not skip the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, as in The National Autonomous University of Mexico, which boasts to be the largest university in entire Latin America. It also ranked as the best university in all of the Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Founded way back in 1551, the university is one of the oldest in North America. The campus is capable to expand more and has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

    Nearby hotels: Radisson Paraiso Hotel Mexico City and Royal Pedregal Hotel.

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    6. Catedral Metropolitana: Seek blessings!

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    Your next destination is the Catedral Metropolitana, it is the national cathedral of Mexico which features one of the most iconic structures of the Mexico City. The cathedral was founded way back in 1573, it was again renovated in 1813. There is no entrance fee but the visitors are prohibited to wander around while the mass is in the session.

    Nearby hotels: Hotel Boutique Catedral and Best Western Majestic.

    7. Museo Casa Luis Barragan: Witness his famous work

    table and food

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    The renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragan was known and celebrated for his signature modernist style. The museum is built on the house which was once the residence of the famous architect. Museo Casa Luis Barragan is his former house and as expected the house is one of the rare examples of his excellence. This house exemplifies the architect’s work in the post-war period after WWII. The house was built in 1948. The architecture is considered one of the masterpieces that characterize all the attributes of the modernist movement. The site was then recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, back in 2004.

    Price: 400 pesos ($23) per person
    Nearby hotels: The Green Park Hotel and JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City

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    So if you are in Mexico and are in for some action, don’t forget to try out the above-mentioned things to do in Mexico with your pals. Take a trip to this fabulous country!

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