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A vacation in Hawaii, Koh Phi Phi or the Andamans sounds fun indeed. But to make the escape flawless you’d need some sort of preparation from your end. This blog is here to help you with that, as these 10 tips for island getaways will be your guiding light!

This one is a quick read, surely, but as you reach the end you will be well prepared for that picture perfect tropical vacation you have been thinking of all this while. So without any further ado, let us begin.

1. Research about the climate


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When planning island vacations, the first thing you must know about is the weather condition of the place you are visiting. Most island regions don’t witness ideal weather during monsoons or sometimes summer can be too hot to handle. So, make sure you are picking the best time!

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2. Pack the right fabrics

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Of course, you will be hitting the beaches and you need to have the right clothes for that. Pack light casuals, but don’t forget some party and formal attires either, specially if you are visiting a destination known for a buzzing nightlife.

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3. Don’t forget the beach bag


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As mentioned, beach is an integral part of an island getaway. So, a beach bag will be your savior, allowing you to dump all the stuff while also giving you easy access to each of the item.

Bonus tip: Sunscreen is an essential item to carry to the beach without a fail!

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4. Stay updated with the ferry services and timings


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Since you will be indulging in island hopping, it is important to stay updated regarding the schedule, timing and points of departure of ferries. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in an uninhabited island after all.

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5. Choose the islands wisely

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When you head towards an archipelago, you must pick the island where you will stay wisely. Some islands may have expensive accommodation, while some can be ideal for families and some could be perfect for youngsters looking for party.

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6. Know about the meal availability

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This is among the most important tips for island getaways, especially if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You must look for best restaurants that serve your kind of meal, so you don’t end up starving.

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7. Enquire about the requirement of permits for certain regions

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Some islands require special permit owing to their fragile ecological system. Though this might not always be the case, but it’s smart to know well in advance.

8. Always carry enough cash

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You may not be able to find ATM machines everywhere, and even the restaurants and vendor may not deal with cards. So, you must carry enough cash so you can survive easily without digital money.

9. Don’t miss the wilderness


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Islands are not just about the beaches, you must take time to connect with nature as you take hiking tours amid the tropical forests. But just don’t go out exploring on your own, have a guide take you on a tour.

10. Have a plan for saving your valuables from theft at the beach

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Travel smart and leave you valuables in your room when heading to the beach. Of course, you will need your phone and camera so just have a plan who is going to stay around the valuables and how you are going to save them from being stolen. Some beaches may have separate counters for the same.

With these tips for island getaways you are now all set to plan an island vacation that is hassle free. If you wish professional help, browse through our wide range of tour packages, for different destinations across the world!

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