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Cameron Highlands is a lush green heaven located in Malaysia’s Pahang District. Famed for its tea plantations, this hill station is brimming with nature’s brilliance. The panorama is something straight out of fantasy. It is a major tourist attraction of Malaysia, located in close proximity to Kuala Lumpur. As you take a trip to Cameron Highlands, you will stumble upon waterfalls, plantations, farms, gardens, forests lands and water bodies.

This blog was written with an intention to help you plan a flawless trip to this heaven, as it gives you efficient tourist information such as weather, attractions, hotels and ideal duration of visit.

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Cameron Highlands Attractions

Cameron Highlands had gain popularity during the colonial era as the British found beautiful this hilly place as their summer resort. Today, the Cameron Highlands attractions are visited by a  lot of tourists! 

1. Tea Plantation: Go On A Tour!

tea plantation in Cameron Highlands

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Cameron Highlands is known across the world for its rich tea plantations. Even if you are not a tea-enthusiast, this place will leave you bewitched. Get ready to enjoy the views of rolling green hills while you are driving to Cameron Highlands. You can also take the tour that lets you taste the most delicious flavours and also learn about the process. A trip to Cameron Highlands stays incomplete without tea plantation tours.

Best tea plantations: BOH Tea Plantations, Bharat Tea Plantation and Boh Sungai Palas Tea Centre

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2. Strawberry Farms: Pick The Juicy Ones!

strawberry picking in Cameron Highlands

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The verdant greenery of Cameron Highlands is beautified with hues of reds in the strawberry farms. This place is bestowed with land that’s also fertile for growing strawberries. In fact, this is the only place in the country where these fruits are grown. The most fun part of visiting these farms is that you get to pick your own fruits as per your liking – this also is among the most fun things to do in Cameron Highland. To make the experience unforgettable, you will find plenty of souvenir shops selling strawberry-themed items.

Best strawberry farms: Raaju Hill Strawberry, Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, Big Red Strawberry and Healthy Strawberry Farm

3. Mossy Forest: Go On A Hike!

Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands

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Mossy Forest is one of the prime attractions in Cameron Highlands, and is a perfect pick for anyone seeking an unperturbed connection with nature. It is located at the top of Gunung Brinchang, which is among the highest peaks of the region. The forest is named Mossy Forest owing to the layers of moss spread across the land. Of course, from this point you can enjoy a soulful panorama of the hillscape. This is where you will come across a vast variety of flora and fauna. Mossy Forest hiking  is one of the most enticing things to do in Cameron Highlands.

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4. Honey Farm: Visit The Busy Spot!

Bee farm in Cameron Highland

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So, by now, you must be knowing Cameron Highlands is brimming with plantations and farms. Honey farms has to be another addition to your Cameron Highland itinerary if you wish to witness the natural production of honey by the bees. These farms give you a peek into not just that, but also bees’ life cycle, as well as different uses of honey. You may go for honey tasting and buy honey-based goodies.

Best honey farms: Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm, Highlands Apiary Farm and Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm

5. Lavender Garden: Click Some Candid Pics!

lavender garden in cameron highlands

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Adding more color to the landscape of Cameron Highlands is the Lavender Garden. If you are visiting Cameron Highlands in January then you ought to visit this garden. Home to different types of lavender such as mauves, lilacs and blue, this place is a heaven that needs to be considered during a trip to Cameron Highlands. Not only will you be able to behold the beauty of these flowers here, but you will also get to know about the medicinal and therapeutic attributes of lavenders. Also, shoppers will love lavender-based good and souvenirs sold here.

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6. Butterfly Park: Spot The Vibrant Creatures!

Butterfly Farm

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The last thing needed to make Cameron paradisiacal was of course butterflies. The Butterfly park will be a highlight of your Cameron Highlands tour, regardless of your age. These colorful creatures flutter their wings and sprinkle magic in the aura. Here, along with butterflies, you will be able to watch different species of reptiles and spiders as well.

Ideal Duration Of Day Trip From Kuala Lumpur

cameron highlands sunset

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The ideal duration of stay in Cameron Highlands depend on the type of traveler you are. If you are a slow traveler, then your trip has to be of 3 days and 2 nights. But, if you are someone who just wish to set foot and visit major attractions, then a 1 day trip to Cameron Highlands should be enough for you.

You can also visit Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur as a day trip. Just make sure you leave early in the morning and that you have booked your bus tickets at least one day in advance. The distance between the two places is of 206 km, which can be covered in about 3 hours by road.

Best Time To Visit Cameron Highlands

Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands

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As the name suggests, Cameron is a hilly paradise that welcomes travelers with open arms all around the year. With that being said, Cameron Highlands weather all year round is pleasant and anytime is the best time to visit Cameron Highlands. If you wish to witness the greenery in full bloom, you must visit during monsoon season (November and February). November is considered as the best month to visit Cameron Highlands. The best From February to April the weather gets a little dry compared to monsoon season, while still acting as a savior from the heat of neighboring cities such as Kuala Lumpur itself.

Top Places To Stay In Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Resort

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When it comes to places to stay, you will have Cameron Highlands hotels and homestays as your primary options. The good thing is most of the accommodations here are on a budget. Here are some stay recommendations for your trip to Cameron Highlands, for different pockets:

  • Budget: Hotel Chua Gin, Madani Hotel and Tudor Home Inn
  • Mid-Budget: Rosa Pasadena Hotel, Hotel Titiwangsa and Iris House Hotel
  • Luxury: Cameron Highlands Resort, The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands and The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

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From the tea plantation tour to picking juicy strawberries, this district has a plethora of things to offer to people confused about what to do in Cameron Highlands. Amazing places and enticing things to do will make your trip to Cameron Highlands a memorable one. So, get packed and leave right away for a terrific Cameron Highlands vacation!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trip To Cameron Highlands

How high is the Cameron Highlands?

Cameron Highlands, the highest point in Malaysia accessible by road with Gunung Brinchang 2031m above the sea is situated at an elevation of 1135m to 1829m above sea level.

Who discovered Cameron Highlands?

Cameron Highlands was found in 1885 by William Cameron, a British colonial government surveyor.

What are the things to do in Genting Highlands?

The things to do in Genting Highlands include: – Visiting Chin Swee Caves Temple – Exploring Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms – Enjoying at Snow World – Exploring Alive Museum Genting Highland – Trying your luck at Casino De Genting

What is famous in Cameron Highlands?

Cameron Highlands is famous for its beauty, serenity, tea plantations and strawberry farms.

What should I wear in Cameron Highlands?

You should wear comfortable cotton clothes in the day and for the cold and chilly night, you must carry track pants and a warm jacket.

Which are the most popular restaurants in Cameron Highlands?

Thompson Tea Room, Singh Chapati and Misokimchi Tanah Rata are some of the most famous restaurants in Cameron Highlands.

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