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Every town around the globe has its own charm and uniqueness to offer, and if you wish to explore and get the best it provides, you should be aware of everything in advance to anticipate everything before you reach there. Varna, like each other town, has some unique features, beautiful attractions and if you are familiar with them before reaching there, your vacation would be a great adventure. So here we have the most sorted Varna travel guide for you to plan and execute your trip better. Have a look!

Best Time To Visit Varna

Best Time To Visit Varna

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The perfect time to have a trip to Varna is at the beginning of autumn when the climate is warm, and the prices of the room are very cost-effective. During this time, the prices on an average are $75 each night. That means you can save 35% on each day stay as compared to what you have to pay while visiting during August. The climate is in the mid-70s, only a little cooler than that of around 85°F that you could find while touring during the peak period. Though the summer season is the most active time for tourism in Varna, the prices of the hotel and rental are way too high.

Places To Visit In Varna

There are a number of places that you can visit when in Varna. From monasteries and mosques to the cathedral, the landmarks have become a part of the Bulgarian heritage.

1. Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery

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Just beyond northeastern suburbs of Varna is an astonishing complex of Orthodox cave retreat. It is a section of a preserved natural region just around the coast.

These caves were created by humans and have been intentionally carved in the front of a 25-meter-high karst mountain. In the monastery inside, you can watch boasting mosaics that have pretty fine and ancient frescoes that have partially been lost. From that point, you can trek the short path by the woods to get to the 2 catacombs.

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2. Stone Forest

Stone Forest

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Using our Varna Bulgaria travel guide, you will easily find the Store Forest. It is slightly ahead of the battleground and is a rare thing to find in the Bulgarian desert. It is a range of stone columns, around seven meters high, encompassing space of around 13 square kilometers.

These pillars are hollow and are created by a method recognized as methane oxidation. The pillars are definitely worth a few snaps. However, you can also go ahead to view only sand dunes on the European mainland aside from Spain's Tabernas a few miles from here.

3. Varna Roman Baths

Varna Roman Baths

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Just to Varna's southeast is a bath complex that was once referred to as the Odessus - Roman city. Varna Roman baths date back to the year 100 BC. They are one of the largest Thermae of Rome to endure in Europe and only 2nd of all that is existing outside Rome.

One segment of the building is twenty-five meters high and you can unquestionably make out all of the foundational conveniences. You can also notice the residues of the hypocaust, which boiled the baths through an underground pipe's network. Aerial pathways provide you a bird’s eye appearance, and these baths are memorable during the nighttime when they are all kindled up.

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4. Retro Museum

Retro Museum View

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For a thrill from the not too far-off past, Retro Museum of Varna scatters light on the town during the times of socialism. The foundation is established in the Grand Mall and has crafted good-looking after keeping in mind every aspect of everyday living from the twentieth century that you can bother to consider of.

There are Bulgarian kitchen utensils, cigarettes, cosmetics, and vacuum cleaners. These are subsequent to wax patterns of the most outstanding public figures, such as the singer Todor Zhivkov, and of course Emil Dimitrov, the head of the kingdom during this time. By following a perfect Varna Bulgaria travel guide you will be able to get to know about the marquee fascination that here is the compilation of fifty cars, with Trabants, boxy Skodas, and Volgas, additionally, a Chaika limo that conveyed members of Politburo.

5. The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden

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A huge park that continues along the seashore and intersects into the town for quite a way too, the Garden is a federal memorial of decorated construction. This is where the citizens of Varna arrive to have fun and relax at the points of attractions such as the zoo, and Dolphinarium for families and casino is there for grown-ups.

The Sea Garden has lots of things to watch and do, but on a ferocious day, nothing strikes a peaceful, therapeutic walk beside the wide saunters, next to flowerbeds and in the shadow of the deciduous trees and palms. As you step to see if you can spot Yuri Gagarin's statue in the Alley of the Cosmonauts: inaugurated by Gagarin this section of the place facing to the large crowds in the year 1961.

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Things To Do In Varna

In contrast to the number of places you can visit in Varna, there is little to do in the city. After a sightseeing tour, you can switch to these activities:

1. Visit the Singing Fountains

Fountains View

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It is the place where one can whisper its desired song while viewing the concert of the colorful dancing sparkles in the water. The fountains have positioned a throw of stone apart from the Opera House and the Theater and are busy during the daytime also. It would be better to see it at night, as the colors of the fountains dance to the tunes of songs, creating a beautiful, synchronous harmony. You will surely enjoy it.

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2. Hit the beach

beach View

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Varna has an immediate entrance to the beach. With a bland shift from the frenetic town through the tranquil Sea Garden to the porous shoreline with an assortment of beach pubs, beaches here are spectacular. You can use a day lounger in the sunshine holding a cocktail or reach here after gloom for more cocktails and hookah. During the summertime, fellow DJs make the nightlife here full of fun, and the party hinders till daybreak. There are also some feral natural beaches, such as Fichoza, which is entirely free from the crowd and a secret beach to explore.

3. Go to a water park

water park

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The nearby resort city of Zlatni Pyasaci (Golden Sands) emphasizes a busy golden yellow sand coast and a party environment. It is a place with which most of the tourists remain unknown; this destination can only be accessed by following a pre-planned Varna travel guide. If you are ready for some water-induced enthusiasm, Aquapolis will greet you with numerous slides of water incorporating the crazy Kamikaze slide and two covered tunnels.

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4. Try Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine

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The cuisine of Bulgaria is a blend of Mediterranean, Balkan, and Asian authorities, and that’s what delivers the flavors striking at times. Healthful meats move with fresh salads in profusion, and of course, every single thing is drenched in a plentiful amount of rakia. Select a beach food venue or in the pedestrian territory of the town where the variety is limitless.

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Varna is the 3rd largest town in Bulgaria and is the central spot that pulls a large number of tourists, notably in the summer season when its fantastic beach destinations are packed with visitors. We have listed the complete Varna tourist guide that will make you aware of all the necessary tips on traveling to Varna. These tips will definitely make your journey to Bulgaria a memorable one that you would never want to forget.

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