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    The country of Canada is known for its wild landscapes, metropolitan, multicultural cities like Toronto and beautiful places like Banff. Perfect for winter sports, Canada makes for a great retreat in the wild with your close friends and family. There are a number of villas in Canada which are perfect for a weekend getaway with your partner. Surrounded by greenery and water, these houses usually are done in wood with modern styles in interiors and kitchen accessories – making them the perfect place for a long peaceful vacation away from home. You can even plan a wedding in these beautiful villas and houses, dotting the Canadian countryside.

    10 Best Villas In Canada

    Read on to know more about the 10 most fabulous villas that you can stay at during your upcoming holiday in Canada. Scroll down and take your pick:

    1. Tillicum Bay Retreat Villa

    Tillicum Bay Retreat Villa

    Image Source

    One of the best modern villas in Canada, Tillicum Bay is appropriate for a party up to eight people. You can book it for a romantic getaway with your partner, or for a nice, intimate, cozy gathering of your friends. Equipped with three bedrooms and two baths, it is perfect for families looking for some bonding time as well. The views from the villa (there is a wooden deck here), along with the luxurious, modern interiors will leave you craving for more. Definitely a steal!

    Location: Sechelt Inlet, British Columbia, Canada
    Starting price: INR 14,000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    2. Whistler Saddle House

    Whistler Saddle House

    Image Source

    This beautiful country house seems straight out of a storybook. One of the best luxury villas in Canada, this place has four elegantly done bedrooms, two of which come with their own patios. You also get a master bedroom in the attic with a walk-in closet. The bathrooms are huge, with soaking tubs and high ceilings. The kitchen here, although country style, has modern equipment and bar stools. The villa with its French doors is quite close to the mountains. There is a golf course nearby, the porch is perfect for BBQ parties and some sunshine time. The village and the house are perfect for some quiet time with your near and dear ones.

    Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    Starting price: INR 62000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    3. Cape Breton Villa

    Cape Breton Villa

    Image Source

    One of the best villas in Canada, this place is located perfectly next to Cabot Cliffs Golf Course. You can go hiking, explore the Great Trail and another wilderness midst of which this beautiful villa sits. The place comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You can take your pets here, which means it is perfect for family outings in the wild. There are solar panels to power the whole property, along with a paraben free environment, making it perfect for a cleanse from the usual city environment.

    Location: Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Starting price: INR 31000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    4. Villa Bella

    Villa Bella

    Image Source

    Made of cedar wood, this cozy villa is surrounded with trees. The beach is only a few hundred meters away and the host is warm and welcoming. Perfect for a couple looking for some quality time, the villa has one suite with a queen sized bed, TV and leather sofa. You can spend your weekend in bed, relaxing from the mundane of regular life or simply head to the sea for a much-needed sun time. The parking space here is ample, the breakfast served in the morning is amazing, and the place is perfect for a weekend away from the jostling of the city. Holiday villas in Toronto Canada rarely go better than this at this price!

    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Starting price: INR 11000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    5. Villa Riviere

    Villa Riviere

    Image Source

    One of the best Canada villas for holidays, this beautiful house is perfect for those travelers who always prefer being near the waters. Located on the tributaries of Montreal, this place is perfect for fishing and hiking. Wooden interiors, with fireplace and huge sofas, give the house a personal feel that you will not find most places. There are four bedrooms here, making this villa perfect for a weekend away with family and friends. The couples suite here is intimate and beautiful, so do not hesitate in booking this place for a romantic getaway with your partner.

    Location: Repentigny, Quebec, Montreal, Canada
    Starting price: INR 27000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    6. Morin Heights Villa

    Morin Heights Villa

    Image Source

    Perfect for weddings, this beautiful villa comes with sixteen bedrooms, where you can accommodate around fifty people easily. There are ten bathrooms, which need to be shared among the guests, but it makes for a nice, intimate setting for your wedding. The kitchen is huge here, where food can be managed for over a hundred people. Same goes for the dining hall, which comes with a bar. There are fireplaces and waterfronts in the villa, which make it even better for a wedding party!

    Location: Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada
    Starting price: INR 65000
    TripAdvisor rating: 4.5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    7. Tulip House

    Tulip House

    Image Source

    This beautiful, yellow villa in Vancouver Canada is the best place to take your family too. Like a dollhouse, the place is surrounded by lush greenery. The beauty of Vancouver, its coasts and hills are amplified in this cozy space. The place comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a modern, beautiful kitchen, warm, intimate fireplace and a stunning patio. The antique and quirky interiors, as well as decor, give the place a nice vibe. Believe us, this is the best place to stay at in Vancouver at this price.

    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Starting price: INR 12500
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    8. Black Rock Ridge

    Black Rock Ridge

    Image Source

    Located on Vancouver Island, this modern villa is all that you can ask for in a holiday home and much more. The place is located on a riff, making it perfect for scenic views and photography. It comes with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, along with a stylish, highly functional and maintained seating area cum hall. With the views of the sea and the hills in the background, this villa is perfect for a surfing vacation with your family and friends. The porch and patio addition make it the perfect place to have a beachside wedding in a small, intimate ceremony!

    Location: Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Ca2nada
    Starting price: INR 20000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    9. Villa Chalet Charlevoix

    Villa Chalet Charlevoix

    Image Source

    One of the best luxury villas in Canada, this place comes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is done in earthy tones, keeping in touch with the wilderness of Quebec around. The high ceilings, fireplaces, warm interiors add to the beauty of the place and make it perfect for a long vacation with your partner and friends. The sauna here will ensure you can relax and rejuvenate in the best way possible. Add to that private balconies and decks where you can take a breath and relax with your own self – you have the best vacation even on your hands.

    Location: Charlevoix, Quebec, Montreal, Canada
    Starting price: INR 46000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

    10. Inglis House

    Inglis House

    Image Source

    One of the best holiday villas in Toronto Canada, this property is perfect for those who are visiting the city as tourists. Located at close quarters to the University of Toronto as well as the Royal Ontario Museum, the property comes with one bedroom and bathroom, making it perfect for people traveling alone. It is minutes away from the Downtown as well, making the location great for all your needs. The suite-like room is beautifully done. The whole vibe of this heritage house will simply add to your holiday!

    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Starting price: INR 12000
    TripAdvisor rating: 5
    TripAdvisor Reviews

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    Famous for its capital Toronto as well as the most beautiful national parks in the world, Canada has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty. The country also has an interesting history, and comes with a beautiful tradition of culture, especially in the case of Montreal. These Villas in Canada thus come in different styles – modern, classic and a mix. Most heritage houses have luxurious, modern interiors making them perfect for a holiday. So don’t wait, plan your trip today with us and get the best discounts available!

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