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Nestled on one of the highest peaks in the world, that is, Mt Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling is a picturesque place in West Bengal. The very name of this city suggests a beautiful place where cool breezes flow and simple people live. Not only is it famous for its ‘Toy Train’ but also offers black tea leaves that glorify its beauty! Staying in Darjeeling for a vacation is a good option if you want to soothe your mind and soul. Villas in Darjeeling are, therefore, carefully built to give that experience to you so that you never miss home!

5 Best Villas In Darjeeling

Here is a list of some of the top villas in Darjeeling that will make you forget home and stay with utmost comfort and luxury. Take a look!

1. Windamere Hotel

Windamere Hotel

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One best thing that you will find about villas of Darjeeling is that they all have a place in the past which is related to the colonial era. Windamere hotel is one of them. When India was under the control of England and Scotland, this villa was a favorite place of English bachelors and scottish tea planters. It comes in the list of the heritage hotels and you would be amazed to know that the suites of this villa are named after the people who stayed here during that time. A fireplace, huge sitting rooms, wooden interior make it special and luxurious. And putting icing on the cake is the spa with the royal touch! Now you can imagine the amount of enjoyment and luxury you will have while staying here. So, do consider this villa for staying while in Darjeeling!

Price: INR 10,000 onwards

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2. Mayfair Hotels And Resorts

Mayfair Hotels And Resorts

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A place for retreat for the Maharajas, this villa is yet another treat for the travelers. While the first one was dearer to the Englishmen, this one was the favorite place of our own kings and princes! Nestled amongst the snow capped mountains, the villa offers world class facilities. If you are one of those who look for elegant and tranquil places to stay, then this is the perfect place for you! Choose any room among all the 44 rooms that it offers and enjoy the lavishness as well as picturesque views that they offer. The rooms are furnished with sophistication and grace. Apart from all this, there is an in-house library, pool, gym and spa to give that extraordinary feel to your stay.

Price: INR 12,000 onwards

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3. Cedar Inn

Cedar Inn

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This is a boutique hotel situated amidst lush green trees. The interior of the villa is decorated with woodwork that is handcrafted which gives it an authentic and traditional elegance. Just imagine waking up to the beautiful views of Himalayas from your room and listening to the beautiful waves! This is how this villa treats you and this is not enough. There is a garden where you can spend a peaceful evening. And if you want to have some fun then there is a terrace cafe where you can listen to local artists and enjoy your food. If you’re visiting Darjeeling with your partner, then, this is one of the top villas in Darjeeling for you.

Price: INR 10,000 onwards

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4. The Elgin

The Elgin

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One of the best heritage villas that offers ultimate luxury and a lavish stay, this villa is located 6000 ft up the Himalayas. The villa is built in colonial style and the interior is specially constructed with oak trees from Burma giving it an elegant look. There’s a fireplace, candle lit tables and several paintings that will make you special while staying here. And one of the best things about this villa is that you are welcomed here with a scarf and cherry liquor which shows how much they respect their guests! The villa offers such 25 rooms so you have a great option while staying here.

Price: INR 13,000 onwards

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5. Ging Tea House

Ging Tea House

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This is a 300 hectares huge tea plantation so you can imagine the amount of grandeur you will feel while staying here. Each villa is surrounded by gardens and has wooden floorings with high ceilings. So you will have a proper hill home feeling in these villas. You can enjoy your bed tea coming from the leaves of nearby plantations making it a pure experience of bliss and tranquility. If you are visiting Darjeeling with your family, then this is one of the best villas in Darjeeling for you all.

Price: INR 18,000 onwards

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Now you know there is something about all these villas in Darjeeling that will attract you towards them! So as to make your stay, one of the most amazing memories of your life, make sure you choose any of them during your trip to Darjeeling. And don’t wait to get the experience, plan your Darjeeling holiday today and live like kings and queens at these places!

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