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Malappuram is a city in Kerala that is known for its wildflowers and an immense amount of greenery. The city has also been branded as the cleanest city of Kerala. However, what is not really known is that it is a hub for various man-made parks. Malappuram has so many people indulging in an evening visit to these parks and getting rid of everyday stress. Waterparks in Malappuram provide massive playing area for parents and children alike. Kerala, in general, encourages its citizens to excel and take part in academics and games. So, a visit to the top waterparks in Malappuram is something that tourists and locals, both, should definitely add to their bucket lists. So, let us take a look at the fine city of Malappuram that is a hub for the thrill seeker and nature lover in you.

Weather In Malappuram

Weather In Malappuram

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Malappuram is a city that is situated on the terraced plains of Kerala. Even though Kerala does not have months exclusively for the winters, Malappuram is relatively cooler than the other cities. The average temperature all throughout the year is 27 degrees Celsius. December to February sees a stable climatic condition that hardly goes over 30 degrees Celsius. June and July visitors experience the enjoyable monsoon season of Malappuram that is considered a blessing for the farmers and numerous waterparks of the city. March and May are the official summer months of Malappuram that are not very troublesome due to the city’s high altitude and constant rains. Malappuram can be visited at any time of the year and be enjoyed by locals and tourists to their heart’s content. Waterparks in Malappuram are open all throughout the year and are enjoyed by people of all age groups. These water-themed parks are Malappuram’s pride because they are well maintained and have adequate legal parking space which makes your trip to these parks free of unnecessary hassles.

5 Best Water Theme Parks In Malappuram

Water parks in Malappuram are massive in size that provides its visitors more than sufficient area to play and splash water at each other. The parks also allow you to take a relaxing walk along its well-paved footpaths. The parks are extremely safe that lets in visitors even in the evenings. You can try your hand at so many additional activities that these parks have as a side business. These waterparks in Malappuram, Kerala are a must visit and require you to immediately head towards the crystal clear artificial recreational places that let the hydrophilic and activity lover in you jump with joy!

1. Kottakkunnu


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Kottakunnu is the most famous amusement park in Malappuram because of its strategic location and amazing rides. Kotakunnu amusement park has an adventure, children, and water theme parks. There are many laser water shows that take place in the evenings. The hilltop park also has exciting rides that children enjoy a lot. Kottakunnu amusement park’s entrance fee is Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 5 for kids. The park also lets its visitors try out boating in its artificial waters and puts up special fountain shows during festivals and on weekends. The most important highlight of this park is that it has paid parking which does not go cost more than Rs. 30 and is spacious enough to fit in plenty of cars and bikes.

Address: Kottakunnu road, Up Hill, Malappuram, Kerala 676505

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2. Chamakkayam Riverside Park

Chamakkayam Riverside Park

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Chamakkayam Riverside Park is often cited as the ‘natural waterpark in Malappuram’. The park is right next to the popular Kadalundi river. There is no entry fee to enter this park. It has a massive space where children can play to their heart’s content. You can go for a calming walk along the shores of the river or even do your yoga early in the morning. This park is where locals often visit for a brief swim or any minor water activity. However, it is a very interesting place to visit because of its non-polluted surroundings and proximity to the Kizhakkethala signal. The best time to visit this park is either during the early morning hours or after 5:30 pm in the evening.

Address: Panakkad, Malappuram, Kerala 676519

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3. Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

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Flora Fantasia Amusement Park is a very popular destination for kids and adults. It has an adventure park and a water-themed park. Valanchery is the water-themed park. The Valanchery water theme park has many exhilarating rides. The park is known for its tsunami ride, typhoon tunnel, landing pool, and tornado whirl. The entry fees of the Flora Fantasia Amusement Park is Rs. 700 for adults and Rs. 500 for kids and senior citizens. This place is a must see for everyone visiting and residing in Malappuram.

Address: Vengad – Puramannur Road Kizhmuri, Dist Malappuram, Valanchery, Vengad, Kerala 676552

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4. Silsila Water Theme Park

Silsila Water Theme Park

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Silsila Water Park is a project that has recently come up because of its excellent services and rides available. This waterpark in Malappuram holds and receives hundreds of visitors every day. It has numerous water slides, swings, and pool waves. There are massive artificial waters that allow you to swim to your heart’s content and have an enjoyable day. The entry fee of Silsila water park is approximately Rs. 500. The park is especially enjoyable and safe for children.

Address: Malamkulam, Manjeri, Kerala 676122

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5. Cee Vee Land

Cee Vee Land

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Cee Vee Land is a waterpark in Malappuram that is based on the global concept. The water park has various facilities that are unique and beneficial for visitors. The water rides available are the water slides, wet gliders, lazy river, and kiddies world. The park also has a prayer room, kids zoo and bird watching area. Cee Vee Land also allows its visitors efficient and legal parking facilities. The entry fee of Cee Vee Land is approximately Rs. 700 for everyone. This water park in Malappuram is massively famous for its amazing ambiance and excellent staff service.

Address: Vettam Cheerp Road, Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala 676105

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These amazing water-themed parks in Malappuram are famous for its stimulating rides, polite staff, and excellent facilities. These waterparks in Malappuram are considered the best parks in Kerala and should be in your bucket list this year. The parks in Kerala are made with great precision keeping the safety of individuals in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and plan a trip to Kerala to experience these heart-in-mouth rides.

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