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Jordan is known for its tradition of welcoming all visitors to its nation in a unique way with absolute hospitality. Jordan managed to impress the visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty, mesmerizing desert landscapes and friendly atmosphere. In the last few years time, Jordon managed to create a special place in the industry of tourism. The beauty of the nation attracted visitors so much from different corners of the globe that many decided to choose it at their destination wedding. There are several spots in Jordon which are dedicated as wedding venues and hosted several ceremonies with absolute success.

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Jordon

Are you are planning for a destination wedding for making your or your daughter’s wedding a memorable one? If yes, then you must know the hot venues of the nations which you can select for the grand day celebration.



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Considered to one of the best wedding venues in Jordan for a perfect wedding, Madaboun is a private farm located just off the Airport Highway. It offers just the right outdoor settings for an amazing wedding in the breezy summer nights. The professional team employed at the venue ensures that every smallest detail is taken care of. The world-class catering service combined with amazing sound and lighting setup makes every single wedding celebrated here truly memorable. For people seeking beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Jordan, Madaboun is definitely the right choice.

Location: Amman, Jordan

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2. The Dome Co

The Dome Co

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In addition to being conveniently located within the picturesque surroundings of the airport road, the Dome Co has gained much popularity as one of the best wedding venues in Jordan. The extremely spacious venue is well managed by a team of professional experts. All the aspects of the wedding are handled in the most efficient and stress-free manner by a professional wedding planner. From decor to sound and light setup and even the catering services and accommodation facilities, the hosts at this exotic wedding venue make sure that the guests get the best value for money.

Location: The Dome Co, Queen Alia Airport St 548, Amman, Jordan

3. Amman Dunes Club

Amman Dunes Club

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The Amman Dunes Club boasts of being amongst the truly upmarket and elegant wedding venues in Jordan. Situated in the scenic settings along the airport road, the Dunes Club is just the perfect place to plan a memorable wedding. The elegant outdoors and the stylish interiors leave the wedding guests mesmerized. Moreover, the club does not place any restrictions of timings, use of sound effects and even fireworks, which further enhances the fun and excitement of the weddings. The club even offers a private valet parking facility at the entrance to the ballroom.

Location: Amman, Jordan

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4. Naya Farm

Naya Farm

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Renowned for its amazing ambiance and great outdoor setting, Naya farm is definitely one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Jordan. The venue features a large swimming pool, with well laid out spaces around its borders for seating the guests. The farm offers all the facilities and services to make the wedding truly exclusive and hassle-free. Along with the beautiful outdoors, the wedding guests can revel in the luxury of its richly decorated interiors. Moreover, the professional team of wedding planners is capable of taking care of every smallest detail of the wedding in a perfect manner.

Location: Airport Rd., Amman Um Al `Amad JO 16197، Airport Rd., Amman, Jordan

5. Level Farm

Level Farm

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This is an exclusively designed wedding venue that offers both outdoor and indoor options. The highlight of this venue includes a forest, a cave, a house, and a tent, which ensure a truly unique and diverse experience for the guests. The romantically-themed interior decor and the great outdoor ambiance combine to make it one of the best wedding venues in Jordan. The venue can prove to be a great choice for someone looking for a fairytale wedding or seeking something different from the usual venue options.

Location: Level Farm, Khallad Bin Amr St 17, Amman, Jordan

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6. Belle Vue Farm

Belle Vue Farm

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Considered to be one of the premier outdoor venues, the Belle Vue Farm is not for people seeing cheap wedding venues in Amman Jordan. The venue boasts of well landscaped and maintained spacious grounds and a richly scenic countryside that leaves the guests mesmerized. The soothing ambiance and the world-class facilities and services make the wedding day truly memorable for the wedding couple as well as their guests. The place offers countless options for clicking truly great wedding pictures with its vibrant natural backgrounds.

Location: 30, Jordan

7. Papillon Resort

Papillon Resort

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This elite venue is famous for being the first choice of people looking to organize high profile weddings. With the extensive experience of running Papillon restaurants, the management of the resort is able to offer its guests a truly amazing wedding catering service. In addition, the guests are often left mesmerized by the unique seating options and the amazing sound and light setup available at the venue. Overall, Papillion Resort is truly suited for being classified amongst the top notch wedding venues in Jordan.

Location: Amman, Jordan

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8. White Hall

White Hall

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This elegant and stylish wedding venue is located on Airport Road and is one of the most exclusive places for a perfect wedding. The professional team working at the venue work hard to make sure that everything is as per the guests’ need and preference. The infrastructure facilities and wedding services offered are best in class and provide great value for money to the clients. The venue truly stands apart from all the other outdoor wedding venues in Jordan, making a wedding organized here special in its own way.

9. Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa

Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa

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Located on the Dead Sea Road in Jordan, the Dead Sea Marriott Resort is a wedding venue of choice for the elite of the society. The venue boasts of enhanced audio-visual technology, a team of expert wedding planners and amazing caterers. The resort provides ample space for organizing the various wedding events both outdoors and indoors. In either case, the venue assures of ultimate luxury for the guests which naturally makes it beyond the reach of people seeking cheap wedding venues in Amman Jordan.

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10. Exit Club

Exit Club

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Even though it might not be counted amongst the best wedding venues in Jordan, it is a great choice for people seeking an affordable option. The club is located in a residential area, which creates a limitation of parking spaces available. On the other hand, the music is good and the food and catering service is pretty nice. The decor is exciting and somewhat romantic ensuring an amazing experience for the guests as well as the wedding couple celebrating their big day at this venue.

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It’s true that Jordan faced the harsh challenges of technological advancements besides growing urbanization. But still, it managed to remain as one of the safest countries of the world to make an impression as the quintessential the Middle East. Choosing Jordon as your wedding destination will surely make the ceremony worth memorable and happening. For your honeymoon, you have all these international destinations to choose from.

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