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    A view of egypt

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    Egypt is a country that welcomes numerous tourists every year. You might be surprised to know that Egypt isn’t just a summer place but the country has its share of winter experiences too. Yes, you read right! So when is winter in Egypt? The winter months in Egypt are from October to February. The winter is quite chilly from December till January. In the southern part of the country, the atmosphere during winter in Egypt is amazing and one can feel the cool Mediterranean air. Winter temperature in Egypt at daytime is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit and during the night the temperature drops a bit more.

    Places To Visit During Winter In Egypt

    Winter is an ideal time to explore Egypt. One can visit various different spots during winter in Egypt easily as the weather is pleasant. Read on to find out the places one can visit during the winter:

    1. Cairo


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    First and foremost in your list should be Cairo. Settled near the confluence of Nile river delta, Cairo is a modern bustling capital of Egypt with a tumultuous and long history. العاب حقيقية It’s undoubtedly a common starting point for beginning one’s adventure in Egypt irrespective of any weather. The city is famous for exploring the Pyramids at Giza and Sphinx simply outside of the city’s boundaries. Also visit the world-famous Egyptian museum of Tahrir Square, for a close-up view of the wealth of Tutankhamun, mummies, and different artifacts from Egypt’s past.

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    2. Siwa


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    Siwa is quite different from any other spot you’ll discover in Egypt. It’s actually a cultural world that you can become a part of particularly in winter. The locals are amicable and they’ll do all that they can to ensure you a comfortable trip. If you are a backpacker, then it’s an ideal place to cycle around while appreciating the climate. You can likewise fancy rejuvenating in the hot springs, which is a kind of natural Jacuzzi. You can accommodate at an eco-lounge, which would be an experience of its own.

    3. Luxor


    Image Source

    As temperatures fall in Cairo, Luxor in the southern part of Egypt is another perfect location for tourists to visit. As the heat can make you feel uneasy here in the mid-year, so, the winter months are the right time to explore the awesome temples here. Luxor is mostly known as a home of the Luxor and Karnak temples on the east bank of the Nile river and the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on its west bank. The Luxor museum is worth visiting too.
    Inns of all price ranges are available, with the lavish Winter Palace as the crown gem, providing visitors all luxuries when they return after spending the day meandering around the antiquated Egyptian civilization. One can easily invest one or two days at this place because there’s a lot to explore. اربح المال من الالعاب One can also find the tombs on the west bank in the stark desert valleys that have the antiquated burial locales of the Pharaohs of Egypt, and many are open to being explored by visitors.

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    4. Marsa Alam

    Marsa Alam

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    Marsa Alam can be a charming place for everybody, whether you’re going with your family, life partner, or friends. Situated on the western shore of the Red Sea, Marsa Alam has turned into an extremely well-known winter spot in a recent couple of years. In case you’re a scuba diving lover, you would truly prefer not to pass on this opportunity. While diving you can see turtles, octopuses, and crocodile fish.
    Further after this fun activity of diving, one can visit the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti to explore the place.

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    5. Abydos


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    Located in northern upper Egypt, Abydos is among the oldest cities established in Egypt and by far the most essential in terms of archaeology. The point of attraction of the site is the great Temple of Seti, which consists the larger part of Egypt’s Pharaohs from Menes to Ramesses I. With every turn you take in this strange complex, you will uncover something incredible for your journey, ranging from the gigantic courtyards to the fascinating wall workmanship.
    One of the sections of the Abydos that has been bewildering every explorer from a considerable length of time is an inquisitive collection of hieroglyphics that seems to portray submarines, helicopters, and planes. Every glance here will leave you stunned.

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    6. Fayoum


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    Winter means migration of birds, and if that’s what you love then Fayoum is an outstanding choice for bird watching due to it being calm and serene. Also, if you don’t love bird watching but like to do fishing then this place again won’t disappoint you. Additionally, you can trek to places like Wadi-El-Rayan in a chilly atmosphere and view the cascades, or Wadi el Hitan to see the ludicrously cool whale fossils calmly strewn about in the cold desert.
    Amid winter time, the desert sun will warm you, however, it won’t burn you. Other activities you can enjoy in Fayoum are kitesurfing and sand boarding. This place will certainly satisfy every kind of traveler!

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    7. Aswan


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    To feel some warmth after spending relevant time in other chilly places of Egypt, head to Aswan. It wouldn’t be as hot as during the summer since the winter weather in egypt is moderately cool in Abu Simbel. For many tourists, a tour to Abu Simbel is the hallmark of their Egyptadventures. This impressive temple complex is praised for the stunning ambition of Ramses II’s reign, and further for the phenomenon of the construction effort which UNESCO took to conserve it for the modern age explorers. العاب ربح مال حقيقي
    The enormous stone sculptures that grace the facade and internal reliefs represent the propaganda of Pharaoh’s effort to attain immortality. It is the most delightful territory you can appreciate during your winter getaway to Egypt.

    8. Alexandria


    Image Source

    Alexandria has been the cliché standard winter weekend getaway for many Egyptians for ages. One can even witness rain here during the winter. You can reminisce about old Alexandria in all its grandeur, either from your hotel porch or from one of Alexandria’s hot spot like the Greek Club. During a trip to Alexandria visit fort Qaitbey which houses a maritime museum as well as explore its labyrinthine towers and rooms before cherishing dramatic scenes of the harbor from its fortifications.
    Also, head to the Corniche, a picturesque promenade that encases the spirit of the modern city. Enjoy the stunning sea views along with relishing hot seafood at the waterfront eateries!

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    Now, you know how to spend winter holidays in Egypt in the best way possible! The best part of winter in Egypt is that one can visit many iconic sights and beaches without feeling dehydrated. Take note that December and January are actually a peak holiday time, and therefore you should book your trip and tickets well in advance to have a hassle-free Egyptian trip!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Winter In Egypt

    How cold does it get in Egypt?

    Egypt is not that cold in winter, it is the perfect time of the year.

    What is the coldest month in Egypt?

    December is the coldest month in Egypt.

    What’s the best time of the year to go to Egypt?

    Winter is the best time of the year to go to Egypt as it is mild and sunny during this time.

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    “@type”: “Answer”,
    “text”: “Egypt is not that cold in winter, it is the perfect time of the year.”
    , {
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    “acceptedAnswer”: {
    “@type”: “Answer”,
    “text”: “December is the coldest month in Egypt.”
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    “@type”: “Question”,
    “name”: “What’s the best time of the year to go to Egypt?”,
    “acceptedAnswer”: {
    “@type”: “Answer”,
    “text”: “Winter is the best time of the year to go to Egypt as it is mild and sunny during this time.”

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