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    paragliding above the mountains

    A bustling suburb lying in Kangra district, McLeodganj in Dharamshala is known for its lively culture set amidst breathtaking natural setting. The welcoming Tibetan locals who will make you feel at home and the various tourist attractions will play a great role in making your trip here worthwhile. In this culturally enriched hill station, there’s so much for you to see and get indulged in. Nature lovers get a breath of fresh air, honeymooners get to spend some quality time, and thrill seekers love getting engaged in adventure sports in McLeodGanj. Being a great haven for all kinds of travelers, a vacay in McLeodganj would never end up in disappointment.

    8 Adventure Sports In McLeodganj

    There’s no doubt about the fact that your vacay in mcleodganj will be peaceful despite the buzzing streets and markets. However, this suburb has some great things to do for adventure junkies. Here are the top adventure sports in McLeodganj that can be easily enjoyed! Some of them have been mentioned below. Have a look!

    1. Rock Climbing

    _Rock Climbing

    Image Source

    This adventurous experience amidst the remote Himalayas will definitely excite you and might as well give you chills. But fret not, for you’ll be assisted by professionals who are quite skilled and have years of experience in this adventurous sport activity. The rope will be firmly tied and all you’re supposed to do is trust your instructor.

    Tips: the person trying out this sports activity is required to be physically fit
    Ideal for: people of all age groups without any medical condition

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    2. Paragliding


    Image Source

    One of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas is paragliding. Imagine crossing the picturesque landscapes by being closer to the sky with lush greenery under your feet – a perfect experience for every thrill seeker out there. Needless to say, a trustworthy mountaineering professional will be assisting you, so be certain about your safety.

    Tips: before going for the activity, make sure that every equipment is functioning the way it should and nothing is broken
    Ideal For: people of all age groups without any medical condition

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    3. Flying Fox

    Flying Fox

    Image Source

    This one’s sure to be a fun sport to try and is one of the activities that will be loved by the young as well as old. You will be connected to a cable from your waist and driven by gravity to reach the other end. Arranged 15-20 feet above the ground, this adventurous sport is a must try, especially when you are surrounded by the awe-striking Himalayan Range.

    Tips: make sure you are holding the rope tightly to avoid any sort of disbalance while reaching the other end of the cable
    Ideal For: people who are 18 years old or above

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    4. Trekking


    Image Source

    One of the best adventure sports in McLeodganj, trekking here is a given. Most of the avid travelers come to this part of Himachal especially to go for treks in some of the most thrilling trails. There are a number of treks you can consider adding to your plan for an ultimate trip that will pump your adrenaline. Trekking can be tiring but what keeps you going are the absorbing views because of which you’d want the trek should never end.

    Tips: if it’s a fairly long trek, avoid going alone and pack light but ensure you have kept all the essentials
    Ideal For: it is advised that children below the age of 10 should avoid this activity

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    5. Camping At Night

    Camping At Night

    Image Source

    Enjoying the bonfire under the sheet of stars with cool breeze around you, night camping can be quite an amazing experience to have when you’re in McLeodganj. Away from you noisy city, you can have the time of your life while camping in the nighttime. This is one of those things to do in McLeodganj that is adventurous and relaxing at the same time. Setting a camp after a long trek at a spot with breathtaking view is something you don’t get to do daily. So, add this to your itinerary to make sure this travel experience would be something you’ll cherish forever.

    Tips: make sure you are choosing a safe spot for mounting your camp; be careful when igniting a bonfire; carry mosquito repellent and torch
    Ideal For: it is advisable that participants below the age of 18 should avoid trying this out unless they’re camping with family

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    6. Rappelling


    Image Source

    This one is slightly easy and is considered to be a safe sports activity. Rappelling essentially involves climbing down a rocky slope. It is safe because you are well harnessed and you have to maneuver climbing down by holding tight to a rope. Moreover, for your ultimate safety, professionals are there to assist and instruct you. If you’ll be doing it for the first time, you should know that it will be a fun thing you can try out in the Himalayas.

    Tips: make sure there’s a backup and that the harness is securely fastened around your waist
    Ideal For: people of all age groups without any medical condition

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    7. Ziplining


    Image Source

    This is more or less like Flying Fox, as it also involves a cable that connects the two ends that are at a distance from each other and with gravity force, you’re driven to the other end. Your waist is connected to this cable, through a belt called ‘zoomer’. The zoomer is fastened quite securely at your waist – so if you have acrophobia, here’s a chance for you to overcome it!

    Tips: stay careful when landing on the platform; seek instructor’s guidance
    Ideal For: those below the age of 18 should avoid participating

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    8. Boat Riding

    Boat Riding

    Image Source

    Boating in Dal Lake is an activity you must indulge yourself in during your trip. This is one of those outdoor activities that is adventurous as well as soothing. Paddling your way across this lake amidst lush greenery and chirps of crickets will keep you absorbed and leave you awe-struck. This is one of the best activities to try out, especially if you are traveling with family.

    Tips: keep a check on the weather before going for the ride; make sure you don’t overload the boat
    Ideal For: no restrictions

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    If reading about the adventure sports in McLeodganj has awakened your interest and left you all excited, then imagine how amazing the experience would be. While planning your itinerary for the Dharamshala trip, don’t forget to keep this list handy to ensure you spend a memorable time in the suburb of McLeodganj.

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