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Mysore is one of the most famous cities in India, which is located in the state of Karnataka. It is a very beautiful city with a huge diversity which is why it attracts a huge lot of tourists nowadays. It offers a good number of places that can be visited and you can enjoy many activities & adventure sports like jet skiing, water trampoline, kayaking, open jeep rides and many more. Doing these activities, add adventures to your life. If you are an adventure junkie then make sure that you opt for these adventure sports in Mysore.

10 Best Adventure Sports In Mysore

There are many adventure sports in Mysore that you can opt for. Some of them are listed below with few important additional details like location, best time to visit and prices per head to guide you for a better experience.

1. Lake Rafting

Lake Rafting with Friends

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It is a recreational outdoor activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is done in any river or creek that has numbers of rapids as well as on the different degrees of rough water. Apart from all this, you also get to experience the risk and utmost need for teamwork. This is full of enormous danger which is going to raise your heartbeat. Always keep in mind to wear your life jacket, personal flotation device, protective gear, hold the paddles properly and stays in the boat, etc. Lake rafting is very famous in the city so you can go and enjoy adventurous rafting in the lakes in Mysore.

Best time – September to November
Price – starting from INR 1,000 per person

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2. Jet Ski

Jet-Ski in Crystal Clear Water

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Water sports in Mysore will be a thrill for you with the jet skiing in your itinerary. It is generally a small jet-propelled vehicle that skims across the surface of the water and is ridden in a similar way to a motorcycle. The health benefits ensured by it are that it burns calories, enhances concentration, cardiovascular strength, etc. With over around 20 beaches you can indulge in splashing the water around you for at least 15 to 20 minutes. These moments will always be sound and fresh in your memories for a lifetime.

Location – Varuna lake of Mysore
Best time – September to November
Price – starting from INR 450

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3. Cycling

Cycling Ride in Evening

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One of the Mysore adventure sports is cycling. It is an athletic sport that not only increases muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and decreases fat levels, but takes us to the beautiful historical sight from palaces to the temples. The tour is usually of 4 to 5 days and it comprises some specific places. These specific places may be selected as per your wish to be a part of the crowded or the more soothing and peaceful one.

Location – Srirangapatna, Chamundi Hill, and Balmuri & Edmuri Falls
Best time – September to May
Prices – starting from INR 1450 for 3 hours

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4. Horse Riding

Horse Riding

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The list of adventure sports in Mysore is endless and horse riding can be one of the best adventure sports in Mysore. This city, as we know, is the place with majestic palaces, beautiful temples, and jaw-dropping architecture so, in addition to these, breathtaking features how much thrilling might be a horse riding. This ride which is about four hours long along the Chamundi hill benefits you in terms of mental and physical health as well. Interaction with a horse is considered to have therapeutic effects, it improves coordination, develops problem-solving skills, increases socialization. So, all in all, you will be entertained and socialize both at the same time.

Location – Mysore Turf Club
Best time – March to August
Price – starting from INR 3,000

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5. Trekking

Trekking Trail

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The very common sport in the list of the amazing adventure sports in Mysore has to be trekking. Given that Mysore is surrounded by such places where trekking can easily be enjoyed, the trails for trekking options are quite abundant around that makes it an amazing option for you to check out for yourself. The lush greenery all around and the peaks make the city of Mysore a place perfect for you to enjoy a trekking trip to. You can enjoy the uphill trek as well in the rainforests. The feeling is extraordinary when you go trekking at such places.

Location – Chikmagalur, Kudremukh
Best time – October to March
Price – starting from INR 3199

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6. Mountain Camping

Mountain Camping in Peak

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Mountain camping is another sport form the list of adventure sports activities in Mysore that is quite popular over there. If you are looking forward to getting an amazing experience that is a combination of both the thrill of mountain climbing with the camping experiences, this is an amazing option to look into. There are several such spots in and around Mysore where you can chill in and just catch a break from the hectic lifestyle that you have going. It is best suggested that you choose the colder months for the mountain camping expeditions as the weather is more favourable during those months and make sure that you don’t die of exhaustion.

Location – Masinagudi
Best time – September to January
Prices – Starting from INR 3500

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7. Parasailing

Parasailing in Open Sky

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Parasailing is Mysore is yet another one of the amazing adventure sports that you can enjoy in the city. Aside from the wide range of water sports that many indulge in, parasailing is also an amazing option for the adventure enthusiast within you. This sport is not suggested for people who are scared of heights as it includes being strapped on to a safety harness which is then pulled along with a high-speed boat around in the sky. It does include parachutes, which you have to open once you reach a certain height in the sky. So it can be dangerous for people who are afraid of heights.

Best time: October to February
Prices: starting from INR 1,500

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8. Canopy Walks

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The city of Mysore is well known for its canopy walks all over India and even outside India. Canopy walks, canopy walkways or treetop walks give access to the forest canopy to the pedestrian. This could never have been possible if the Karnataka government would not have taken the bigger step. It is about 30ft high with around 240m walkways above the ground in the kuveshi area near the castle rock of Uttara Kannada. This is said to give a bird’s eye to the visitor who gets to experience not only the greenery of the forest, but also hears melodious chirping of the birds. As far as the scientific outlook is concerned, it is being said that “nature therapy” or “ecotherapy” can be immensely beneficial in the treatment of various mental and emotional issues.

Location – Kuveshi area (Uttara Kannada, Karnataka )
Best time – Summer and Winter
Price – starting from INR 50

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9. Kayaking

Kayaking in Pink Evening

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Kayaking is a very common sport in Mysore which you can enjoy smack down in the middle of the city there as well. So yet another sport in the list of adventure sports for water lovers is kayaking in Mysore. There are one and two-seater options for you to check out and see which one fits your bill the best. The beaches over there have several options for kayaking that you can check out and see for yourself. The options for the spots to enjoy them are quite limited but you get the best wherever you go.

Best time – October to March
Prices – starting from INR 400

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10. Ziplining

Ziplining Sport

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If you are not that courageous enough to paraglide through the sky but still want to feel the essence of that adventure, then, the next best option to be high up in the sky but not that high is ziplining. The free-falling and the overall experience of being in the void is one of a kind that you just cannot compare with anything else around. You are hooked to a zip line and then rushed down the hilltop to the feet while making you feel like a bird flying in the sky. It is also quite an enthralling experience that you just cannot afford to miss if you want to enjoy adventurous sports in the city of Mysore.

Best time: October to March
Prices: starting from INR 1,680

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The city of Mysore is full of beautiful places where you can spend time to get the real essence of the place. You can go sightseeing on one hand and on the other hand, there are several places for adventure sports in Mysore. So you can both relax and enjoy your vacation in the city. And if you are an adventure lover then you can go for trying the above mentioned sports. So without delaying any further, take your leaves and head to Mysore for a vacation with your family, friends or alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Sports In Mysore

What is the best time to visit Mysore?

The best time to visit Mysore is from July to February. The place has a tropical climate so the winter season and the monsoon-n winter months are the best time to visit the city.

Is the city of Mysore only good for an adventure sports lover?

No, the city of Mysore has many other things to offer like the places where you can go sightseeing. You can also go shopping in the local markets there.

What to shop in Mysore?

You can buy sandalwood products, incense sticks, khadi cotton products, wooden toys, rosewood souvenirs, coffee, and many more such local products in Mysore.

Where can you enjoy trekking in Mysore?

You can enjoy trekking at Chikmagalur, Kudremukh in Mysore from October to March.

What is Mysore famous for?

The city of Mysore is famous for its achievements that it got as the sobriquet Cultural Capital of Karnataka and for its ambiance.

Is the city of Mysore safe?

Yes, the city of Mysore is a very safe city for visitors and tourists. The police services are very active and you can feel safe over there.

Is Mysore an expensive city?

No, the city of Mysore is not too expensive. But at the same time, it is not very cheap as well. There is a balance in terms of expenses over there.

What is the famous food of Mysore?

Uttapam is the famous food over there that people love to eat their breakfast. There are other food items available as well.

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