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Go karting in India is a fun experience that can give you the thrill and feels of participating in a F1 race even without a driver’s license. A go kart is a kind of open wheel car which comes in all shapes and forms, from models which are without motors to high powered racing machines. Professionals participate in these sports with more developed karts whose speed can reach a high of even 260km/hr. Go karting is now included in the activities with for a fun day out with friends.
Now that go karting in India has become a popular choice of sports, there are tracks laid in every major Indian city. Along with the turns and bends of the tracks, the speed of the kart and the power of the engine one should also make sure the place has taken safety measures and the karts are in good condition.

11 Top Places To Go Go Karting In India

Now that go karting is becoming such a popular sport there naturally would be places to try it. So, what follos is a list of some of the best go karting tracks that can be found in India. Take a look.

1. Smaaash

Smaaash In India

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The Go karting track is in Smaash, the entertainment park in Kamala hills, Mumbai and believe it or not, it is one of the best places for go karting in India. Undoubtedly, one of the best tracks, it is located on the rooftop of a building and turns out to be the only rooftop track in India. The track is one of the best that has curves and hairpins to boost your thrill. The part which should excite you the most is, this place also has a F1 simulator!

Location: Gate No. 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Cost: On weekdays: An amount of INR 450 is charged in advance for 6 minutes and an amount of INR 650 for 10 minutes
On Weekends: An amount of INR 550 is charged in advance for 6 minutes and amount of INR 700 for 10 minutes.

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2. Kartainment


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The tracks is located in Hyderabad and turns out to be the first open go karting track in the World which has been made on an airport runway which also makes it one of the best places for go karting in India. The tracks are open even after midnight. And the fact that it is the only National Championship go karting track in Telangana proves it sure is one of the best.

Location: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad
Cost: The place charges according to the number of laps. INR 350 for 7 laps, 7 Bhp: INR 220 for 5 laps and INR 240 for 7 laps, INR 300 for 9 laps, 9 Bhp: INR 280 for 7 laps, Rotax: INR 500 for 7 laps

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3. Torq03

F1 Racing Car

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This go kart track which is situated in Bangalore turns out to be different as each of the kart is fitted with a timing device. One may race against his friends or even the clock. Usually, the track offers a session of 5 minutes and the karts they provide you with have up to 13bhp which makes it one of the top go karting in India experiences.

Location: Torq03 Karting Track, E-Zone Club, Outer Ring Road, Maratahalli
Cost: Starts from INR 200

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4. Downtown Racing

Downtown Racing

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The track is located in a peaceful region, in the outskirts of Pune. The 500 meters long race track is one of the longest and sophisticated tracks in the country. It includes some crazy turns to let you experience the thrill of a professional racer and also offers a go karting in India for kids experience.

Location: Tulaja Bhawani Nagar, Kharadi
Cost: INR 250 for 4 laps and INR 300 for 6 laps

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5. Kart Attack

Kart Attack In India

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The Kart Attack track is 260 meters long and is built with white cement and hairpins. An amazing track in the Southern city of Chennai is for beginners as well as professionals, the kart they provide you with feature 200cc engines. It provides some sharp turns and bends which adds up in making go karting memorable experience. Adding to all this, the place also has a daily competition for the fastest lap. While visiting the place, do keep in mind that it opens only after 3pm.

Location: 101, East Coast Road, Akkarai
Cost: On weekdays: INR 190 for 5 minutes
On Weekends: INR 290 for 5 minutes

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6. Runway 9


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The tracks are smooth and the experience they offer you is nothing less than a F1 race with High Power 7bhp go karts. This 711 meters track in Hyderabad which has been lit up using close to 50,000 watts of white metal halide lamps, it offers international standard of go karting in India. It gives you the chance to either watch a live race or participate in one.

Location: 5-115, Mohan Reddy Commercial Complex, Medchal Road, Kompally. Beside Mahindra Showroom
Cost: The place charges according to the number of laps.INR 210 for 4 laps, INR 270 for 6 laps, INR 360 for 8 laps, INR 450 for 12 laps and INR 720 for 20 laps

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7. 32nd Milestone

32nd Milestone

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If the crazy twists and turns aren’t enough for you, the 250-meter long track also features a bridge to add up to the fun experience which makes it the best one to vouch for the best go karting in India places. The track is on the Delhi Jaipur highway and turns out to be one of the favourites for go karting lovers.

Location: 32nd Milestone, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana
Cost: INR 345 for 6 Laps

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8. F9 Go Karting

F9 Go Karting

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The 7bhp karts you will be provided with promises you high octane racing experience. The track is 400 meters long which makes it one of the many great places for go karting in India. With its flexible tracks and karts, one can easily participate in scores of challenges on the track. The price for the number of laps also seems quite reasonable. So, go out and burnout the tires with the hairpin bends and turns.

Location: Sector 17-18, Link Road, Near Green Park Vatika, Gurugram
Cost: INR 250 for 7 laps

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9. Nuvem Track

Track for racing

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How can the party capital of the country, Goa not have a go karting track? The list of go karting in India experiences is incomplete without mentioning Nuvem track which is located on a hill top was laid down by some Swedish and German Professionals. Even a kid who is above the age of 12 years can ride the kart, solo. Yet the speed is plenty enough for beginners to squeal through the corners. The 500 meter long track is also used for races. While visiting the track keep in mind that it doesn’t open before 4 PM.

Location: Gounley, Nuvem
Cost: INR 200 for 10 laps

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10. Hakone Entertainment

Hakone Entertainment

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The 200-meter track gives an amazing experience with the 5.5bhp engine go-karts you are provided with. The track is in the fun park of the beautiful Powai area in Mumbai and this makes it one of the top go karting in India experiences. As the karts are also controlled with remotes, they bring in guaranteed safe rides.

Location: Opposite Hiranandani Gardens, Powai
Cost: INR 150 for 5 laps

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11. Ladakh Karting

Go-karting, Nubra valley

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If the adrenaline rush from go-karting alone is not enough for you, how about go-karting at the world’s highest go-karting track? Sounds exciting right? Nubra valley in Leh Ladakh has its very own world’s highest go-karting track at 10,357 feet, for all the thrill-seekers. There are professionals available to help you out. So if adventure is what you are looking for, you must try go-karting amid the muddy mountains of Nubra valley.

Location: Amusement Park C, Y-Mord Khalsar Nubra Valley, UT Ladakh
Cost: NA

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Get ready for a heart-racing experience of go-karting in India as there’s nothing like the thrill that comes from driving on a well-built and track, as you watch your friends fall behind. You get to drive your way to some fun glory. The adrenaline rush is sure on the way when you choose to go-karting in one of these tracks. However, make sure you listen to the brief which is given by the staff. A bit of thrill in life is welcome but should be pursued with all the safety measures. So, plan your trip to India and let adventure guide you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Go Karting In India

How much can a go kart cost?

The price of go karts starts from a minimum of $500 and can reach a maximum of more than $1000. The adult’s gas powered go karts turn out to the most expensive while the go karts for children are the most affordable. The prices vary in the market as one gets different value for each price range.

Does one need to know driving to go karting?

Many places in major cities offer casual karting where one can get a fun experience without a license. However, for professional karting that is to participate in races one needs to have a license and go through other formalities.

How fast can a go kart go?

The karts vary is speed. The super karts can attain speeds up to even 260km/hr and such karts are meant for the professionals. The recreational go karts which are meant for the general public have much lower speed.

Is Go Karting dangerous?

It would be a lie to say that there isn’t a scope for some serious injury, but even with high speed its really difficult to make a kart do more than a spin. One can say that karting is less dangerous than driving a motor bike on the public streets.

Is it possible to make a go kart flip?

Anything with some wheels can be flipped. The go karts are designed in a way that their width is more than the length and thus it minimizes the risk.

Should the go karts have seat belt?

A go kart may or may not have a seat belt. The karts used in racing do not have seat belts usually, as with the seat belt, the very object of the go kart racing style would be defeated. The driver is better off breaking free of the go kart than sticking with it.

Do go karts have power steering?

A go kart hardly weighs more than 200 kgs. Thus the steering effort required is much less and one can manage without a power steering. If a power steering is added to it, it will increase the weight of the kart and also use some of the power from the engine which will eventually affect its power delivery to the wheels.

Is it safe to ride a go kart when pregnant?

It is strongly recommended for pregnant women that they don’t ride a go kart. The karts do not have suspension, making the ride can get a bit bumpy. However, there are pregnant ladies who take part in the activity in the past since the health conditions keeps varying among different people. However, pregnant women are to drive at their own risk.

How fast will a 200cc and a 270cc go kart go?

A 200cc go kart reaches the speed of 45mph while a 270cc go kart can reach the speed of 60 to 80mph.

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