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The Bahamas is a small island nation in the Lucayan Archipelago. Consisting of more than 700 Islands, located just North of Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas is famous for its breathtaking scenic views, it’s clear and blue sky-like waters, the marine life, white clean beaches, and the luxurious islands and cruises. Bahamas islands are a top-of-the-list tourist destination; people from all around the world come to the Bahamas for luxurious properties and facilities like no other place in the world. If you have money to spend, Bahamas is the place for you.

10 Most Splendid Bahamas Islands

After an extensive research and tourist reviews and from our own analysis, considering many factors, we have come with a list of the best names of Bahamas islands that you should visit. We hope that this will help clear your mind and decide your itinerary for the Travel.

1. Andros


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Andros, the largest but one of the least developed Islands of the Bahamas, is a perfect place to start for those who have a thing for exploring nature and uninhabited places. One of the sparsely populated Islands of the Bahamas, Andros is as open to nature as an inhabited island can get. Here, the ground is open for you to explore the third largest Barrier reef in the world, mesmerizing blue holes said to be home to mythical creatures, sparsely populated beaches and the natural wetlands and jungles full of wildlife.

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2. Bimini


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Bimini consists of 2 main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini, and numerous different Cays. These Islands are closest to the coast of Florida in the United States. Known as a former hideout for offshore speakeasy and liquor stores during the prohibition period in the United States, these Islands were used to stash liquor meant to be illegally sent to the USA. Having been fondly remembered and visited by global icons like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Buffett, and Ernest Hemingway, these islands are also believed to be the last remnant from the mythical Lost City of Atlantis.

3. New Providence Island

New Providence Island

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Home to the Capital City of Nassau, this Island hosts over 80% of the population of the Bahamas. Having a metropolitan area alike any major city of the world, the Island has almost all luxury hotel chains in the world. Famous for the Atlantis Hotels and Resort, New Province island is largely urban but also has adventure sports facilities like snorkeling, parasailing, and kiteboarding.

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4. Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

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Home to Freeport, the second largest city and the Tropical Party Destination in the Islands of Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island is very popular among tourists. You can find everything here, from luxurious upscale waterfront resorts to cultural and historical sites, and even some of the greatest natural wonders in all of the Bahamas and Atlantic. Visit the historical small fishing villages by the blue water, the Lucayan archeological site, world’s largest underwater cave system and three amazing national parks that are home to an authentic biodiversity.

5. The Abacos Islands And Cays

The Abacos Islands and Cays

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The Abacos are a unique group of Islands and Cays stretching for 120 miles with an area of around 650 Sq. miles. These Islands are home to everything from a bustling downtown to pristine beaches, natural bays and beautiful coves. You could be sleeping in a 7-star luxury resort while exploring uninhabited and undisturbed natural wonders of the Bahamas.

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6. Acklins And Crooked Islands

Acklins and Crooked Islands

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Globally known for their pristine and unexplored natural surroundings, the Acklins Island and The Crooked Island are amongst the most isolated Islands of the Bahamas. Home to some of the undisturbed and unexplored sand beaches, coral gardens and limestone caves, these islands are like a haven for adventure and exploration enthusiasts. Do visit these picturesque islands to click some instaworthy pictures on your vacay to make it memorable!

7. San Salvador Island

San Salvador Island

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Originally known as Guanahani, this island was given its present name by the great explorer Christopher Columbus himself. Named after a 15,000 feet high submerged mountain, this island offers one of the unique landscapes. It houses varying beaches, landscapes, bays and coves. Some of the places of interest are Watling’s Castle at Sandy Point and Fortune Hill Plantation at Fortune Hill.

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8. Inagua


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The southernmost Island of the Bahamas, the Inagua islands is actually a collection of two main islands Little Inagua and Greater Inagua and numerous Cays. These Islands are home to the Inagua National Park that covers 45% of the land of the Islands. Stretching for around 20 miles and having a width of around 55 miles, these islands are home to the famous Indian Flamingos, Bahama parrot and many other vibrant species of birds.

9. Ragged Island

Ragged Island

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This is one quiet and serene island. Famous for bone-fishing and sports fishing, the area of the island is all flatlands with most beaches remaining unexplored. There are numerous places worth exploring on this Island, such as the quaint towns and authentic Bahamian boats. It’s an ideal destination for those looking for exploration and adventure. You can indulge in various adventurous activities on this island and even enjoy delicious food here!

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10. Cat Island

Cat Island

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Named after the famous and dangerous pirate Arthur Catt, this 150 Sq. miles of the natural landscape remains much untainted and unexplored. Also known as the birthplace of Bahamian culture and music, there are numerous tales and myths that find a place in the culture of this Island. This island is amongst the best spots for a nature enthusiast being a wonderful year-around.

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The Bahamas is one of the top-notch destinations in the world, though much of it remains unexplored. Do check the Bahamas islands map before you leave for your trip as there are a lot of other islands like the Harbour island in Bahamas which you must add on your itinerary. Get packed, pick your dates, plan your international vacation soon and do explore these stunning islands on your trip to Bahamas islands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many islands in the Bahamas?

A. There are 700 islands in the Bahamas.

Q. What are people from the Bahamas called?

A. People from the Bahamas are called Bahamians.

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