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If you are fascinated by picturesque beaches, virgin sand, and enthralling activities, then the USA should be on your priority to relish the most memorable times of your life. Rated amongst the largest countries in the world, it is quite inevitable that there would be a galore of scintillating beaches in America. A heavenly visit such places would fill you with ecstasy and exuberance to cherish for a lifetime.

20 Awesome Beaches In America

The following are the 20 most incredible beaches in the USA, which are ideal for a visit.

1. South Beach, Miami

skyscraper and beach

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This stunning beach in Miami is amongst the most sought after places in the world for a mesmerizing party experience. Turquoise water blended with exuberant ambiance would be an ideal way to enjoy an unforgettable outing.

This exotic beach oozes panache and lavishness from every element of it. Be it delectable cuisines or glamorous people, Miami beach reigns supremacy in every aspect.

  • Must-do activities- Shopping at Lincoln Road Mall, Dine at the most lavish restaurants, an adventurous visit to Jungle Island.
  • Best time to visit- Between March and May.
  • Weather- Sunny( Vibrant conditions) ideal for sunbath

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2. 1000 Steps Beach, Laguna

waves crashing at the rock

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This exotic beach in California seems like a paradise in all its glory. Majestic caves and jaw-dropping high tides would make your stay at this gorgeous place worth its while. With incredible activities like surfing and snorkeling to relish, this beach would be ideal to spend some leisure time with your loved ones under the warmth of the sun.

  • Must-do activities- Snorkeling, Surfing, beach volleyball, skimboarding
  • Best time to visit- March to May
  • Weather- Moderate temperature in the day time, chilling temperatures in the evening

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3. North Manitou Island

beach with azure water

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This is amongst the most captivating beaches in the USA and flaunts a unique way of exploring it as well. The beach can only be relished through boating experience. For those people who are fascinated by wildlife and nature, this beach should be a must visit. A massive 15000 acres of land gives a larger than life appeal to the visitors. Visual bliss of Sun dawn would be a heartwarming experience that would be embedded in your heart forever.

  • Must-do activities- Camping, Hunting, and Hiking.
  • Best time to visit- July-August
  • Weather- Pleasant warm weather.

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4. Ocean City Beach, Maryland

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If you are looking for a serene and soothing beach for leisure time, then look no further to this magnificent beach whose captivating view would leave you in a spellbound state. Regarded as the cleanest beaches in the United States, this beach seems ideal to relax underneath the warmth of the Sun. Make sure that you relish the opportunity of visiting the pier amusement park, which holds many enthralling rides.

  • Must-do activities- Canoeing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and Kayaking
  • Best time to visit- June-July
  • Weather- Sunny, breezy

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5. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

beach in Virginia

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This mesmerizing beach is ideal for enthralling activities like beach volleyball, biking, and strolling along with your loved ones. Enriched with a soothing ambiance, this place is ideal to escape the nuances of life and just relax underneath the sun. This beach is ideal for strolling in the evening which would rejuvenate your soul to the core.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, Volleyball, Strolling
  • Best time to visit- May-September
  • Weather- Warm and bright

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6. Hollywood Beach, Florida

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This exotic beach is a must for all those people who want to witness the glorious and exotic nature of vintage beaches in the USA. This scenic beach flaunts a charm of its own when you stroll down the 2-mile “Broadwalk” for a mesmerizing experience. The sunny and bright weather is ideal for sunbathing and showing-off those ripped torsos!

  • Must-do activities- Strolling, Surfing
  • Best time to visit- June- September
  • Weather- Warm and breezy

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7. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

people relaxing at a beach

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This scintillating beach boasts off a massive landscape that mesmerizes the visitors with its captivating view. The waves of crystal clean water splashing down the shores are absolute bliss to experience. This beach is ideal for spending some cozy time with your loved one. Strolling down this stunning virgin beach would rejuvenate your soul for a peaceful experience. You may also relish some jaw-dropping experiences like Kayaking and Glass-bottom boating.

  • Must-do activities- Kayaking, Sunbathing, Boating.
  • Best time to visit -May-August
  • Weather- Sunny, moderate

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8. Clearwater Beach, Florida

people strolling at the beach

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This beach layered with shimmering white sand is another incredible beach in Florida. Ideal for a chillout sunbath and volleyball game with your friends, just relax and lie under the warmth of the sun for a rejuvenating experience. You would be mesmerized by the stunning and captivating experiences of this glorious white sand beach. There are many enthralling activities that would leave an impact on your heart forever such as surfing and swimming in the clean waters. A galore of palm trees just adds up to the sumptuous essence of this picturesque beach.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, fishing, sunbathing.
  • Best time to visit- March to September
  • Weather- Warm and humid

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9. El Matador Beach, Malibu

rocks at a beach

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Accompanied by stunning cliffs in the background, this beach is amongst the most majestic beaches in the USA for an adventurous outing. This illustrious beach is a blend of three beaches adjacent to each other. Thus it becomes a vast beach for you to explore its stunning beauty.

Witnessing the dolphins splashing in the shallows would a cherishing experience. Make sure that you have the best quality DSLR because you would not find a more picturesque beach than this. The alluring and dynamic appeal of the cliffs elevates the grandeur of this glorious beach.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, hiking, sunbathing
  • Best time to visit- May to August
  • Weather- Warm and breezy in the day, gently cold in the evenings

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10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

ferris wheel at the beach

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This massive beach is extremely popular among tourists from all around the world as it is loaded with enthralling activities like thrilling rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, and more. With a massive 60 mile coastline, there are not many beaches in the USA which hold as many privileges as this stunning beach.

You may also enjoy strolling down this mesmerizing beach along with your loved one, for a memorable experience.

  • Must-do activities- Banana boat rides, Waterpark visit, camping, and jet skiing.
  • Best time to visit- July-September.
  • Weather- Gentle warm, and pleasant.

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11. Poipu Beach Park, Hawaii

evening shot of a beach

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This Golden-sand beach blended with crystal clean turquoise shallows is an ideal place for those people who want to escape from boredom and looking for a peaceful outing with friends. Witness the glorious sea creatures and stroll down the beautiful golden sand for a rejuvenating experience.

  • Must-do activities- Sunbathing, strolling, surfing
  • Best time to visit- March-august
  • Weather- Pleasant in the day, gloomy in the evening

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12. Wailea Beach, Hawaii

lush greenery around the beach

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This glorious beach in Maui’s coastline is ideal for dining and staying at the most lavish resorts in Hawaii. Delicious cuisines, enthralling activities, and soothing ambiance are some of the perks which this beautiful place boasts. The sight of calm and placid waters would harmonize your soul for a rejuvenating experience.

  • Must-do activities- Dining, Sunbathing, surfing
  • Best time to visit- May-July
  • Weather- Sunny and humid

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13. Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Hawaii

people enjoying at the beach

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One of the most glorious beaches in Hawaii, this would feel like a paradise for all the enthusiasts seeking an adventurous outing. Stunning turquoise waters blended with mesmerizing surroundings makes this vast beach an ideal prospect for a perfect outing in the scorching heat of the Sun. A dip in a majestic lagoon swimming pool would be an ideal experience along with your friends. The galore of palm trees at this beach oozes charm of its own.

  • Must-do activities- Sunbathing, Surfing, fishing.
  • Best time to visit- May-August
  • Weather- Warm and pleasant

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14. Siesta Beach, Florida

lifeguard stand at the beach

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Florida flaunts many incredible beaches, but this one is the most aesthetic of them all. Enriched with majestic Quartz-resembling sand along with clean turquoise water, this beach is ideal for a day out with your friends, and if you are a snorkeling enthusiast, then this beach would be no less than a paradise for you. Dine at some exotic restaurants nearby this beach.

  • Must to activities- Snorkelling, surfing, sunbathing.
  • Best time to visit- July-September
  • Weather- pleasant (moderate)

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15. St. Pete Beach, Florida

rainy weather at a beach

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This gorgeous beach is extremely popular amongst the tourists and visitors due to galore of lavish hotels and resorts near the coastline. This white sand beach is ideal for an enthralling trip with your friends or family. There are massive options for accommodation purposes, and a picturesque view from your hotel would be a heartwarming experience to cherish.

  • Must-do activities- Paddleboarding, skimboarding.
  • Best time to visit- March-November
  • Weather- Breezy in the day, Slightly moderate in evenings.

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16. Coronado Central Beach, California

entrance to the beach

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This Stunning beach adjacent to the Ocean Boulevard, has a flaunts a dynamic and vibrant appeal that is quite exclusive in nature. Witnessing the dawn from the shores is one experience you would not want to miss out on. Accompanied by the majestic Hotel del Coronado, this beach oozes a powerful essence.

  • Must-do activities- Sunbathing, Skimboarding, Strolling in the evening.
  • Best time to visit- May-August
  • Weather- Warm with a gentle breeze

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17. East Hampton Main Beach, New York

people relaxing at the beach

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This beach is nature at it’s imperious best. The picturesque view of the Atlantic ocean with the sun setting in the backdrop is one experience you should experience. With plenty of exotic hotels around and a great variety of cuisines, this beach is ideal for an outing with family. The waves rattling down the shores would grace you with a bright smile on your face.

  • Must-do activities- Sunbathing, swimming, dining at lavish resorts.
  • Best time to visit- March-August
  • Weather- Bright and pleasant

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18. Manele Bay, Hawaii

woman strolling around the beach

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This beach is ideal for all the enthusiasts who prefer diving into the shallows and explore the intriguing nature of marine life. There are many stunning resorts which offer amazing hospitality, thus this magnificent place is cherished by many tourists throughout the year. Stunning weather conditions enhance the soothing experience of activities like Sunbathing and surfing as well.

  • Must-do activities- Kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Best time to visit- June-August
  • Weather- Humid

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19. East beach, Texas

green mountain and beach

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This stunning stretch located at the Galveston Island is an ideal way to relish the most electrifying experiences like live concerts and celebration of eminent festivals. This beach feels like a spectacle in the evenings when the festival season is around the corner. Thus, if you are looking for an incredible blend of exuberant activities, East beach should be on your priority.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, attend electrifying concerts, celebrating festivals, and sunbathing.
  • Best time to visit- All year round
  • Weather- Warm days and colder nights

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20. Ogunquit Beach, Maine

beach in evening

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This beach is ideal for those who love to party in exotic locations. With a galore of sandbars and lavish resorts in nearby places, the beach is ideal for relishing the most chilled-out time of your lives. The stunning landscape along with the vast coastline makes it an amazing place for activities like strolling and surfing.

  • Must-do activities- Surfing, sunbathing and strolling
  • Best time to visit- June-September
  • Weather- Bright and sunny, may sometimes get cloudy

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In order to ensure a great travel experience in America, beaches are a must to explore. All the beaches in America mentioned above beautifully reflect the amazing culture of the country apart from being extremely picturesque! A trip to America would simply be successful if you add some of the above-listed beaches to your itinerary!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In America

Which is the best beach in America for party purposes?

Though there are many stunning beaches in the USA which are jam-packed with enthralling activities to do and boast of amazing ambiance for a mesmerizing party experience, but South Beach in Miami is rated as the best beach for parties and celebrations. The nightlife is absolutely magnificent at this beautiful beach.

Which beach in America would be ideal for sightseeing?

El Matador beach would be the most ideal choice if you are looking for an incredible outing with your friends or families for sightseeing. This majestic beach looks stunning with cliffs in the backdrop, and it would certainly be a jaw-dropping experience for you.

Which is the best beach in the USA for enthralling activities?

Though, you would find activities like snorkeling, surfing, Kayaking in most of the prominent beaches. But, 1000 Steps beach at Laguna is the best blend of all these activities.

Which beach of America has the best resort?

Wailea beach in Hawaii is accompanied by the best resorts at any beach in the USA. These are ideal for a stay with family or friends.

Which is the cleanest beach in the USA?

Though most of the beaches in the USA are well maintained and flaunts great ambiance, Ocean city beach in Maryland is regarded as the best beach in the country.

Which is the best beach in America for the celebration of festivals?

East beach at Texas is renowned for various concerts and celebrations. You should definitely visit this beach to catch a glimpse of the festivities of America.

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