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Blessed with the most beautiful places in the world, Nepal is indeed a piece of heaven on Earth. Situated in South Asia, Nepal holds abundant natural beauty, such that you will be embraced by Mother Nature in its most real sense. From high mountain ranges to beautiful landscapes, you get all-natural flavors in Nepal. A small landlocked country located between India and Tibet, it is one of the most serene places which offers a broad view of the Himalayas.

Nepal is home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain – with many other gems in its quiver. For nature admirers, Pokhara has something more to offer and that is adventure sports. Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is one of the most popular adventure sports. Adventure lovers must try this extensive sport where you can feel the rush of wind as you jump from an altitude of 525 feet at Pokhara, the third highest natural jump in the world.

Best Time To Do Bungee Jumping In Pokhara, Nepal

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For adventure sports like bungee jumping, it is indeed advisable to practice it during the dry season. Rain can ruin the fun and can also create a risk while practicing such a sport. The best time to go for bungee jumping in Pokhara, Nepal is from March to May and September to November. During these months, the weather in Nepal keeps dry and crisp, which adds mileage to the sport. Even though you are amazed by dropping prices during the monsoon, go by your intrusions and avoid rain.

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Adventure In Pokhara

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The enchanting city of Pokhara is the hub for adventure activities in Nepal. You can find various adventure sports here such as paragliding, zip-flyer, trekking, bungee jumping etc. Pokhara is the only place in Nepal where you can experience the first and only Tower Bungee. There are multiple options of leaping here, such as swing bungee, high ground bungee, and many more. What makes this location unique is the spectacular view it offers. While you rush your adrenaline during your plunge, you can also amaze yourself with the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges alongside.

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Tips For Safe Bungee Jumping In Nepal

So, in case you have made up your mind about Bungee Jumping, here are a few tips to keep you updated with the process:

1. Bungee Jumping Equipment

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Your safety depends greatly on two things – the Bungee cords and the Harness. A simple bungee cord is made by combining different strands of military grade rubber and can be found in variable width and lengths. Each tour operator uses a specific number of cables decided in accordance with the weight of participants. But as advised by the military safety standards, every 50lbs (22.67kg) requires one cord.

The harness is another very important tool to ensure the safety. Usually available in two types – Full Body Harness and Ankle Harness. Full Body Harness is worn in two parts – over the chest like a vest and shorts, while the Ankle Harness is strapped around the ankles.

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2. Beginner Tricks For Bungee Jumping In Nepal

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It’s always good to have some tricks under your sleeve when going for extreme sports, so here’s a list of few beginner tricks that can help you during bungee jumping in Nepal

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3. Your Instructor Is Your Teacher 

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Soak in all that your instructor tells you as they are people with years of experience in Bungee Jumping, and are capable enough to handle all kinds of possible emergencies. If too scared for the first jump, you can usually take the instructor with you on a double jump, this will help you enjoy the experience without worrying about your fears. Pokhara in Nepal has experienced and trained instructors who can take bungee jumping adventure to the next level.

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4. Start Small and Avoid Water Dunk Bungee

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Many tour companies provide water dunk bungees. It seems more exciting than the simple bungee jumping but water dunk bungee requires mastery over laws of physics and force. It can be very difficult and dangerous for beginners and hence you are advised to abstain yourself from any such experience.

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5. Be Relaxed and Comfortable

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Your comfort is very crucial, so wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. For men, T-Shirts and shorts can be good options, while ladies might avoid wearing skirts as it can land them into awkward situations. Putting on comfortable clothes and always tying your shoelaces tightly is the only fashion statement that you need to follow for a jump.

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6. Being In Good Health

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Like any other extreme sport, Bungee Jumping is strictly not advised for those suffering from any kind of heart diseases. Health conditions like spinal and neck injuries, leg injuries and pregnancy can put you in serious problems if you go for the jump. People suffering from asthma, high or low blood pressure levels are expected to consult their doctor before going for the jump. All tour companies require the jumper to submit a medical certificate declaring that they are medically stable.

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7. Eating Right Before the Jump

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Bungee Jumping is all about gravity and gravity can sometimes cause trouble for many. Overeating before the jump can make you throw up in the middle of a jump. Going empty stomach is not recommended either as it can make you immediately fall sick. Eating right is very important for the jumper as they must feel alright before the leap.

Going for a first jump can be pretty scary, but when you are in the supervision of a good instructor, then there’s really nothing that you have to worry about. Nepal, being one of the most beautiful and popular Bungee Jumping spots, experiences large flocking of tourists for their first Bungee Jumping experience. That first leap of yours is the only thing standing between sheer joy and doubts. The experience will change you in many ways, making you a better and stronger person, so buckle up your shoe and get ready for your first leap of courage.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Bungee Jumping In Pokhara

While there are many bungee jumping spots in India and abroad, below are the reasons why bungee jumping in Nepal simply cannot be missed.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Locations

Breathtakingly Beautiful Locations

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Although a small country in Asia, Nepal is known for its outstanding beauty and gigantic Himalayas, which surely adds thrill to your tour. Having eight out of ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal has an abundance of unmatched natural beauty and biodiversity which makes it one of the top spots for bungee jumping.

Pokhara in Nepal offers different and unique option for bungee jumping. Hemja in Pokhara is Nepal’s only high ground bungee that offers an adrenaline rush like no other spot. Right from tower bungee to swing, it offers different options of bungee jumping. The pristine Pokhara lakeside is very close from this jumping point – approx 20 minutes away. The scenic view and natural beauty of Pokhara all around can rejuvenate anyone.

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How To Reach Pokhara From India

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As the border between India and Nepal are open to each other, Indians don’t require a visa to visit Nepal. One can reach Nepal through airways, roadways, and also trains. The one and the only international airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, is Tribhuvan International Airport. Flights from major Indian cities make their way to this airport regularly.

If you are traveling by train, then there are many options that will take you from Raxaul, India to Sirsiya, Nepal. There have been further announcements of starting a passenger train from Jayanagar, Bihar to Kurtha, South-eastern Nepal. From Kathmandu there are direct flights to Pokhara – which takes around 40 minutes. By road, it will be an approximate drive of 200 km.

There are frequent bus operations between Delhi and Pokhara. Many travellers also opt to drive to Pokhara by car. Pokhara is almost 290 kilometers away from Gorakhpur city. However, this can be a tedious option as there is a lot of traffic at the border and it may take almost ten hours to reach. So you have a lot of choices when you wish to visit Nepal from India.

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So, are you ready for your next adventure trip and want to book a tour to Pokhara, Nepal? Pokhara is a beautiful, scenic location that offers some top of the line Bungee Jumping experience. Make sure to take medical advice before packing your bag and heading to this amazing place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In Pokhara, Nepal?

How much does bungee jump cost in Nepal?

Pokhara in Nepal is one of the most famous spots for bungee jumping activities. The water touch Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is open on all days. You can access a combo pack for both Bungee Jumping and Zip flyer together in Pokhara. The fees for a Nepali citizen is only Rs. 5000 /- per head and the same for a foreign tourist is 100 USD.

Is Bungee Jumping safe?

Bungee Jumping is often considered a safer sport than skydiving. However, it depends on the service provider and the right execution of the sport. Bungee jumping can be dangerous at times depending on how the trainer performs it. Several instances of Bungee Jumping have been reported. However, overall Bungee Jumping is a very safe sport.

Does your stomach drop while Jumping?

Stomach drop is a common phenomenon occurring during skydiving and Bungee Jumping. When you jump, it gives you a stomach sinking feeling. However, this is not a sign of any serious health issue and recovers automatically.

How do they pull you back after Bungee Jumping?

During Bungee Jumping, when a person jumps off the height, the jump is completed after multiple bounces. A rope is then lowered down to the person who then clips the rope to the bungee harness with a carabiner. The person is then pulled back to the platform with the help of operator teams. Also, at times the person is lowered further down to land on a cushioned ground instead of being pulled back.

How do you dress for Bungee Jumping?

There’s no particular dress code for Bungee Jumping as such. One can wear whatever they are comfortable with. However, ladies would be advised not to wear skirts or high heels. Bungee jumping can be performed barefoot or with the shoes as well.

Is Nepal safe for Bungee Jumping?

Nepal has an aesthetically pleasing environment for Bungee Jumping. The most sought-after spot in Nepal is located on a 160 m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Kosi river, in a lovely gorge at a height of 3600 m. It is a swiss designed model with 4X safety factor. There are several trained instructors at the site to guide the tourists. Incidents of mishaps have rarely been reported which makes Nepal the best Bungee Jumping nation with a phenomenal view.

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