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    beaches in da nang

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    Da Nang, the fourth largest city of Vietnam, is popular for its markets and the many ancient Buddhist pagodas around it. It is a city with a vast history to tell and those who have the ear for it will find plenty to interest them in Da Nang. The city, in its earliest form, dates back to the end of French colonial rule Vietnam. Located in central Vietnam, it used to be a main port between the colonists and the Vietnamese markets. During the Vietnam war, it was also one of the first cities where US military forces landed to fight against the native soldiers. With its rich past and stories, it is no surprise that the city of Da Nang attracts tourists from all over the world. Marked with rebellions, war and blood, Da Nang has now rose above its past to become one of the major tourist centres of South Vietnam.

    Today this port town has a different story to tell. Along with forgotten war memorials and the pagodas, the factors that attract people more to the town is its proximity to the most famous beaches of Vietnam. It is entertaining to the visitors as the shores lines are always teeming with activities such as fishing, surfing, skiing, diving and yacht rides etc.

    Best Beaches In Da Nang

    Da Nang lies just midway between the Southern city of Ho Chi Minh and the northern capital of Hanoi. At a distance of less than 25 miles lie the prominent beaches that surround the city. The natural coastline of the city stretches over 30 miles.
    Here is a complete list of beaches you must visit while you travel to the city of Da Nang:

    1. My Khe Beach

    My Khe Beach_18th oct

    Image Source
    Lying just 7 km outside of the city, My Khe is the beach that lies closest to the Da Nang. It is endowed with a long shoreline and is a favourite spot for surfing among tourists. The period from September to December is excellent for the sport, especially along the My Khe coast.

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    2. Lang Ko Beach

    Lang Ko Beach

    Image Source
    Lang Co is often referred to as the central coats of Vietnam. It lies on the route from Da Nang to Hoi An. The best way to explore the losing-stretching and quiet beach is to take a private car from Da Nang. You can swim or surf in the waves and take a long walk on the white sands to refresh yourself.

    Other Places To Visit In Da Nang

    3. Hoi An

    Hoi An

    Image Source
    The old port of Hoi An dates back to the 15th century and has been a major trade port even during the French colonial periods of Vietnam. The mixing of the Asian cultures with the French has made it evolve into a heritage site of Vietnam. It also is home to some of the famous Buddhist pagodas of the country.

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    4. Marble Mountains

    Marble Mountains

    Image Source
    The five element mountain of Da Nang, lying south of the city, is a collection of five hills of either marble or limestone. It is dedicated to the five elements, namely Kim, Thuy, Moc, Hoa and Tho in Vietnamese. It is a just a 9 km drive away form the city and you have lots to explore in the caves, temples and pagodas of these mountains.

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    5. Son Tra or the Monkey Mountain

    Son Tra

    Image Source
    The Son Tra National Park is a 35 min ride away from the city of Da Nang. It is known for the winding adventurous roads that lead up to it where people usually come to enjoy a bit of motorcycling. The area is also surrounded by many smaller beaches such as BaiBac, Bai Nam and Tien Sa beach.

    6. Dragon Bridge

    Dragon Bridge

    Image Source
    Built over the Ricer Han that flows through Da Nang, it is one of the latest additions to the tourism of the city. It was opened to traffic in March of 2013 and supposedly in the shape of a leaping dragon, complete with a head. It’s light and Luanda show is really famous.

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    7. Phap Lam Pagoda

    Phap Lam Pagoda

    Once called the Tinh Hoi Pagoda, it is a true representation of nature and the Buddhist ideologies. It is full of really old and huge trees that lean above the buildings, beautifully maintained gardens and stone sculptures that exhibit the idea of Buddhism to its visitors.

    8. Hai Van pass

    Hai Van pass

    Image Source
    Lying in the border between Da Nang and the region next to it, the mountain pass is 21 km long and lies in the National Route 1A. It lies raised 496m above sea level and is called the Sea Clouds pass in English, for its beauty. It’s windy and winding roads are a popular motorcycling hub in Vietnam.

    9. Cham Museum

    Cham Museum

    Image Source
    Home to a collection of sculptures from the ancient Kingdom of Champa, the Cham museum lies next to the port of Hoi An. The arts in the museum date back even to the 7th century AD, with many of them being considered the masterpieces of the ancient culture.

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    10. Da Nang Cathedral

    Da Nang Cathedral

    Image Source
    The Da Nang cathedral was built in the early 20th century and is famous for its architectural peculiarities. It has a weathercock-topped steeply and it has been painted in pink. It was built by a French priest named Louis Vallet around 1923. So, while you’re out and about in this scenic land. make sure to visit this enchanting place!

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    A vacation to Da Nang shouldn’t be less than 5 days, since every single one the above points are a must visit when you are in the city. The whole experience can be an insight into Vietnamese culture and history. So, when are you heading to this place? Plan your next Vietnamese trip with TravelTriangle and have the time of your life on these splendid beaches!

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