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    Best Beaches In Egypt

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    Egypt is the country that links Africa to Asia. Part of the Arab world, Egypt is home to famous pharaohs. Egypt has a long coast with its north coast bordering the Mediterranean sea and red sea on the side. There is also a lengthy beautiful coastline along with river Nile. There is a huge contrast between its northern coast and eastern coast. Both the coasts have a very different landscape as well as flora and fauna. Northern coast is more than a thousand kilometre long. Its eastern coastline is famously known by the name of Red Sea Riviera. Beaches in Egypt offer everything you can dream of – be it adventurous sea sports, snorkelling, sumptuous food at the beach side, relaxing on the sun beds, scuba diving, or experiencing the natural beauty. Some of the Egypt beaches are among the world’s most luxurious beach fronts, including a number of 5 star resorts and hotels with great amenities.

    12 Best Beaches In Egypt 2021

    Here is the list of most stunning and popular beach resorts as well as best beaches in Egypt. Read below to get a piece of wholesome information on each.

    • Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab
    • El Gouna
    • Ras Um Sid
    • Mahmya Island
    • Taba
    • Ras Shitan
    • Hurghada
    • Marsa Matrouh
    • Marassi
    • Ain Sokhna
    • Sharks Bay Beach
    • Mangrove Beach

    1. Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab

    beautiful coastal town of Dahab

    Abu Galoum beach is situated in the beautiful coastal town of Dahab. Dahab is one of the most popular beach towns of Egypt. Situated at the Sinai Peninsula, the town borders the red sea coast. Ras Abu Galoum is a unique and most popular beach front in Dahab. Unlike other commercialized beaches in Egypt, this is a refreshing change and is a nature’s beauty. There are beautiful serene coral reef and amazing fauna for which this beach is very famous. There are mountain ranges nearby where one can enjoy hiking and trekking activities. The beach also offers camel safari ride along the beautiful surreal coastline. The overall landscape around the beach is just surreal, enthralling and out of the world.

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    2. El Gouna

    beautiful captivating beach

    Image Source
    El Gouna is one of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt at the eastern coast touching the northern red sea. This is a very stylish beach which is nicely developed with great amenities available everywhere around it. This is one of the popular luxury beach destinations on the eastern coast of Egypt. There are many glamorous pub and restaurants, and a very vibrant nightlife. One can spend time sitting and lazing across the soft white sand at the beach front with luscious food and wines or there is an option to participate in the wonderful sea sports this site offers.

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    3. Ras Um Sid

    Ras Um Sid beach

    Ras Um Sid is situated at the South Sinai state of Egypt. This is one of the least expensive Egypt beaches with all of the necessary amenities one can ask for at a beach. There are enough sunbeds and restrooms around the beach to make visitors comfortable. Few restaurants across the beach serve amazing lip-smacking fresh Egyptian street food. One of the famous beaches in Egypt, it is located at Sharm El Sheikh bordering the red sea coast. Serene and quiet surroundings the best beach if you want to spend time looking at the waves with a bit of snacking. The beach is also popular among the lovers of scuba diving and sea adventures.

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    4. Mahmya Island


    Image Source
    Mahamaya island and beach offers facinating experience. One can hire the ferries or cruise here to go deep around the island and experience wonderful clear blue water with enthralling sea life. Underwater experience at this island is quite mesmerising and exceptional. This is a colourful vibrant island, serving great food and your favourite drinks while you can sit, relax and have your sumptous food at the beach front.

    5. Taba

    rocky beach

    Image Source
    Taba is one the most popular beachside getaway of Egypt. Situated on Sinai Peninsula this beach is near the borders with Israel. Beautiful mountain range, calm clean blue waters, scenery is breathtaking There are also popular resorts and casino hubs near this beach. Beach is situated strategically with mountains surrounding it, making it so more surreal. There is also an old fort and many hiking places near the beach.

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    6. Ras Shitan

    quiet and peaceful beach

    Image Source
    Ras Shitan is one quiet and peaceful beach with surreal beauty and harmonious water front. There are wonderful beach camps near the beach – camps are actually small bamboo huts where one can stay soak in the sun at beach, relax by the beach side with luxury food being served right at your camp. This is deser coastal village situated at the coast of red sea. The beach front and whole village has been very artistically designed. The place simply rejuvenates with its enthralling beauty – perfect harmony of the sea and the beautiful desert landscape.

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    7. Hurghada

    small beautiful beach side

    Image Source
    Hurghada is a small beautiful beach side town with a long red sea coast. The town is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful well developed beach fronts and water sports activities. There are numerous nightclubs and restaurants around the beaches here with a very vibrant active night life. The Egypt beaches are very popular for windsurfing and other sea adventures that you can enjoy in Egypt. Hurghada also houses the very famous Giftun island popular for its white sand beaches and reef. The town also hosts few of the best beach resorts in Egypt. You will find the best sandy beaches in Egypt here.

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    8. Marsa Matrouh


    Image Source
    Marsa Matruh is a coastal town famous for its port. Beachfront at Marsa Matrouh is one great beach option if you don’t want any crowd or too much noise around the beach but want to spend quality peaceful time with the surreal scenic beach and the tranquil waters of Mediterranean seas – this is the beach to be at. This is as beautiful as a beachside landscape can get. Due to its natural ravishing beauty, this beach is sometimes also called the Egyptian Maldives by the locals here. Waters of the beach are extremely clean, perfectly blue and beachfront are windy at times.

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    9. Marassi

    popular and luxurious beach front

    Image Source
    Marassi is growing as one of the popular and luxurious beachfront in the world. Situated at the northern coast of Egypt – this is a place to spend a relaxing vacation in the lap of beautiful coast and 5-star comforts. The architecture is beautiful in this lovely coastal town with amazing sunny beaches. There are luxurious resorts and premium restaurants around the soft white sand beaches which have clear clean blue water. Nightlife is very vibrant and exciting – this place is a heaven for a luxurious comfortable beach stay.

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    10. Ain Sokhna

    sea view

    Image Source
    There are no beaches in Cairo Egypt but this is nearest seafront if you happen to be staying in Cairo. The beach is only 2 hours drive away from the capital city of Cairo. There are many luxurious holiday resorts and restaurants along the beachside. The experience of camel or horse ride along with the coastal line is one of the best experience you can have at this beach. If you are looking for private beaches in Egypt then Ain Sokhna will provide you with the opportunity. If you are looking for a true persona and a luxurious experience – this is the place to be at. The beachfront at Ain Sokhna is relaxing and will rejuvenate your body.

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    11. Sharks Bay Beach

    Sharks Bay Beach

    Sharks Bay beach is situated in Sharm El Sheikh. This is an amazing snorkeling beach, the excellent reef at the coast. The beach is full underwater activities – one of the best option if you want to dive deep and experience the unique unusual underwater life. There are cruise tours available at this beach which you can enjoy with your family. Parasailing and banana boats are also very popular at this beach site. Food served by the food shacks and restaurants nearby is extremely sumptuous and lip-smacking with a great variety of seafood.

    12. Mangrove Beach

    peaceful beach

    Image Source
    Mangrove Beach is situated Nabq Bay – not very far from Dahab. This is a surreal serene beach which is not very crowdie and very peaceful. The beachfront provides a rejuvenating snorkeling experience. There are not many sports or activities around the beach – therefore aren’t preferred by families but this is a perfect seductive place for couples to have a romantic evening time around the beach in front of the ravishing surreal sea. Near to the beach, there is Ras Muhamed National park which is frequented by visitors and locals and famous for its diving options. There is also a mountain range known as mountain Moses which is famous for its religious background.

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    If you are looking for the best beaches in Alexandria, Egypt, then there is no other choice than Mamoura Beach. Marsa Alam Beach, Egypt is another place where beach lovers can have some fun.
    Beaches in Egypt are as varied as you can imagine – offering you a variety of experiences and activities that you want to get involved in. Some of the beaches here will give you a lifetime of experience and innumerable memories to cherish. If you’re planning a vacation full of relaxation and peace, then you must include these beaches to ensure your trip to Egypt becomes a trip to remember.

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