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    Tunnel Beach

    Glittering sandy shores, enticing turquoise waters and elaborate crystal skies — the best beaches in New Zealand conspire to entangle one in their web of charm. Adorned with breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the country offers perfect opportunities to experience that paradisiacal dream.

    To help you plan a beach holiday in the land of Kiwis, we bring to you the top 20 beaches in the island nation. Don’t forget to include put include them in your bucket list while a trip to New Zealand.

    1. Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay – South Island

    The bioluminescent Mosquito bay is the most popular and best beach in New Zealand

    Image Source

    This unconventional yet exceptionally beautiful beach in South Island offers experiences to be cherished for a lifetime. A visit to the Mosquito bay at night offers a dreamlike view of the glowing waters off the Kaipara Harbour. Claiming top spot among best beaches in New Zealand, Mosquito bay makes a certain entry to your itinerary.

    Famous for: Night time activities, taking a walk alongside the beach, and kayaking in the fluorescent waters

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

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    2. Wharariki Beach – Cape Farewell, South Island

    Travelers at Wharariki Beach on South Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Eco tours, surfing, and fishing

    3. Koekohe Beach – North Otago, South Island

    The boulders lined at the Koekohe Beach

    Image Source

    Touted as the second best beach in New Zealand, Koekohe Beach on the Otago coast is lined with huge, round moeraki boulders. With the melting sun at the horizon and naughty water under the feet, an evening spent at this beach gets embedded in memories for life.

    Famous for: Unique rock like structures, stunning oceanic views, and sunset photography

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    4. Awaroa Beach – Abel Tasman, South Island

    Awaroa Beach on South Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Kayaking, fishing, and sailing

    5. Kaiteriteri Beach – Nelson, South Island

    A bright day at the Kaiteriteri Beach in Nelson

    Image Source

    Located on South Island and adjacent to Abel Tasman National Park, Kaiteriteri Beach has the longest hours of the sunshine in New Zealand. With its quartz-rich golden colored sand, this one among the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand is a perfect chance to rejoice the warmth of the day. Sunbathing on mind, anyone?

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    Famous for: Sunbathing, kayaking, swimming, local seafood, and sighting dolphins, seals and penguins

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    6. Sandfly Bay – Abel Tasman, South Island

    Sandfly Bay in Abel Tasman in South Island

    Image Source

    7. Tunnel Beach – Dunedin, South Island

    Nature’s amazing marvel - The Tunnel Beach Walkway

    Image Source

    An outcome of coastal erosion over the ages, Tunnel Beach Walkway is an amazing marvel of nature. An easy, little undulating and enjoyable walk to the tunnel offers spectacular views of the ocean weaving magic along its waves.

    Famous for: The scenic views from the vantage point, and romantic walk by the beach

    Best time to visit: November to May. The walkway is closed from August 1st to October 31st

    8. Piha Beach – Auckland

    One of the best beaches in New Zealand- The black sand beach Piha

    Image Source

    One of the most popular black sand beaches in New Zealand, Piha has made a mark as a much sought after wild surfing and swimming destination in New Zealand. Since it has a rocky shore, it is advised to swim only in designated areas guarded by lifesavers.

    Famous for: Surfing, lion rock climbing, and trekking up to Kitekite Falls

    Best time to visit: Summer season (December – March)

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    9. Karekare – West Auckland

    Karekare beach in West Auckland

    Image Source

    Famous for: Surfing, and black sand beach

    10. Mission Bay – Auckland

    The coastal strip of Mission Bay on a sunny day

    Image Source

    The coastal strip of Mission Bay is lined with plenty of Pohutukawa (read as native Christmas tree) on golden sand, along with numerous local eateries, shacks, ice cream parlors, cafes, and pubs. The beach has secured its place among the best beaches in Auckland, for the blend of relaxing, idyllic and fun experience it provides.

    Famous for: Sunbathing, and relaxing

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    11. Onetangi Beach – Waiheke Island, Auckland

    Onetangi Beach on Waiheke Island in Auckland

    Image Source

    Famous for: Beach racing which comprises of tractor racing, horse racing, and segway racing

    12. Ninety Mile Beach – Northland

    One among the most popular beaches in New Zealand - the Ninety Mile beach

    Image Source

    Located at the northernmost tip of New Zealand, this golden sandy beach is just beside Aupouri Forest. The shore area is dotted with sand dunes resembling a desert landscape. The name is a misnomer as the beach stretch is actually 55 miles long. Perfect for a day out on a summer noon, Ninety Mile is among the best beaches in New Zealand.

    Famous for: Sunbathing, and driving along the shore

    Best time to visit: Round the year

    13. Ngarunui Beach – North Island

    Ngarunui Beach in North Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Being called as surf capital of New Zealand, and sunbathing

    14. Hot Water Beach – Coromandel Peninsula, North Island

    People enjoying at the Coromandel Peninsula’s Hot Water beach

    Image Source

    Coromandel Peninsula’s Hot Water beach offers the best subsurface hot water springs that gush out between tides. The geothermal mineral spa with hot water on the beach allows people to dig their own pools in the sand.

    Famous for: Relaxing, and soaking in the thermal water on the beach

    Best time to visit: Winter season (June – August)

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    15. New Chums Beach – Coromandel Peninsula, North Island

    A bird’s eye view of New Chums Beach

    Image Source

    Located in Wainuiototo Bay on the north-eastern coast of Coromandel Peninsula, the New Chums beach is accessible either by boat/kayak or by trekking for some 30-40 minutes through shrubs and bushes. It is one of the still-virgin beaches of New Zealand that offers enthralling landscape beauty.

    Famous for: Trekking, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and surfing

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    16. Takou Bay – North Island

    Takou Bay in North Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Surfing, and swimming

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    17. Waimarama Beach – Hawke’s Bay, North Island

    Waimarama Beach at Hawke’s Bay in North Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Fishing, and family picnic

    18. Whale Bay – Raglan

    The serene shore of Whale Bay Beach

    Image Source

    Whale bay, hailed among the best beaches in New Zealand, is a coastal strip with an unconventional beach in Raglan. The popular and graveled Whaanga Coast Road starts from here and stretches southward to Ruapuke between Mount Karioi and the Tasman Sea.

    Famous for: Surfing, and relaxing at the beach shacks

    Best time to visit: All year round

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    19. Mount Maunganui Beach – Tauranga, North Island

    Mount Maunganui Beach at Tauranga in North Island

    Image Source

    Famous for: Swimming, surfing, shopping, and golf play

    20. Ocean Beach – Mount Maunganui

    Ocean Beach at Mount Maunganui

    Image Source

    Famous for: Surfing, plenty of dining, and shopping options

    If your traveler instinct is tickling, this time it has to be one of the stunning beaches in New Zealand. Make sure, your cameras are ever-ready!

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