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An easy to do water activity yet a life changing experience, snorkeling can be done by people from all age groups. So whether looking for an enthralling vacay with your friends or planning an expedition with your significant other, this one experience won’t disappoint you. It is one of the top most activities in people’s bucket list and the surreal feeling that a person gets when they experience the raw underwater life fully justifies it.

Don’t you want to witness the vibrant marine life on your next holiday? So without further ado, here’s a list of the 11 best destinations for snorkeling from around the world.

11 Best Destinations For Snorkeling: Swim, Float & Repeat

Want to experience the best snorkeling in the world? There’s no doubt that snorkeling is the most extraordinary experience to have in one’s life. So to make sure that you make the most of this activity and indulge in it at the best place, here’s a list of 11 most gorgeous destinations in the world. Take a look!

1. The Maldives

snorkeling in maldives_24th oct

Crystal clear waters, flourishing marine life, and more than 700 species of fish including octopus makes The Maldives one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the world. The island nation offers more wonder underwater than over and if you’re staying at some luxury island resort here, then the snorkeling activity is even more easy to arrange. Underwater gardens, coral, mesmerising marine life, and an out of the world experience, expect all of this and more while snorkeling in Maldives.

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2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

world famous coral reef system

This is perhaps one of those destinations where you can experience best snorkeling in the world and its world famous coral reef system fully justifies it. The reef which is made up of 2900 individual reefs and is spread across 1400 miles off the Australian shoreline will take you to another world all together. And yes, snorkeling in Australia not only offers access to the reefs but also to manta rays, coral, and exotic marine life. One of the better places to start snorkeling here would be Whitsunday Islands. Australia is undoubtedly the best place for snorkeling

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3. Komodo Island, Indonesia

heaven for the marine life lover

This Komodo island is not only famous for the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world but is also one of the best destinations for snorkeling. The Pink Beach on this island offers you a chance to swim with the rays and hawksbill turtles but if you’re looking for something more exotic, then, the Komodo National Park is the place for you. The park and its waters will give you access to 14 endangered species of fish, 260 types of corals, and more than 1000 varieties of fish. Surely a heaven for the marine life lover.

4. The Big Island, Hawaii

most diverse island for sports

Out of all the amazing spots in Hawaii for snorkeling, The Big Island takes the cake for it holds the most diverse and historically rich experience when it comes to the sport. The Kealakekua Bay is the place where Captain James Cook landed on the island and it is here that you can dive and see dolphins, turtles, and more. This is surely one of the best places for snorkeling in Hawaii. And yes, to witness even more dolphins, underwater gardens, and tropical fish – there is always the Honaunau Bay for you to snorkel at.

5. Ilha Grande, Brazil

overview of the island

The Ilha Grande in Brazil is one of the most exciting and best destinations for snorkeling in the world. This island is wild in its very vibe and even though it has hotels, it’s monkey filled forests and lagoons are untouched and perfect to witness underwater coves, seahorses, turtles, angelfishes, and even explore shipwrecks. Ilha Grande lies off the coast of Brazil, halfway between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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6. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

fascinating underwater marine life

The land that inspired Charles Darwin and is famous for the hundreds of year old turtles also holds an equally or more fascinating underwater marine life. Home to Galápagos penguins, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, orcas, humpback whales and more, this is heavenly delight for the underwater explorer. The place is awesome if you are planning a vacation with your friends and loved ones as the place is home to numerous stunning locations. This is one of the best places for snorkeling in Ecuador.

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7. Plage de la Palud, South of France

many kinds of marine environment

The south of France shared a border with the Mediterranean Sea and has a coastline that is over 560 miles. No wonder, it has some of the most amazing sites for snorkeling and many kinds of marine environments. Some of the best places to snorkel here include Port Cros National Park (an island with amazingly preserved sea beds and fish life) and Palud Bay which has clear waters, rich marine life, and an underwater topography that is perfect for experienced snorkelers. This is surely one of the best destinations for snorkeling.

8. Palawan, The Philippines

most exciting marine place

While Philippines might not be the most popular choice but it is certainly one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the world. The archipelago comprising of 7000 islands and its surrounding waters makes for one of the most exciting and marine rich places to snorkel. Popular places for snorkeling in The Philippines include Bay of Dorsol where one can spot whale sharks and Noa Noa Island where you can see the coral reefs. Honda Bay is filled with fish and is also home to the Tubbataha reef.

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9. Buck Island, St. Croix, USVI

delight for beginner snorkelers

One of the best places to snorkel in US and the world, the Buck Island offers a delight for beginner snorkelers. The shallow waters would often lead you to catch glimpses of the elusive sea turtles, octopus and would even offer a splendid view of the elkhorn coral barrier reefs. So son’t forget to indulge in this interesting expedition on your next US tour. Don’t forget to grab the delicious delicacies offered by the localites near the beaches. 

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10. Ambergris Caye, Belize

opportunities to spot colourful fishes

Another best destinations for snorkeling are located in Belize. The Ambergris Caye has the largest barrier reef outside Australia and it’s Caribbean coastline offers amazing opportunities to spot colorful fishes, eels, rays, corals, and of course the turquoise waters. Snorkelers can also try the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which is one of the best places here to snorkel. You must have surely heard about the vibrant marine life of Australia and this excursion makes you witness the best of it!

11. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

Stunning beach at Virgin Gorda on the British Virgin Islands in Caribbean

The Virgin Gorda is the third largest island among the British Virgin Islands which is famous for its dramatic shape. Not just this, but the place is also known for being one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the world. Surrounded by the gigantic granited boulders which forms a series of natural tidal pools. Alongside that there is a myriad of grottoes and tunnels which cannot be missed. With giving a chance to explore the coral reefs and the sea life, this island should be top on your list! 

Tips For Snorkeling

Snorkeling In Turkey

Check out the important tips for snorkeling one must surely know before heading to experience one!

  • Rent out good quality equipment
  • Practice with your gear first before experiencing it
  • Learn basics first 
  • Choose your diving spot carefully
  • Check weather forecast

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Aren’t you allured with these best destinations for snorkeling? Looking at these gorgeous destinations, it is clear that snorkeling is an experience that cannot be described but felt. So when are you going? Plan your vacation and indulge in these exciting experiences. Also, do share your snorkeling experiences if you’ve done already.

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