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    Islands for honeymooners

    The beautiful islands in Europe and romance are quite synonymous when it comes to celebrating your honeymoon. The lush greenery, breezy winds, sparkling beaches, and a stay where time comes to a standstill, is all that you need to start the new life with your partner in the best way possible. And so, these islands stand second to none when it comes to deciding your honeymoon tour to Europe. Take a backseat, go through our list of best islands in Europe for honeymoon and pick the one meant for you two before you head out.

    1. The alluring Santorini in Greece

    romantic islands in europe couple

    Ask about the most romantic islands in Europe, and we would say Santorini! One of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegian Sea, Greece, this island is a paradise for honeymooners. Its overlooking the sea locale, beautiful beaches made up of red, black, and white lava pebbles make it undoubtedly one of the best islands in Europe for honeymoon.

    Highlights: Santorini in Greece is known worldwide for claiming the top spot in the ‘World’s Best’ survey, and offers you an opportunity to witness jaw-dropping sunsets and spectacular views of the sea.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Santorini: Santorini Princess is one of the most luxuriously romantic retreats for every couple who’s visiting here for the first time.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
    Price: INR 31,000 to INR 39,000 per night for a honeymoon suite.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Santorini: Ambrosia Restaurant is an amazing fine-dining place to indulge in Greek, European, or seafood delicacies.
    Things To Do In Santorini: Go for a romantic walk from Caldera over to Fira and enjoy a hiking tour, watch the sunset together, or take a dip in the pool with your loved one.
    How To Reach Santorini: You can reach Santorini from the Athens Airport by taking a ferry from either the port of Pireaus or Rafina. Pireaus can be reached in 60 to 90 minutes via a car or a bus from the airport.

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    2. The saucy Tenerife in Spain

    couple on tenerife island

    Being the largest amongst the Canary Islands in Spain, Tenerife is definitely one of the best islands in Europe for honeymoon because of its year round friendly climate, natural surroundings, and state-of-the-art infrastructure for tourists. Plan your romantic honeymoon in Europe at this island without thinking too much, as it has a thousand of experiences to offer.

    Highlights: This island is known for being an island of eternal spring.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Tenerife: Royal Garden Villas in Adeje is the most romantic place to stay to have an unforgettable experience on your honeymoon.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price:. INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 per night for a villa with a private pool.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Tenerife: Monta Christo in Adeje has an excellent hospitality and warm ambience for your perfect dinner date.
    Cost: The average prices for the Italian and Mediterranean food ranges from INR 720 to INR 2,800.
    Things To Do In Tenerife:
    Relax in the lap of nature, go to the beach with your partner, shop your heart out, walk the old town cobbles, or have fun at Siam – the theme park.
    How To Reach Tenerife:
    One the many romanticislands in Europe, Tenerife can be reached either by sea or by air. If you plan to commute by air, take a flight from either the Los Rodeos – Tenerife North Airport or Reina Sofia – Tenerife South Airport.

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    3. The cove-studded Capri in Italy

    Islands for honeymooners

    Image Source

    Your search for the best islands in Europe for honeymoon would end the moment you come across the Capri Island in Italy. It is not only one the most picturesque islands, but also the most visited in Italy. This island has the perfect mystical charm to help you get closer to nature, and to each other on your honeymoon trip to Europe. The best time to visit Italy is April, early May or October, when the sea is warm enough for a swim.

    Highlights: This luxurious and extraordinarily gorgeous island has been an inspiration to poets, lovers and travelers for centuries.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Capri: Hotel Villa Brunella is a haven of peace and romance
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price:. INR 20,000 and above for a classic double room.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Capri: Terrazza Brunella in the neighbourhood serves you the most breathtaking views and delicious food.
    Cost: The average price to dine here ranges from INR 2,450 to INR 4,650.
    Things To Do In Capri: Visiting the famous Blue Grotto Cave, Punta Carena Lighthouse, Piazetta beach and bell tower, hiking in Arco Naturale, etc. are some of the things to do in Italy.
    How To Reach Capri: Capodichino in Naples is the nearest airport, from where you can reach the island either by a boat or via a helicopter.

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    4. The green and rugged Madeira in Portugal

    Couple at a viewpoint on madeira

    If you and your better half are someone who loves heights, Madeira is one of the best islands in Europe for honeymoon that you must definitely visit. From little adventures to big thrills, a romantic holiday at this island will surely make your honeymoon more exciting and memorable!

    Highlights: Madeira Island is exceptionally beautiful, rich in culture and food, and offers great possibilities for hiking.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Madeira: The Vine Hotel is a stylish, elegant, and a super gorgeous accommodation for honeymooners.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price:. INR 13,000 to INR 25,000 for deluxe room to design suites.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Madeira: Head to the Med Restaurant to spend a lovely evening over toothsome food with your partner.
    Things To Do In Madeira: Go for a cable car ride till Funchal and enjoy the mesmerizing view, or indulge in exotic fruits and wines of Madeira.
    How To Reach Madeira: You can either reach the island via a boat or by air. To reach by air, take a flight from the Madeira Airport and then a taxi to reach in 15 to 20 minutes.

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    5. The romantic old Rhodes in Greece

    couple in water park rhodes

    Nestled amidst beaches, wooded valleys, and histories, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Europe for nightlife. Apart from stunning beach resorts, this island also has picturesque places for sightseeing and romantic old towns. Stay assured to have an unforgettable experience once you’re here with your partner!

    Highlights: One of the many honeymoon islands in Europe, Rhodes is known for its beach resorts and ancient ruins.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Rhodes: Amathus Elite Suites is a beautiful place to stay to spend some romantic time in your private pool.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
    Price: INR 24,000 and above for a standard double room.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Rhodes: Right from its decor to the views and food, Blue Fin Restaurant is a great place to dine at with your partner.
    Things To Do In Rhodes: You can either visit the vineyards, take a science tour or indulge in your favorite sports.
    How To Reach Rhodes: You can reach the island either by air or by a ferry. To reach by a ferry, take one from the port of Piraeus. The trip from Athens to Rhodes mostly takes 16 to 18 hours.

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    6. The chic and lively Corsica in France

    Couple on honeymoon in europe

    Corsica – a mountainous Mediterranean island, presents a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forests and spectacular peaks. Plan your honeymoon to Corsica if you both are nature admirers, as the natural heritage here is one of its kind in the world. There isn’t really any better time to visit one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, as it promises 300 days of sunshine.
    Highlights: Corsica is a laid-back French island, with a breezy vibe that makes it one of the best honeymoon islands in Europe.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Corsica: La Villa is an absolute romantic retreat for your honeymoon stay in Corsica.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price: INR 29,000 to INR 77,000 for double rooms with garden views to superior suites.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Corsica: Terramea deserves all your praises and time for offering an amazing fine dining experience.
    Things To Do In Corsica:Mountain climbing, biking, sailing, and deep sea diving are some of the things to do in Corsica to calm the adventurer in you.
    How To Reach Corsica: The island can be reached either by air or by water. You can easily take a ferry from a port in France or Italy, and reach in four to six hours.

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    7. The cosmopolitan Jersey in United Kingdom

    couple walking on beach in jersey

    If you’re looking for honeymoon islands in Europe, know that heading to Jersey would be a choice you won’t regret making. While this island is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom, it enjoys its own powers and culture. With sea less than ten minutes away, it seems like the island is shaped by the sea and its astonishing tides. Quite literally!

    Highlights: Jersey is known for its beaches, cliffside walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Jersey: With amazing rooms and an outdoor pool, Longueville Manor is a great place to stay in Jersey to pamper yourselves.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
    Price: INR 19,000 to INR 40,000 for classic to deluxe double rooms.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Jersey:
    From seafood to vegetarian friendly and gluten-free food, Ocean Restaurant has something for everyone.
    The average price to dine here range from INR 1,630 to INR 6,975.
    Things To Do In Jersey:
    Visit the Elizabeth Castle, go for seafaris, or paddle boarding with your partner.
    How To Reach Jersey:
    You can fly to Jersey from any of the UK Airports in less than an hour.

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    8. The delightful Majorca in Spain

    Couple clicking pciture in majorca

    Majorca or Mallorca is not only one of the best islands in Europe for honeymoon, but also the world. Being one of the Balearic Islands in Spain, this island has a lot to offer to couples seeking privacy. The mesmerizing sky shining bright with stars at night only adds on to your experience and makes your visit here absolutely worthwhile.

    Highlights: This island offers stories of art and history, and is known for its beach resorts, sheltered coves, and limestone mountains.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Majorca: If fancy is what you love, then there can be no better place than Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa to spend your honeymoon.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price: INR 33,000 to INR 73,000 for double rooms to junior suites with a sea view.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Majorca: Es Pati near the island is sure to offer you a great value for money experience.
    Things To Do In Majorca: Explore the island with your partner either on a vintage train or by a boat ride, or go for a romantic Catamaran Sailing in Palma Bay.
    How To Reach Majorca: The quickest and most convenient way to the island is by a flight from the Palma Airport. However, you can also book for helicopter transfers if you’re looking for a royal experience.

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    9. The sleepy islands of Corfu in Greece

    Couple on romantic island in europe

    Corfu was one of the first Greek Ionian Islands to open to tourism and since then it has become a spot for honeymooners. Amongst all the best islands in Europe for honeymoon, Corfu keeps its place constant with its beautiful beaches and Venetian style built old towns. Stop looking further if honeymoon on one of the best romantic islands in Europe is all you want!

    Highlights: Being one of the most beautiful and popular islands of the country, it is a sweet spot for couples looking to spend time together.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Corfu: Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels to stay in Corfu on your honeymoon trip.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
    Price: INR 10,000 to INR 14,000 for studio rooms and suites.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Corfu: The Venetian Well will take you and your spouse on a gastronomical ride with its delectable food and genuine hospitality.
    Cost: This restaurant offers Greek, European, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian food priced between INR 1,433 to INR 4,950.
    Things To Do In Corfu: Visit the beautiful beaches for a romantic walk with your partner, the art museums, and discover the Corfu villages.
    How To Reach Corfu: You can take a flight from the Athens Airport to reach Corfu in less than an hour.

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    10. The paradisaical Mykonos in Greece

    romantic islands for honeymoon in europe

    Image Source

    Mykonos is one of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea, which stays to be one of the best islands in Europe for nightlife. The Paradise and Super Paradise beaches here have bars that boast thumping music, and the massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs. If you and your better half are party freaks and don’t want to miss out a bit of it even on your honeymoon, head to the Mykonos Island.

    Highlights: This island is renowned for its summer party atmosphere.
    Luxury Resort To Stay In Mykonos: Mykonos Princess Hotel is one of the most highly recommended lifestyle luxury hotels to stay for honeymooners.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
    Price: INR 24,000 to INR 40,000 for double rooms and honeymoon Jacuzzi sea view suites.
    Website | Reviews
    Romantic Place To Eat In Mykonos:
    Kalita is an exceptionally romantic restaurant to visit on your honeymoon in Mykonos to indulge in some Greek and Mediterranean cuisines.
    The average price of the food here is from INR 2,800 to INR 4,235.
    Things To Do In Mykonos:
    Romanticize at the Little Venice Sunset Cruise or take a private half day Mykonos tour and explore the island with your partner.
    How To Reach Mykonos:
    You can easily reach Mykonos from either of the two ports in Athens – Piraeus or Rafina by a boat.

    11. The Culturally rich Malta

    Malta port

    Image Source

    Malta is a Mediterranean island located between Sicily and North African Coast offering you with an array of things to discover. The honey-colored stone of the island contrasts well with the azure blue waters of the sea. And, oh! You are going to fall in the medieval architecture of the city. It is a great place to enjoy the sea, sun, and the rich Mediterranean culture.

    Highlights: The archipelago offers a glorious variety of tiny islands. Island hopping is one of the things honeymooners can do to have the best of this place.
    Luxury resort to stay in Malta: Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands is the most luxurious place to stay in Malta which even offers gorgeous views of the sea and the country.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price: Starting INR 21,000 per night
    Website | Review
    Romantic Places to eat in Malta: Palazzo Preca Restaurant offers a great venue to enjoy romantic dinner and Maltese cuisine.
    Things to do in Malta: Scuba diving is a most sought after activity in Malta. Visit its numerous fortresses and megalithic temples.
    How to reach Malta: Malta has direct flights from all the airports in Europe. The airport is just 45 minutes away from the main island and can be reached by car or taxi.

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    12. The lively Ibiza in Spain

    bay in ibiza

    Image Source

    An archipelago with pine-tree clad hills, Ibiza is hands down the best destination for the couple who is lively and cheerful. Known for its wild and raving parties, it is one of the best places in Europe to enjoy the nightlife. It is also a home to quiet villages, enchanting beaches, and yoga treats.

    Highlights: If you are a cheerio couple who likes to party, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni are where many European nightclubs host their summer outposts.
    Luxury resort to stay in Ibiza: Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa is an upscale beachfront resort and just 10-minute walk from popular Space nightclub.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price: INR 17,000 onwards
    Website | Review
    Romantic places to eat in Ibiza: Amante Ibiza, a Mediterranean restaurant right in the heart of Ibiza offers romantic ambiance along with delectable cuisine.
    Things to do in Ibiza: Explore the jaw-dropping beaches on Ibiza island and experience its world-renowned clubbing scene in some of its popular bars and clubs.
    How to reach: Es Codolar International Airport is the nearest airport which has direct flights from major Spain cities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Islands In Europe For Honeymoon


    Q. Which island is the best for a honeymoon in Europe?

    A. Santorini, Tenerife, Capri, Madeira, Old Rhodes are some of the best islands in Europe for honeymoon where one can enjoy the paradisical beauty of the islands and also a surreal beauty of the islands.

    Q. Where should couples go to Europe?

    A. The best weekend getaways for the couples in Europe are Venice, Porto, Santorini, Budapest, London, Paris and Vienna which are actually a good escape from the daily routine.

    Q. Which city is the city of love?

    A. Paris is called the city of love for numerous reasons which include beautiful sightseeings, its surreal native language and popularity as a honeymoon destination. And the best thing is to take a view of the most romantic places standing at the Eiffel Tower.

    Q. Where can one go to Europe for Valentines?

    A. Some of the best places in Europe one should go for Valentine’s day are Paris, Venice, Ljubljana, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

    Q. Which is the most romantic city in Europe?

    A. Venice, Paris, The Cinque Terre, Sintra, Aix-les-Bains, Biarritz, Florence, Santorini are some of the most romantic cities in Europe.

    Q. Which are the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean?

    A. Santorini, Sardinia, Folegandros, Menorca, Hvar, Malta, Mallorca are some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

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