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    The undulating magnificence of Uttarakhand leaves an everlasting imprint on every traveler’s mind while he’s traversing through the mystical towns and hills of this beautiful state. From experiencing a spiritual awakening to being one with nature amidst the dense forests, snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, and meandering streams and rivers, Uttarakhand is a heaven for nature lovers. From playing in the snow in Auli to catching a glimpse of the wildlife in Jim Corbett, an incredible experience and adventure await the entire family in these mountains. See the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December, especially during the New Year’s weekend, for a much-needed break and a dose of fun.

    10 Best Places To Visit Uttarakhand In December 2020

    So, which of these captivating and refreshing hill towns in Uttarakhand will you be checking out first? Scroll down to see what all they offer before you book a trip.

    1. Auli – A Captivating Wonderland

    Auli New Year For Couples

    Recognized as the skiing capital of India, Auli turns into a majestic wonderland during the winter months between November and February, making it one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December. Whether you are a professional or simply trying to learn skiing, you will surely enjoy sliding down the slopes of Auli situated 2500 to 3050 meters above sea level. If skiing is not your thing, you can choose to play in the snow, throw snowballs at each other, or even make a snowman. For exhilarating views of the peaks, set off on a scenic trek to Gorson Bugyal situated only 3 km away from Auli. It is surely one of the best places to see in Uttarakhand in December with kids.

    Best time to visit: November to March
    Ideal trip duration: 3 to 4 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families, friends
    Things to do in Auli: Skiing, camping, trekking, cable car ride
    How to reach: Taxis are conveniently available from Jolly Grant Airport and Kotdwar Railway Station. The railway station is only an hour away situated at a distance of 40km.

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    2. Lansdowne – Untouched Natural Splendor


    For experiencing the unspoiled beauty of a lesser-known hill station, visit Lansdowne which is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December. Surrounded by scenic hills, this charming place is perfect for enjoying various adventurous activities and even moments of complete bliss amid natural surroundings. If you enjoy bird watching, get ready to discover over 600 species of birds that migrate to Lansdowne each year. It is truly a heaven for trekkers providing innumerable trekking opportunities covering a few hours to even a few days.

    Best time to visit: October to March
    Ideal trip duration: 3 to 4 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families, friends
    Things to do in Lansdowne: Bird watching, rock climbing, trekking
    How to reach: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Lansdowne and taxis are available from the airport to Lansdowne. The nearest railway station is at Kotdwar from where one can hire a taxi. Buses and taxis are available to Lansdowne from ISBT Kashmiri Gate and from major destinations of Uttarakhand such as Kotdwar and Dugadda.

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    3. Dhanaulti – A Walk In The Clouds

    Dhanaulti mountains

    Dhanaulti is one of the best places to visit in December in Uttarakhand if you would like to bypass the popular hill station of Mussoorie situated only 60 km away. For a peaceful getaway and to watch the first snowfall of the season, do visit Dhanaulti during the winter months. Nestled among dense woodlands of Oaks, Deodars, and Rhododendrons, you get to marvel at magnificent views of the Himalayas and simply relax in the lap of nature. It’s also the base point of numerous treks. You can trek through the alpine forests to reach Kunjapuri, Surkanda Devi, and Chandrabadni. Some of the interesting places to visit in Dhanaulti include Dhanaulti Eco Park, Klaudia Forest, and Surkanda Devi Temple.

    Best time to visit: October to January and April to June
    Ideal trip duration: 2 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families, friends
    Things to do in Dhanaulti: Camping, trekking through dense woods
    How to reach: Shared or private taxi can be hired to drive down to Dhanaulti from Dehradun or Mussoorie.

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    4. Pithoragarh – A Charming Hideaway

    Nature view of mountains

    Image Source

    Quaint and enchanting, the small valley of Pithoragarh often called the ‘Little Kashmir’ possesses a quaint and enchanting atmosphere and is one of the best places in Uttarakhand in December. Embark on a fascinating journey as you get to experience charming village life and get acquainted with the local customs and festivals. Trekkers will find Pithoragarh an ideal starting point to explore the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Quite a few shrines and temples such as Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple and Nakuleshwar Temple can be visited too.

    Best time to visit: Between October and December and April to June
    Ideal trip duration: 3 to 4 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families, friends
    Things to do: Paragliding, trekking, visiting the villages
    How to reach: Tanakpur is the nearest railway station at a distance of 138 km from where taxis and buses are available for Pithoragarh. Buses from ISBT Anand Vihar in New Delhi are readily available for Pithoragarh.

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    5. Chakrata – A Well-kept Secluded Secret

    Chakrata Mountains

    Mystical and charming, the beautiful hill station of Chakrata surrounded by the pristine mountains is a haven for trekkers and offers a serene delight away from the clutter of city life. Situated 90 km from Dehradun, Chakrata is home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls, caves, and ancient temples. Mundali, situated close to Chakrata, offers skiers the opportunity to slide on the slopes during the winter months.

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year
    Ideal trip duration: 3 to 4 days
    Ideal for: couples, solo travelers
    Things to do in Chakrata: Camping, village walks, trekking, visiting Tiger Falls
    How to reach: The railway station at Dehradun is the nearest and is just 2 hours away from the city center.

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    6. Bhimtal – The Land Of Lakes And Pristine Beauty

    Bhimtal Lake

    If you would like to explore an offbeat destination, plan a trip to Bhimtal, one of the best places in Uttarakhand in December. This idyllic and less crowded hill station is surrounded by dense woods of pine, oaks, and shrubs. Spend your mornings bird watching, exploring the scenic surroundings, or with a boat ride at Bhimtal Lake. Adventurists and explorers can even trek to Garg Parvat, the source of River Gargi.

    Best time to visit: September to December and March to June
    Ideal trip duration: 1 to 2 days
    Ideal for: Honeymooners, families, friends
    Things to do in Bhimtal: Boating in the lake, nature walks, trekking, fishing
    How to reach: From Delhi one can choose to drive down or hire a private cab. Pantnagar Airport at a distance of 58 km is the nearest. Kathgodam Railway Station is the nearest railway station from where cabs and buses can be easily found.

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    7. Nainital – A Jewel In The Crown Of Unmatched Beauty

    lake in nainital

    The ever effervescent and popular hill station of Nainital is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December. Known as the lake city and surrounded by nature’s bounty, Nainital is the best place to visit in December in Uttarakhand. From basking under the sun and leisurely enjoying a boat ride in Naini Lake to visiting Eco Cave Garden and Nainital Zoo, there are plenty of places to visit for the entire family. Adventure enthusiasts can choose to trek to Cheena (Naina) Peak which is situated at 8568 feet and offers magnificent views of the Himalayas.

    Best time to visit: November to February and between March and June
    Ideal trip duration: 4 to 5 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families and office goers
    Things to do in Nainital: Camping, boating, trekking, a ride on the aerial ropeway
    How to reach: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station located 34km away from where buses and cabs are easily available. It takes about 7 hours to reach Nainital from Delhi.

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    8. Sattal – Mystical Magic Of Nature’s Glory

    River view of sattal

    Image Source

    Sattal, as the name suggests, is a cluster of seven lakes and is one of the best places to visit in December in Uttarakhand. Being home to migratory birds, nature enthusiasts, and keen bird watchers will find Sattal a fascinating destination. Pleasant weather throughout the year and innumerable opportunities to explore the verdant woods of Sattal make it one of the most preferred getaways in Uttarakhand in December.

    Best time to visit: September to December and March to June
    Ideal trip duration: 3 to 4 days
    Ideal for: Couples, families
    Things to do: bird watching, nature walks, boating, angling, mountain biking, rock climbing
    How to reach: Cabs for Sattal are available from Kathgodam Railway Station and Pantnagar Airport.

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    9. Jim Corbett – The Wild Within Close Range

    Jim-Corbett-National-Park_19th oct

    Situated on the banks of Ramganga River, Jim Corbett National Park is a popular holiday spot and one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December. Home to over 480 species of flora and fauna, wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to sighting endangered species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger. Divided into five zones, this magnificent park encompassing an area of 500 sq km is covered with lakes, grasslands, streams, hills, and marshy lands. The resorts within the park as well as the jungle safari tours allow one to experience wildlife from close quarters.

    Best time to visit: Mid-October to Mid-June
    Ideal trip duration: 2 to 3 days
    Ideal for: Families, nature enthusiasts, photographers, couples
    Things to do in Jim Corbett: Jungle safari, bird watching, fishing, wildlife photography
    How to reach: Jim Corbett National Park is well connected through bus and taxi services from Delhi and Ramnagar. One can even hail a taxi or take a bus from Pantnagar Airport.

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    10. Kanatal – A Welcome Escape

    Kanatal mountain view

    Travelers seeking solitude away from the hectic schedules of city life will find Kanatal an idyllic escapade boasting apple orchards, verdant green woodlands, magnificent hills, and trees. This charming hamlet with untouched beauty is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December. Kanatal also receives snowfall in the winter months and offers a visual delight to the adventure enthusiasts keen on camping and trekking amid the scenic surroundings. The popular tourist attraction of Surkanda Devi Temple is also situated only 10 km from this charming hamlet. If you love nature, you will surely enjoy a walk through the dense Kodia Jungle situated 1 km away.

    Best time to visit: Mid-October to mid-June
    Ideal trip duration: 2 to 3 days
    Ideal for: Families, friends, adventure enthusiasts
    Things to do in Kanatal: Hiking, nature walks, resorts offering ayurvedic treatments
    How to reach: Dehradun is around 75 km away and one can easily find a bus or hire a private taxi to reach Kanatal.

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    So, which of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December are you going to check out first? Let the expert travel agents at TravelTriangle help you decide! Get in touch with us and plan an awesome-sauce holiday to Uttarakhand right away.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places To Visit In Uttarakhand In December

    Q. Which month is the best to visit Uttarakhand?

    A. If you would like to watch the snowfall and play in it, you should visit Uttarakhand between December and February.

    Q. Where is snowfall in Uttarakhand?

    A. Some of the best places to see snowfall in Uttarakhand include Dhanaulti, Auli, Mussoorie, and in and around Chopta.

    Q. Is there snowfall in Dhanaulti?

    A. Yes, you will find snowfall in Dhanaulti in the winter months. The temperature ranges in Dhanaulti between 1° and 7° and therefore it is quite common to see snowfall here in the months of January and February.

    Q. Which is the coldest place in Uttarakhand?

    A. Auli is considered to be one of the coldest places in Uttarakhand.

    Q. Which are the best hill stations in Uttarakhand to celebrate the New Year?

    A. Mussoorie, Nainital, Lansdowne, and Kasauli are a few awesome places to celebrate New Year. Also, the hotels in these hill stations offer exciting packages and special deals during New Year.

    Q. Which is the most beautiful place in Uttarakhand in December?

    A. Some of the most beautiful places you can visit in Uttarakhand in December include the likes of:
    1. Auli
    2. Dhanaulti
    3. Nainital
    4. Haridwar
    5. Jim Corbett
    6. Chakrata
    7. Pithoragarh
    8. Lansdowne

    Q. How far is Auli from Rishikesh?

    A. Auli is situated around 267 km away from Rishikesh. You can reach it by taking a bus or hiring a taxi from Rishikesh.

    Q. What is Auli famous for?

    A. Auli is famous for its ski resorts and ski slopes and is particularly visited by families and ski enthusiasts during the winter months.

    Q. Does it snow in Nainital in December?

    A. Nainital is definitely quite cold during the winter months and at times it receives snow in late December or early January.

    Q. Where should you go for a 2-day trip near Delhi?

    A. There are quite a few places in Uttarakhand where you can go for a two-day or a short weekend trip near Delhi:
    1. Lansdowne
    2. Sattal
    3. Nainital
    4. Bhimtal
    5. Jim Corbett
    6. Dhanaulti
    7. Rishikesh
    8. Dehradun
    9. Mussoorie
    10. Kasauli

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