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    Best Beaches Near Bangalore

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    Could there possibly be a better feeling than the one experienced while watching the sunset upon the vast ocean. And if you find yourself in Bangalore craving that feeling, then we have you covered! There are plenty of beaches near Bangalore that will give you the rejuvenation and break you need.

    Bangalore is a city famed for its IT sector and work opportunities. Hundreds of people come here in search of jobs and settlements. After a week of hard work, enjoying a weekend getaway is just what you need to blow off some steam. So pack your bags and make your way to any of these spectacular beaches.

    Top 20 Beaches Near Bangalore

    For those who seek a low-key and peaceful break, the beach is the perfect place to be. And while this city itself is not by the ocean, a short drive from the city will land you ate some of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches near Bangalore.

    • Gokarna Beach: Breathtaking
    • Tannirbhavi Beach: Relaxing
    • Malpe Beach: Mesmerizing
    • Auroville Beach: Little Gem
    • Varkala Beach: Adventures
    • Marina Beach: Natural & Urban
    • Mahabalipuram Beach: Scenic
    • Kovalam Beach: Ravishing
    • Karwar Beach: Underrated One!
    • Elliots Beach: Serene
    • Promenade Beach: Leisurely Strolls
    • Kolavipalam Beach: Impeccable
    • Payyoli Beach: Indigenous Turtles
    • VGP Golden Beach: Beach-cum-amusement Park
    • Surathkal Beach: Enticing Sunsets
    • Kozhikode Beach: Spot Dolphins!
    • Penumbra Beach: Enthralling Activities
    • Om Beach: Hidden Beauty
    • Kudle Beach: Camper’s Paradise
    • Chavakkad Beach: Arabian Vistas

    1. Gokarna Beach: Breathtaking

    Gokarna Beach View

    Image Source

    Chances are if you live in Bangalore, you have already heard of Gokarna from your friends and family. A small town dotted with ancient temples, pilgrimage sites and of course, the breathtaking beaches. Both local and international travelers flock to the beaches for a much needed break. You can visit the main Gokarna beach or explore other lesser known areas like Paradise Beach and Om Beach. If you live in the main city, then gather some friends and hop into a car for a fun-filled road trip to this little town.

    Location: Belehittal Rd, Dandebagh, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326
    Things To Do: Surfing, camping, coastline adventure sports
    Distance from Bangalore: 480 km (8 hour drive)

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    2. Tannirbhavi Beach: Relaxing

    Tannirbhavi Beach View

    Image Source

    This is one of the nearest beaches to Bangalore and one of the most underrated one as well. It is in Mangalore which is 6 to 7 hour drive from the main city. Apart from the famous Panambur Beach in Mangalore, make sure to stop by at this beach. It is less crowded and perfect to enjoy a relaxing evening along with some refreshing drinks. While there may not be beaches near Bangalore within 100 km, this is one of the closest ones.

    Location: Kasba Bengre, Mangalore, Karnataka 575010
    Things To Do: Bar hopping, surfing, coastline glaming
    Distance from Bangalore: 357 km (7 hour drive)

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    3. Malpe Beach: Mesmerizing

    Malpe Beach

    Image Source

    One of the most famous beaches near Udupi, the Malpe Beach is one of the most scenic one that you will ever come across. Make sure to visit the St. Mary’s Island from where you can enjoy some mesmerizing views of the ocean. Indulge in some exciting water sports or go for a camel ride, there are a plethora of fun things to do on this beach!

    Location: Malpe, Karnataka
    Things To Do: Boating, swimming, food tours
    Distance from Bangalore: 407 km (8 hour drive)

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    4. Auroville Beach: Little Gem


    Image Source

    More commonly known as Auro Beach, this little gem in Pondicherry is another great place to spend your weekend. You can go in for a swim and simply enjoy a walk by the beach. This is also a popular beach among surfers, both professionals and those starting out. There are many shacks, restaurants and food stalls around the beach that you can explore as well. This is one of the beaches near Bangalore within 300 km and is great for a family and friends trip.

    Location: Tamil Nadu 605101
    Things To Do: Surfing, water sports, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 313 km (6.5 hour drive)

    5. Varkala Beach: Adventures

    Varkala Beach View

    Image Source

    Another one of the best beaches near Bangalore is the famous Varkala Beach. With cliffs right next to the Arbian sea, this place is a sight to behold. There is a temple right next to the beach as well that you must surely visit. Take part in adventure activities like horse riding, parasailing and much more at this wonderful place. Situated in Kerala, this beach is quite the road trip from Bangalore.

    Location: Papanasam Beach, North Cliff, Varkala
    Things To Do: Horse riding, parasailing, boating, camping
    Distance from Bangalore: 685 km (13 hour drive)

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    6. Marina Beach: Natural & Urban

    Marina Beach

    Image Source

    One of the most popular places in Chennai, this is one of the longest natural and urban beaches in our country. It runs about 6 km and attracts a large number of tourists every month. The beach itself is dotted with little stalls selling jewelry made of seashells, little trinkets and souvenirs that you can shop. Food stalls also surround the shore and you will also come across some quaint cafes and eateries nearby.

    Location: Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005
    Things To Do: Food tour, swimming, surfing, parasailing, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 350 km (6.5 hour drive)

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    7. Mahabalipuram Beach: Scenic

    View Of Mahabalipuram Beach

    Image Source

    Surrounded by beautiful hills, Mahabalipuram Beach is a true scenic beauty. The pleasant weather further adds to the beauty of this beach making your holiday so much more memorable. If you want to enjoy a laid back vacation with a breathtaking view, this is certainly the place to be. This secluded yet friendly place makes for the perfect holiday retreat with your special one.

    Location: Tamil Nadu 603104
    Things To Do: Boating, sightseeing, swimming
    Distance from Bangalore: 350 km (6.5 hour drive)

    8. Kovalam Beach: Ravishing

    Kovalam Beach

    Image Source

    Kovalam is a small yet famous coastal town in Kerala known for its scenic lakes, mesmerizing beaches and lush greenery. Kovalam beach itself is simply ravishing with its vast stretch of black sand and contrasting blue sea. In the early morning you can go for a boat ride while reserving your evenings for the splendid sunset that you can witness.

    Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kovalam, Kerala, 695527
    Things To Do: Boating, sightseeing, swimming
    Distance from Bangalore: 725 km (11 hour drive)

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    9. Karwar Beach: Underrated One!

    Karwar Beach View

    Image Source

    Found right beside the national highway, this is another underrated beach near Bangalore. Less crowded, you will surely find this beach a great place to relax. There are a few museums nearby that you can explore as well during your stay. Food will not be a problem either, as the main city is only a mile away from where you will find a number of great restaurants and bars.

    Location: Karwar, Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 581326
    Things To Do: Bar hopping, surfing, swimming
    Distance from Bangalore: 520 km (9 hour drive)

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    10. Elliots Beach: Serene

    Beautiful Beach

    Image Source

    Edward Elliot’s Beach is another beach that can be found on your way to Chennai. It is actually one of the ends of the famous Marina Beach but still has a significance of its own. It is one of the cleanest as well as safest beaches in Chennai. Both tourists and locals admire the beach and find it a great place to enjoy with loved ones.

    Location: 1, 24th Cross St, Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090
    Things To Do: Boating, picnic, sightseeing
    Distance from Bangalore: 350 km (6.5 hour drive)

    11. Promenade Beach: Leisurely Strolls

    Image Credit: P Jeganathan for Wikimedia

    Promenade Beach in Pondicherry is known for its lively experiences. This 1.5-kilometer long beach is one of the best places to visit in Pondicherry. If you are interested in leisurely strolls and don’t mind traveling to the serene island then Promenade Beach is surely one of the best spots of you. It is also one of the nearest beaches from Bangalore. This place is also surrounded by some of the best historical places in Karnataka

    Location: Mahe de Labourdonnais St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001
    Things To Do: Swimming, shoreline strolls, picnic
    Distance from Bangalore: 311 km

    12. Kolavipalam Beach: Impeccable

    Image Credit: KP Sudeep for Wikimedia

    Kolavipalam Beach in Calicut is located in Northern Kerala and is one of the popular beaches near Bangalore and often visited by Bangaloreans holidaying in Kerala. The beach is called as Turtle Beach by locals making you meet numerous Olive Ridley turtles especially in the month of September. 

    Location: Unnamed Road, Iringal, Kerala 673522
    Things To Do: Food tours, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 312 km

    13. Payyoli Beach: Indigenous Turtles

    Payyoli Beach_22nd oct

    Payyoli Beach in Kozhikode is another beautiful beach near Bangalore that is located in Kerala. If you are on a Kerala trip from Bangalore then you must not miss out on Payyoli Beach. This beach is also popular for indigenous turtles and an old lighthouse, making it a perfect spot to capture in your camera lens. 

    Location: Govindapuram, Kozhikode 673016, India
    Things To Do: Wildlife tour, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 346 km

    14. VGP Golden Beach: Beach-cum-amusement Park

    Image Credit: Magnus Manske for Wikimedia

    VGP Golden Beach is located on the East Coast Road and is merely 21 kilometres from Chennai. For those who are planning a getaway to Chennai from Bangalore, VGP Golden Beach is an amazing option to explore. Being a beach-cum-amusement park is a popular place among tourists planning a vacation with family or friends. This is one of the famous beaches near Chennai also.

    Location: 5, 159, SH 49, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115
    Things To Do: Amusement park visit, boating, sightseeing
    Distance from Bangalore: 346 km 

    15. Surathkal Beach: Enticing Sunsets

    Surathkal Beach

    Surathkal Beach is located in the neighbouring port city of Mangalore on the west coast of the Arabian Sea. This is one of the most loved beaches near Bangalore offering scenic beauty of nature and enticing sunsets. The beach is located in proximity to the popular Sadashiva temple and is frequently visited by devotees heading to the temple. It is one of the most popular beaches in Mangalore. It is also one of the nearest beaches from Bangalore

    Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, India
    Things To Do: Historic tour, bar hopping, boating, swimming
    Distance from Bangalore: 360 km

    16. Kozhikode Beach: Spot Dolphins!

    Image Credit: GXR441 for Wikimedia

    Kozhikode Beach is located on the Malabar coast in Kerala and is known for its stunning sunsets and an array of seafood options. If you are a history lover then you can surely plan a visit to this historical town of Kozhikode, the place where Vasco da Game first landed in India. There is also a Dolphin Point at this beach from where you can spot dolphins!

    Location: Kozhikode, Kerala is 673032
    Things To Do: Dolphin tour, sightseeing, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 362 km

    17. Penumbra Beach: Enthralling Activities

    Image Credit: CodePanda for Wikimedia

    Penumbra Beach is another popular beach near Bangalore which is among the most visited places near Mangalore city. It is also known for mesmerizing sunsets and enthralling adventurous activities including parasailing and jet skiing. You can also take a camel or horse ride here. If you are looking for a spot to have an awesome time with your family, then you can surely visit this beach. 

    Location: Panambur Beach, Mangalore
    Things To Do: Parasailing, jet skiing, boating
    Distance from Bangalore: 375 km 

    18. Om Beach: Hidden Beauty

    Image Credit: Wikimedia

    Om Beach is perhaps the most capturing coastlines in Karnataka on account of the stretch of perfect curve waterline that rule the scene. There’s an awesome adrenaline-pumping climb that runs along with the highest points of the surrounding area. It’s not for the timid (with a ton of steep here and their segments, it’s genuine residue off-your-climbing boots an area), however, it’s perfect for adventure travellers. This is also one of the best places to visit during the monsoon in Karnataka.

    Location: Gokarna, India, Karnataka
    Things To Do: Boating, sightseeing, coastal tour
    Distance from Bangalore: 545 km

    19. Kudle Beach: Camper’s Paradise

    Image Credit: Wikimedia

    Location: Kudle Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326
    Things To Do: Sight-seeing, nature walks, picnics
    Distance from Bangalore: 433 km

    This mile-long Kudle beach, practically around the bend from Gokarna, is amazingly secluded. Surfers love it, as well – conditions are top-rate. The town of Gokarna actually keeps up the environment of an old fishing town. This is also one of the most popular gems that people often detour for from Bangalore and the vistas are definitely worth the travel.

    20. Chavakkad Beach: Arabian Vistas

    Image Credit: Wikimedia

    Location: Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur
    Things To Do: Boating, swimming, surfing
    Distance from Bangalore: 312 km

    Wild and free and practically lunar-like, Chavakkad Beach is a tremendous landscape – four miles – of brilliant sands upheld by pine woods and immense sand rises held set up by wildflowers and marram grass. A green surrounding at elevated tides to frame a tidal pond. It is one of the best places to grab a brunch with your friends or family.

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    If these pictures have you dreaming of the cool blue sea and beautiful sandy beaches, then you have a case of the beach-fever! Head to any of these beaches near Bangalore for an exciting getaway with your family and friends. Plan a trip to Bangalore and enjoy a hassle-free experience in the city!

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Please Note: Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Bangalore

    Are there any beaches in Bangalore?

    No, Bangalore is a landlocked city and there is no beach here. Some beaches near Bangalore are Tannirbhavi Beach, and Gokarna Beach. One can head to these beaches on a weekend trip. They are in Mangalore and Gokarna respectively.

    Is there any beach in Mysore?

    No, Mysore does not have a beach, but there are a lot of other wonderful places to visit in Mysore.

    Which are the best beaches in Mangalore?

    Some of the beaches in Mangalore that one should visit are Panambur Beach, Tannirbhavi Beach, Someshwara Beach, and Ullal Beach.

    How can I go to Gokarna from Bangalore?

    The distance between Bangalore and Gokarna is around 448 km and there is one direct train that runs between the two cities, Karwar Exp. One can either take this train, or take a taxi/self drive to Gokarna.

    Is Gokarna safe?

    Yes, Gokarna is a small hippy town in Karnataka which is totally safe for travelers.

    How can I go to Hampi from Bangalore?

    The distance between Hampi and Bangalore is around 342 km. There are no direct flights, buses or trains between the two cities. So, the best way is to self drive or hire a cab to go to Hampi from Bangalore.

    How far is the sea from Bangalore?

    The Arabian Sea is around 842 km away from Bangalore. Otherwise the nearest that Bangalore is to a water body and a beach is around 350 km both towards Chennai and Mangalore.

    How many beaches are there in Karnataka?

    There is no fixed number to the beaches in Karnataka but some of the most beautiful ones here are in Gokarna, Udupi and Mangalore. Plan a weekend trip from Bangalore to visit these beautiful beaches.

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