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Asia is not only the biggest continent on the face of the earth but also has the best romantic destinations. From wallet friendly honeymoon destinations to ultra-luxurious honeymoon packages you’ll find almost everything to suit your desire on this continent. If you are looking to spend a good time with your partner, but the budget is the only thing that holds you back, here is an opportunity for you to visit one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia.

There are about 48 countries in Asia most of which are appropriate for couples to visit, if not all. Get the best of nature, adventure, and history in these countries that you won’t find anywhere else. Scroll down and check out the best honeymoon destinations in Asia and plan your amour’s idea of romance!

23 Best Budget Honeymoon Destinations In Asia In 2023

Are you looking for the best honeymoon destinations on a budget in Asia? Here is the list of budget honeymoon destinations in Asia for those who want to spend between INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000. Take a look.

  • Vietnam – INR 95,000 and above
  • Cambodia – INR 90,000 and above
  • Sri Lanka – INR 90,000 and above
  • Laos – INR 90,000 and above
  • Thailand – INR 80,000 and above
  • Philippines – INR 90,000 and above
  • Nepal – INR 40,000 and above
  • Kyrgyzstan – INR 80,000 and above
  • Russia – INR 90,000 and above
  • Maldives – 1.3 lacs and above
  • Turkey – 1.9 lacs and above
  • Hong Kong – 1.5 lacs and above
  • Taiwan – 1.5 lacs and above
  • Malaysia – INR 1.10 lacs and above
  • Bhutan – INR 60,000 and above
  • Myanmar – INR 60,000 and above
  • Dubai – INR 80,000 and above
  • Jordan – INR 2 lacs and above
  • Israel – INR 2 lacs and above
  • Japan – Upto 3 lakhs
  • Singapore – 2.3 Lacs to 2.7 Lacs
  • South Korea – 2 lakhs
  • Indonesia – INR 1.10 lacs and above

1. Vietnam – Tranquil Beaches


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country best known for its wonderful tranquil beaches in South East Asia, gushing rivers, and bustling cities. There is so much to explore in the country as you take a trip to one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia. Since you’ll be able to enjoy everything from staying, traveling around, and eating at a really low cost, that is why it’s one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do in Vietnam: As a honeymoon couple, you can really enjoy your best moments together here in Vietnam. Some of the best things to do in Vietnam include eating out Vietnamese noodles in a restaurant, cruising in Mekong Delta, Crawling via cu chi tunnels or undertake a kayaking or biking trip with the locals.
Tourist Attractions: Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi Tunnels, Khai Dinh Tomb, Marble Mountains, Tam Coc, My Khe Beach
Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
Package cost (Couple): INR 95,000 and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 30,857
  • Land package: INR 33,000

When to visit: September- December.
Visa: Visa is required; may be obtained on arrival if prior online approval has been obtained through a travel agency
How To Reach: Vietnam has three international airports situated at Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport) in the North, Da Nang (Danang International Airport) in the Central part of the country and Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport) in the South. You can take a flight to your nearest airport.
Languages Spoken: Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Khmer and various highlander languages
Currencies Accepted: US Dollar and Vietnamese dong

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2. Cambodia – Mysterious Beauty

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is another wonderful honeymoon destination in Asia which helps young couples escape the world and to enjoy their new life in their budget. This is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia here you can get the most out of every penny spent, the natural beauty and heritage beauty act as magnets for people around the world which makes it one of the best honeymoon places in Asia on budget.

Things to do in Cambodia: If you want to explore a new sort of nature on your Southeast Asia honeymoon, this place is a perfect one for you to spend the best moments of your life together. Cambodia offers you a scenic view of lots of enthralling lakes, Angkor Wat Complex, The Bayon and much more.
Tourist Attractions: Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm Temple, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap, Silver Pagoda, Kratie, Koh Ker, Bayon Temple
Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 32,620
  • Land package: INR 33,000

When to visit: October to May
Visa: Visa on arrival for 30 days
How To Reach: Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport are the major airports of Cambodia. You can take a flight to your nearest airport.
Languages Spoken: Khmer
Currencies Accepted:  US dollars and Cambodian Riels

3. Sri Lanka – Nature And Wildlife

Laxapana Falls in Sri Lanka

Looking for the cheap and best honeymoon destinations in Asia? Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island nation popular budget honeymoon destination in Asia. The rocky land consists of rainforest, wildlife and incessant yet wonderful beaches in Sri Lanka making for a relaxing and rejuvenating honeymoon spot. Though the experience of Sri Lanka is vivid and priceless, it is on the list of cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do: Sri Lanka’s highest mountain named Adam’s Peak and lots of colorful, serene and endless beaches is one of the major attractions amongst the newly married couples.
Tourist Attractions: Pha That Luang, Pak Ou Caves, Wat Phu, Wat Xieng Thong, Si Phan Don, Vang Vieng
Duration: 6 Days/5 nights
Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 22,267
  • Land package(couple): INR 30,000

When to visit: Best time to visit west and south coast in Sri Lanka – December to March and best weather conditions on the east coast is from- April or May to September.
Visa: Electronic Travel Authorization for 30 days
How To Reach: Colombo Airport is well-connected to the other parts of the world and you can take a direct or indirect flight.
Languages Spoken: Sinhala, and Tamil
Currencies Accepted: Sri Lanka Rupee, US Dollar and Euro

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4. Laos – Buddhist Vibe

honeymoon laos

Laos is truly considered as one of the most colorful and budget honeymoon destinations in Asia. It is a must-visit destination in Asia for the lovebirds after their marriage where they can happily enjoy their new day of life with full excitement and splendor. All this and more make this paradise one of the top honeymoon destinations in Asia on budget.

Things to do: With truly gracious residents, Laos, a wonderful destination is combined with impressive Buddhist temples and shrines, lots of places of interest and mysterious heritage sites as well. You can try the delicious cuisine, ride a bicycle around the towns, or go shopping in Laos.
Tourist Attractions:
Duration: 6 Night and 7 Days
Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 32,500
  • Land package: INR 30,000

When to visit: All year round
Visa: Visa on arrival for 30 days
How To Reach: One can reach Laos by water from Thai border via many means. There are speedboat, slow boat or by a deluxe one-day boat that will connect you to Luang Prabang.
Languages Spoken: Tai Daeng, Phu Thai, Tai Dam, and Nyaw
Currencies Accepted: Laos kip, Thai baht and US dollars

5. Thailand – Islands And Beaches

Phuket, Thailand

There’s no doubt as to why Thailand is among the best budget honeymoon spots in Asia. Thailand is a fun-loving, unusual, tropical, refined and historic budget friendly honeymoon destination in Asia. With many islands and exotic experiences to choose from, Thailand will certainly not going to burn a hole in your pocket as this one is among the cheap honeymoon destinations in the world. The place is amongst the best beach honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do: Visiting a grand palace in Thailand can really make a couple feel amazing. For the bugs and insects lover, Thailand is a place for them! Water sports are a must for the newly marrieds to explore and don’t forget to relax on some of the best and pristine Thai beaches for a laidback and comfortable honeymoon time.
Tourist Attractions: The Grand Palace, Railay Beach, Phi Phi Islands, Chiang Mai, Khao yai National Park, Ayutthaya
Duration: 6 Days/ 5 nights
Package cost: INR 80,000 and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 19,784
  • Land package: INR 35,000

When to visit: July to October- Rainy Season and November to February- Coolest times.

Visa: Visa on arrival is available
How To Reach: Bangkok airport is well-connected to the other parts of the world and welcomes almost all the major airlines
Languages Spoken: Thai
Currencies Accepted: Thai baht and US dollars

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6. Philippines – Underwater Adventure

Two scuba divers under the ocean

The Philippines has some of the most scenic honeymoon destinations in Asia, but the one that made it to our list is El Nido. Situated in the north of the sparsely populated Palawan Island, El Nido offers numerous fun activities for newlywed couples. The dining experience here is also pretty special and romantic to share with your lover. Bring your love alive at this beautiful spot to know why it’s one of the most romantic places in Asia on budget!

Things to do in Philippines: Honeymooners can go snorkeling and scuba diving at Biscuit Bay. Enjoy fun activities like mountain biking, island hopping and sightseeing with your newlywed spouse.
Tourist Attractions: Boracay Islands, Chocolate Hills, Mayon Volcano, Hanging Coffins, Batad Rice Terraces, Coral Garden
Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights
Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

  • Airfare: INR 50,000
  • Land package: INR 40,000

When to visit: December – February with cooler clime to spice up your journey
Visa: No visa required for a stay not exceeding 21 days.
How To Reach: Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu are the major airports here and welcomes national carriers including Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Philippine Airlines and Skyjet.
Languages Spoken: Filipino and English
Currencies Accepted: Philippine peso

7. Nepal – Dive Into An Ancient Culture

Lakes Of Nepal

Nepal is known to be one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia for those looking for a vivid culture and heritage. Offering a number of adventures like paragliding, hiking, trekking, and much more with the addition of charming tourist attractions and natural resources, this place has got to be on your romantic bucket list if you’re not visiting it on your honeymoon. The snow-clad peaks, the culture-rich towns, ancient temples, and plenty of places to visit in Nepal on honeymoon definitely deserve a visit at least once your lives. This is amongst the best honeymoon places in Asia.

Things to do: Honeymooners can trek indulge in sports like paragliding, trekking, hiking, camping, shopping, visiting casinos, and much more.
Tourist Attractions: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Bodhinath, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Monkey Temple, Lumbini
Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
Package cost: INR 40,000 and above

  • Airfare: INR 20,000
  • Land package: INR 20,000

When to visit: March – June
Visa: No visa required. Photo ID proof required and accommodation details
How To Reach: You can take a flight to Kathmandu International Airport
Languages Spoken: Nepali, English and Hindi
Currencies Accepted: Nepalese rupee

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8. Kyrgyzstan – Breathtaking Landscapes

kyrgyzstan landscape

Image Source

Kyrgyzstan may be an oblivious nation in Central Asia but it is also surrounded by beautiful mountains that makes it worthy of visit. The country is rich in flora and fauna such that you won’t get enough of the postcard-perfect landscapes. It is named as the ‘Pearl of Central Asia’ because of its ethereal beauty. Visit the world’s second largest alpine lake called Lake Issyk Kul. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget if you wish to go offbeat.

Things to do in Kyrgyzstan: Hiking and camping in the mountains, bathing in natural hot springs, swimming in the lake, visit the magical canyons, admire the architecture in Bishkek
Tourist attractions: Bishkek, Karakol, Osh, Issyk Kul
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Package cost (couple): INR 80,000 and above

  • Airfare (Round-trip/person): INR 30,000
  • Land package: INR 50,000 onwards

When to visit: June to september for northern Kyrgyzstan, Match-October for southern Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Visa: If you have a visa for Kazakhstan, then you may get access to a few regions in Kyrgyzstan. Otherwise, you need to apply for evisa.
How to reach: There are flights from New Delhi to Bishkek and Osh
Languages Spoken: Kyrgyz, Russian, and English
Currencies Accepted: Kyrgyzstani som, and US Dollar

9. Russia – Admirable Architecture & Vodka

Russia Travel Guide

Russia is not only enticing but also fun. You may think that Russia is expensive but in fact, it is one of the budget friendly honeymoon destinations. It has best of all, heritage, modern cities, and of course Russian vodka. From its impressive architecture to wild nightlife, Russia will bid you farewell with a bouquet of memories on your honeymoon. Russia is also rich in wildlife giving you an opportunity to head out on a wildlife safari.

Things to do in Russia: Canal tour, skiing, visit Disneyland, attend Russian opera, visit museums, check out the Twin star Diner
Tourist attractions: Lake Baikal, Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square

Duration: 7 days 6 nights
Package cost (couple): INR 90,000 and above

  • Airfare (Round-trip/person): INR 31,000
  • Land package: INR 60,000 onwards

When to visit: Early June when it is spring season
Russian Visa for Indians: You need to apply for a 30-day visa prior to your vacation.
How To Reach: The major and the busiest Russian airports are Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport and Pulkovo Airport. Direct flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg are available from all the major countries of the world.
Languages Spoken: Russian
Currencies Accepted: Russian ruble

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10. Maldives – Pristine Beaches


Considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia in December, Maldives is your very own Caribbean honeymoon destination which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The sea water is crystal clear for you to indulge in some private swimming with your love. This Asian destination is the perfect choice if you are looking to escape from the world with your partner and want to either relax or indulge in myriad water sports in Maldives (or even both!).

Things to do: Hukuru Miskiiy, an ancient mosque Male’ is a perfect place to experience the culture of Maldives. Laze away your romantic days on a hammock with your love and dive into the clear waters for some underwater adventures.
Tourist Attractions: Maahfushi, Male Atoll, Hulhumale, Meeru Island, Banana Reef, Vaadhoo Island
Duration: 3 nights and 4 days.
Package cost (couple): 1.3 lacs and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 30,139
  • Land Package: INR 70,000

When to visit: April to November with rain showers to spice up your experience
Visa: Visa on Arrival is available in Maldives
How To Reach: Male International Airport (MLE) is the main airport, which connects Maldives to all major countries in South-East Asia including India, China and Sri Lanka. There are also direct flights from Dubai, and chartered flights coming in from Europe, China and Singapore.
Languages Spoken: Dhivehi
Currencies Accepted: Maldivian rufiyaa and US Dollar

11. Turkey – Vivid Landscapes


Turkey is another wonderful and must visit honeymoon destination with a leg on each side of Eastern Europe and the Western Asia. With lots of cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Turkey is an amazing cultural retreat to newly weds.

Things to do: In order to spend your honeymoon in Turkey and make it a memorable one, plan a stay in the romantic cave resorts in Cappadocia. Don’t miss the heavenly couples spas and indulge in a steam bath together at the local thermal pools. A hot air balloon ride is a must to witness the country with your love.

Tourist Attractions: Blue Mosque, Bosphorus Bridge, Lycian Rock tombs, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Pamukkale, Ephesus
Duration: 7 Days 6 nights
Package cost: 1.9 lacs and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 41,864
  • Land package: 1 lac

When to visit: Turkey has a flexible weather. But August to November are advised.

Visa: Visa required
How To Reach: Atatürk Airport is well connected to popular cities of the world and welcomes almost all the major airlines
Languages Spoken: Turkish, Kurmanji, Arabic and Zazaki
Currencies Accepted: Turkish lira, USD, and Euros

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12. Hong Kong – A Fun City

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong is made up of multiple islands that are separated by only a few miles. Unlike other Asian cities, Hong Kong city is vibrant and lively in terms of cityscape and lifestyle. The city also offers various adventures for the newlyweds. This is surely among the best budget friendly honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do in Hong Kong: the Victoria peak has an awe chilling view that can blow away you and your partner. The Stars light show is also a must to experience. The ocean park is a fine romantic spot where you get to walk with your partner in the background of gigantic aquariums. Nan Lian Garden is yet another exotic spot filled with various flowers brought from different parts of the world.
Tourist Attractions: Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Victoria Harbour, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Temple Street Night Market, Dragon’s Trail
Duration: 3 nights and 4 days.
Package cost: 1.5 lacs and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 27,167
  • Land package: INR 30,000 per couple.

When to visit: October and December
Visa: Visa on arrival
How To Reach: The Hong Kong International Airport is the popular and the busiest airport. Various flights like Cathay Pacific, Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways and more operate scheduled flights from India.

Languages Spoken: Chinese and English
Currencies Accepted: Hong Kong dollar

13. Taiwan – Nightlife And More


Taiwan is a small island known as an attractive honeymoon destination in Asia, consisting of modern cities, hot springs resorts and a lot of dramatic mountainous landscapes. There are a number of charming and romantic places to visit in Taiwan that you and your amour would not want to miss out on. This is one of the most popular Asian honeymoon destination.

Things to do: Known for its eventful night markets like Miaokou market, Taiwan has a lot to offer for street food loving couples and compulsive shoppers (especially your wives). You could plan an adventurous honeymoon while trekking and hiking at Yushan Peaks or spending a day walking under the sun at the Trails of Taroko Gorge with your partner.
Tourist Attractions: Taroko National Park, Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Sun Moon Lake, Maokong Zoo, Yushan National Park, Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Rainbow Village
Duration: 3 Days
Package cost: 1.5 lacs and above

  • Airfare (Round trip/person): INR 41,113
  • Land package: INR 30,000

When to visit: Being a humid destination, you are required to check all the weather conditions before planning to travel there.
Visa: Visa Required
How To Reach: The major airports of Taiwan are Taoyuan International Airport close to Taipei, Kaohsiung International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Airport and Hualien Airport. You can take a flight to the airport nearest to the destination you are visiting.
Languages Spoken: Mandarin Chinese
Currencies Accepted: New Taiwan dollar and US dollar

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14. Malaysia – Delicious Cuisine


Malaysia is known to offer two very unique experiences – the Malaysian Peninsula which is a distinct blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay flavours and Borneo, which is an island shared with Brunei and Indonesia. It is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia and an ultimate paradise for foodie couples who would definitely love dining at these exotic restaurants in Malaysia.

Things to do: World’s tallest twin tower, the Petronas Twin Towers is one of the major attractions in Malaysia. The middle of the towers has the sky bridge which takes 41 seconds to reach and as a couple, you can try to buy out tickets for a top of the world experience.
Tourist Attractions: Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Tower, Mount Kinabalu, Menara Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Bukit Bintang
Duration: 5 days and 6 nights
Package cost: INR 1.10 lacs and above

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 31,150
  • Land package: INR 35,000 to 40,000

When to visit: Malaysia has conducive climate and with tropical climate, a holiday in Malaysia can be undertaken throughout the year. But make sure you avoid the months of rain from November to February.

Visa: Visa on Arrival provided
How To Reach: Traveling by air is the best way to reach Malaysia.
Languages Spoken: Malay and English
Currencies Accepted: Malaysian ringgit, USD, and Euros

15. Bhutan – Buddhist Monasteries

What would be a better place than Bhutan to begin a new journey with the Lord’s blessings! And the best part is, this charming Buddhist nation offers a plethora of other sightseeing options and adventures like paragliding, trekking, and more. The Happiest Country has a lot in store to make your honeymoon memorable, making it one of the budget honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do: Honeymooners can trek to Paro’s Nest, go shopping, visit the many attractions, try Bhutanese cuisine, and visit monasteries.
Tourist Attractions: Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Rinpung Dzong, Dorcha La, Chele La, Punakha Dzong, Royal Manas Naional Park, Phobjhika Valley
Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
Package cost: INR 60,000 and above

  • Airfare: INR 20,000
  • Land package: INR 40,000

When to visit: March – June
Visa: No visa required. Photo ID proof required and accommodation details
How To Reach: You can take a flight to Bhutan, however, if you are traveling from India then you can opt for the bus, private taxi or any other local transportation to reach Bhutan.
Languages Spoken: Dzongkha
Currencies Accepted: Bhutanese Ngultram, and USD

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16. Myanmar – Intriguing Cultural

Honeymoon In Myanmar

A perfect destination to getaway from the world and spend time alone with your better half, Myanmar is an exotic escape for your honeymoon. When looking for an offbeat location to explore amazing foreign cultures and take part in the ever so thrilling activities, Myanmar is the destination for you. This country envelopes memorable experiences with a beautiful blend of rejuvenation and adventure. Also, while this may not be amongst the most budget-friendly honeymoon destinations in Asia, it can relatively turn out to be cheaper if you plan it well.

Things To Go: If you are a hopeless romantic and a sucker for sunsets, Mandalay Hill is a paradise. Myanmar is a hub of mesmerizing and peaceful locations such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Kandawgyi Park, Bagan Tower, Inle Lake and many more.
Tourist Attractions: Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Inle Lake, Bagan, Yangon, Mrauk

Duration: 9 Nights/ 10 Days
Airfare (Roundtrip/person): INR 36,448
When To Visit: November to February with a pleasant weather to make your honeymoon more romantic
Visa: Visa required, eVisa also available
How To Reach: There are numerous direct and indirect flight to Burma. If you are going to Burma from India then you can board a bus or other local transport from Imphal.
Languages Spoken: Burmese
Currencies Accepted: Burmese kyat

17. Dubai – Some Emirati Luxury

Dubai In February

Your honeymoon in Asia shouldn’t just be about beaches, tropical attractions, and history. It should also have a little luxury and exciting adventures to spice up your love life. Get ready to be dazzled with towering man made marvels of the UAE on your trip to Dubai, one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do: Honeymooners can go shopping, have fun at Atlantis Dubai, visit the water parks, have dinner on the Dhow Cruise, and much more.
Tourist Attractions: Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, Global Village, Bastakia, Jumeirah Mosque
Duration: 6 Days/5 Nights
Package cost: INR 80,000 and above

  • Airfare: INR 30,000
  • Land package: INR 50,000

Best time to visit: December – February
Visa: Visa on Arrival provided
How To Reach: Dubai International Airport is one the busiest airports in the world and welcomes almost all the major airlines
Languages Spoken: Arabic Language and English
Currencies Accepted: Dubai Dhiram and USD

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18. Jordan – Desert Romance

Awesome Jordan Travel Tips

Image Source

Located on the banks of the Jordan River, Jordan makes one of the best places for honeymoon in Asia. The country is famous for beautiful historical sites like Petra and picturesque natural locations that will make your jaw drop. It may not be one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia in February, but it definitely is amazing to visit in March-May since the temperature is cooler.

Things to do in Jordan: Bedouin camping, therapeutic mud bath, explore historical sites in Petra, float in Dead Sea, nightlife in Jordan
Tourist attractions: Mount Nebo, Al Khazneh, Wadi Rum, Beaches of Aqaba
Duration: 9 days 8 nights
Package cost (couple):  INR 2 lacs and above

  • Airfare (Round-trip/person): INR 30,000
  • Land package: INR 1,60,000 onwards

When to visit: March-May
Visa: Visa on arrival for Indian passport holders for 30 days
How To Reach: The Queen Alia International Airport is the country’s main airport and is quite well-connected to the other parts of the world.
Languages Spoken: Arabic
Currencies Accepted: Jordanian dinar and USD

19. Israel – Mediterranean Madness

Weather In Israel In October

Israel may be a controversial place to visit but it is also one of the most beautiful ones. The rich cultural history of Israel and delicious Israeli food make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in asia in january. Visit Jerusalem to know the history of religion and Tel Aviv for amazing nightlife. Negev Desert and Makhtesh Ramon Nature Reserve will fulfill your quest for adventure.

Things to do in Israel: Taste Israeli food, float in Dead Sea, head to the beaches in Tel Aviv, explore the historical sites, day trips to Haifa and Jerusalem.
Tourist attractions in Israel: Masada National park, Sea of Galilee, Baha’i Gardens
Duration: 6 days 5 nights
Package cost (couple): INR 2 lacs and above

  • Airfare (Round-trip/person): INR 40,000
  • Land package: INR 1,60,000

When to visit: October-April
Visa: Indians require Israel visa
How To Reach: The main airport in Israel is Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International airport. It is closer to Tel Aviv and around 40 kms from Jerusalem.
Languages Spoken: Hebrew
Currencies Accepted: Israeli new shekel

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20. Japan – Splendid Landscapes

japan lakes cover

One of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Asia, Japan, is a desert island situated in the Pacific Ocean entirely occupied with high-rise cities, regal palaces, hilly national parks and lots of holy places and temples as well. If you are an island lover, Japan is the place for you and your partner.

Things to do: There are a lot of things which a honeymoon couple can do in Japan like enjoy scenic view from Mt. Fuji, let your darling shop her heart out at the shopping Mecca – Harajuku, let your imagination set sail at the Tokyo DisneySea or visit the various shrines. If you want some quiet time, staying in traditional ryokans is a good idea.
Tourist Attractions: Mount Fuji, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Kofuki-ji Temple, Osaka Castle, Atsuta Shrine
Duration: 4 days and 3 nights
Package cost: Upto 3 lakhs

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 42,828
  • Land Package: 1.75 lacs per couple

When to visit: The months of April and May is often considered as the best season to visit Japan due to the full bloom of cherry blossoms in most part of the country. The weather is also mild until the June rains.
Visa: Japanese Visa required
How To Reach: Japan is well connected to almost all the countries in the world by air and flying to Japan is the easiest way to reach the country. The major airports here are Narita Airport and Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Osaka International Airport and Kansai Airport in Osaka.
Languages Spoken: Japanese, and Ryukyuan languages
Currencies Accepted: Japanese yen

21. Singapore – Futuristic Cityscape

Singapore Attraction Colorful Gardens By The Bay

Singapore is truly a wonder of the metropolis and one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. What makes this wonderful city a special honeymoon destinations is the balance the best romantic spots, perfectly blending with natural beauty and modern architecture to make for a wonderful honeymoon place.

Things to do: If you and your partner are nature lovers, Singapore Botanical gardens are a must visit. The Marina Bay offers a breathtaking sight at night and has the infinity pool to dive in with your love. Sungei Buloh wetland reserve is the perfect place to escape from the city chaos and to spend some time in solitude and The Little India will make you feel like you’re home.
Tourist Attractions: Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road, Chinatown, Clarke Quay
Duration: 3 nights and 4 days
Package cost: 2.3 Lacs to 2.7 Lacs

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 25,694
  • Land Package: from 1.3 Lacs onwards per couple.

When to visit: All round the year works but visiting in September will get you a chance to witness many popular events like the Singapore Grand Prix.
Visa: Visa needed, online application with one day processing
How To Reach: Changi Airport is one of Asia’s best-connected airports and welcomes all the major flights throughout the year
Languages Spoken: English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin Chinese
Currencies Accepted: Singapore dollar and USD

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22. South Korea – Serene Beauty

A serene location in South Korea

Known for excellent cultural heritage, South Korea is amongst the less frequented yet amazingly romantic budget honeymoon destination in Asia. For couples who love shopping, this place offers boundless opportunities. Right from designer outlets, traditional craft shops to bargain malls, you’ll find it all in South Korea. This is amongst the top honeymoon destinations in Asia in summer.

Things to do: The metropolis of South Korea has some of the busiest markets & amazing nightlife districts. Seoul brims with youthful vibrancy and is a must visit for all the party lovers. Explore the art galleries & ancient architectures like Gyeongbokgung, Deoksugung and Changgyeonggung palaces hand in hand with your partner.
Tourist Attractions: Changdeokgung Palace, Seoraksan National Park, Bukchon Hanok Village, Jeungdo Salt Farm, Chunwang Peak, Ggotji Beach
Duration: 4 nights and 5 days
Package cost: 2 lakhs

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 42,862
  • Land Package: INR 99,000

When to visit: Early spring to summer i.e March through May or the fall season i.e from September through November is the best time to visit.
Visa: South Korean Visa required
How To Reach: South Korea can be reached through waterways only by three countries namely Japan, China and Russia or you can take a flight.
Languages Spoken: Korean
Currencies Accepted: South Korean won, and USD

23. Indonesia – Heavenly Charm


Bali stands for “heaven”. So technically speaking you really have the chance to visit heaven which also is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations. This small island in Indonesia has landscapes that you’ll find only in fairy tales. From volcanoes to lush green fields, Bali remain is a dream honeymoon destination in Asia for lovers, offering a fantasy-like experience.

Things to do: Visit the famous Tirta Empul temple to seek blessing and indulge in an elephant safari experience with your partner. Spend an evening and have some romantic fun at Kuta, a beautiful beach town at the end of the Bali Island.
Tourist Attractions: Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Borobodur Temple, Komodo National Park, Lake Batur, Mount Rinjani, Raja Ampat Islands
Duration: 4 nights and 5 days
Package cost (Couple): 1.5 Lacs onwards

  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 35,294
  • Land package: INR 50,000 per person

When to visit: April and October
Visa: Visa on arrival is provided
How To Reach: You can take a flight either to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta or Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar.
Languages Spoken: Indonesian, Javanese and Sundanese
Currencies Accepted: Indonesian rupiah

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Whether you want to tour unique honeymoon destinations in Asia on a budget, or want to go for luxury international honeymoon, this list will come in handy. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t think much, simply book your ticket to Asia and get ready to be a part of the ultimate fun. We promise you won’t be disappointed and will have the time of your life at these budget honeymoon destinations in Asia. Go ahead and explore these tourist attractions at your own pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Which is the best place for honeymoon in Asia?

Bali and Singapore are two of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia. If you want more options, you could also plan a honeymoon to Hong Kong, South Korea, or Japan. Vietnam and Cambodia are budget destinations for a honeymoon as well as backpackers.

Which is the best international place for honeymoon?

It totally depends on the season and the kind of experience you want. Japan is best during Spring while Hong Kong is appropriate from October to December. If you want to be amidst nature, then Bali and Sri Lanka are two amazing options.

What is the cheapest honeymoon destination in Asia?

Bali is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia. Myanmar is another great option for a nature-loving couple. The Maldives can also be cheap if you plan your vacation during the right time of the year.

How much is a Maldives honeymoon?

If you plan your flights in advance. Maldives can easily be done under INR 60,000 for a couple. There are a variety of water villas in Maldives which cost between INR 1,400 – 210,000. Flights and hotels are the two things that make for 80% of your trip expenses. So, choose wisely.

Is Maldives expensive for honeymoon?

The Maldives has tons of different options to fit every honeymooner’s budget and travel style. So you can easily find a number of budget-friendly packages for your honeymoon in the Maldives.

Which country has the lowest airfare from India?

South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are a few of the many places which have the lowest airfare from India.

Is Vietnam cheaper than India?

Yes. Vietnam is very inexpensive as compared to India and offers pocket-friendly vacations.

Is the Philippines good for honeymoon?

Yes. The Philippines is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations with a number of luxurious private island resorts that are found on the island.

Is the Philippine safe to travel?

The Philippines is generally considered safe for most parts of the nation however there are some areas where more violence tends to occurs.

Is Japan a good honeymoon destination?

Yes, Japan is a good honeymoon destination, mainly because of two reasons:
1. The spellbinding landscapes, especially during the spring season
2. The amazing Japanese culture and traditions

Is Dubai good for a honeymoon?

Yes, Dubai is a good place for honeymoon in UAE. This destination offers a wide luxury, adventure, and romantic experiences, for a power-packed honeymoon. The nightlife, beaches, shopping, and desert safaris are a few opportunities that couples look forward to on their Dubai honeymoon.

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