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    Burj Khalifa vs Taj Mahal

    Yes, we can say it a thousand times, there is no comparison between these incomparable landmarks. But, what’s the harm in having some fun?! When it comes to Burj Khalifa Vs Taj Mahal, we know there are indeed a myriad of differences between the two but still each stand with its own distinctive beauty.

    This comparison post covers efficient aspects like location, experiences offered, budget, places to visit nearby, best time to visit and so on!

    1. Let’s begin with size

    Burj Khalifa

    Image Source

    Taj Mahal top view

    Image Source

    As apparent as it is, there is a huge difference in the size of Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal. While Burj Khalifa is regarded as the tallest building in the world with a height of 830 meters, Taj Mahal is 73 meters tall.

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    2. Where are they located

    Burj Khalifa in twilight

    Image Source

    Taj Mahal during the day

    Image Source

    Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal are located in the same continent, Asia, but in different countries. While the former is located in Dubai, the latter one is in India.

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    3. What are the experiences offered

    View from the top of Burj Khalifa

    Image Source

    Interior of Taj Mahal

    Image Source

    The list of experiences in Burj Khalifa is way longer compared to the list of experiences offered in Taj Mahal, owing to its bigger size. Even with that being said, this aspect lies uncomparable by all means.

    Talking about what awaits in Burj Khalifa, let’s start with the entrance area. The park consists of flowering plants and fountains. In fact the landscape area is divided into three categories. Other attractions in the building are luxury hotel, art gallery, spa, library, base jumping, light & sound show, fine dining area, and of course the Observation Decks located at levels 124, 125, and 148.

    The Mughal architecture of Taj Mahal acts as a major attraction, and strolling through to complex will introduce you to the intricate artistry in the olden era. This structure will leave you in awe right from the moment you enter. The landscape area features a manicured garden and an iconic fountain which act as a major photography spot for the tourists. The cherry on the top howevers is the annual Hot-air Balloon Festival which makes the landscape even more beautiful.

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    4. Nearby attractions

    Dubai underwater zoo

    Image Source

    Fatehpur Sikri near Taj Mahal

    Image Source

    Even though Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal stand as star attractions, the places nearby totally add cherry on the top.

    Places near Burj Khalifa are more about entertainment and shopping. Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink and Reel Cinemas are among the top attractions near Burj Khalifa

    However the attractions near Taj Mahal will transfer you back in time. The archeological structures such as Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and Akbar’s Tomb narrate inspiring stories and showcases architectural brilliance which were adopted during the reign of the Mughals.

    5. Type of travelers each majorly caters to

    Burj Khalifa Familly

    Image Source

    couple in front of Taj Mahal

    Image Source

    Thanks to number of entertainment options in and around Burj Khalifa, this attraction in Dubai is visited equally by solo travelers, families and couples. But, since Taj Mahal stands as an epitome of love, this landmark majorly attracts couples. These couples come over to listen to the tales of Shah Jahan and his wife.

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    6. Best time to visit

    Fireworks in Burj Khalifa

    Image Source

    Taj Mahal during full moon

    Both Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal are best visited in around winter season (October- March), as the area stays hot all year round. Winter is best in Dubai as the weather stays temperate, and there also are many events such as the Dubai Shopping Festivals taking place.

    Winter in Agra, specially December and February, can be chilly. But as long as you are visiting during the daytime the temperature stays normal, allowing an easy and comfortable sightseeing session for the travelers.

    7. Shopping scenario

    Dubai Mall

    Image Source

    Shopping in Agra

    Image Source

    The shopping scenario near Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal are indeed quite similar. The famous Dubai Mall is located right next to Burj, and even if you do not want to dig a hole in your pocket with luxury shopping there is always an option of street shopping. Similarly, Taj Emporia is the closest mall from Taj Mahal and local market isn’t far away either. If you love artistic items, you will be more than happy shopping around both these landmarks.

    8. What to eat


    Image Source

    Mughlai cuisine

    Image Source

    The area of both Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal gives you a choice in terms of cuisine and budget. Whether you want to treat your tastebuds in a fine dine restaurant, or want to savor lip-smacking delights in the streets, the gastronomical journey in both the places will be unforgettable for you.

    When in Dubai, we suggest you to try Arab cuisine, like Shayan, Manousheh, and Knafeh. In Agra you can taste the best of Mughlai and Punjabi cuisine.

    Best Arabian restaurants in Dubai: Al Dawar, Al Nafoorah, and Bahria

    Best Mughlai restaurants in Agra: Jahapanah, Pinch of Spice, and Karim’s

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    9. Other important tourist information

    The highest choreographed Dubai Fountain in the 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake
    Taj Mahal Agra - an awesome honeymoon destination in India

    Image Source

    Ideal stay duration

    Though ideal stay duration differ based on budget and attractions you wish to see, but in Dubai, at least a 3-day holiday is a must! However, most important tourist attractions in Agra can be visited in 2 days, so a 1 night 2 day trip to Agra is fair.

    Ease of accessibility

    Being major tourist attractions of their respective countries, Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal have quite an easy accessibility regardless where in the world you are coming from. The nearest airport from Burj Khalifa is Dubai International Airport, at a distance of 14 km.

    From Taj Mahal, the nearest international airport is located in Delhi, at a distance of 230 km.

    Entry charges and timing

    Burj Khalifa

    Entry fee: INR 2300 per person (adults) onwards (You can click here for a detailed table of entry charges)

    Timing: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

    Taj Mahal

    Entry fee: INR 40 per person (Indians) | INR 1000 per person (Foreigners)

    Timing: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Closed on fridays)

    Package cost

    There are many factors that affect cost, primarily your location and duration bring the most changes. Cost of Dubai tour package begin from about INR 20,000 per pax for a 4-day trip. However, a trip to Taj Mahal is covered in Golden Triangle tour packages. But, if you seek to visit Agra alone, then it can cost as low as INR 3000 if you are coming from Delhi.

    However, in all means, it can be said that Agra is much cheaper than Dubai, specially if you are living in or visiting India already.

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