Each and every country or state is famous for some or the other places in the whole world. There are outstanding places to visit in every city. Each and every place is famous for something. Places like restaurants and cafes have become a place for people to meet and even places to sit and work without any disturbance. Below is the list of best cafes in Russia. There are many cafes in Russia, but if a person wishes to get the best taste along with variety as well as royal feeling, then the above list is for you.

Top 10 Cafes In Russia

It has become a trend everywhere to meet in cafes and restaurants. Due to this reason, more and more cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere around the globe.

1. Kvartira 44


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Among the best cafes in Russia, this café or we can say the restaurant is filled with amenities. It is not only a restaurant or a café, but it is also a wine bar. There is a piano set up, and artists are brought in to play melodious songs and tunes so that the authenticity of the place is maintained. There are bookshelves with books on different topics to read. A person who is fond of reading books will find this place heaven as there is a comfortable space as well as the atmosphere for reading. There is a lot of variety of food like pasta, salads and French dishes. It is a perfect place to sit and relax along with having a cup of coffee.

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2. Café Pushkin


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If you are the one who loves royal things, royal places and royal experience, then this place is a perfect fit for you. This café has a splendid atmosphere, and it serves the customers with Russian cuisine in an aristocratic mansion which was built in the 19th century. The staff here is professional, and the chefs are expert in making a perfect dish. The restaurant has three floors, and each has a different theme. Every place has its theme and menu, and a person would be able to get new dishes on every floor. There are bookshelves to keep a person indulged until they are in the café.

3. Gallery Café

Gallery Café

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The story of this restaurant is a bit same as the two above it is started eight years ago but recreated on the 19th-century mansion. As its name suggest here, you can get a mixture of art, music, and glamour. This restaurant is a place for many parties and events which are hosted by celebrities. Terrace of this place has concerts and performances as well. Gallery café is a host for many art exhibitions as well. This café highlights the culture of the city.

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4. Turandot


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Interior has marvelous opera-theme, and it is the most expensive one in the list. It is estimated that the cost of constructing this place was between 40 to 50 million dollars. The quality of food is very high and different cuisines are served to the people. The status of this place is similar to its costing. The wine and the cuisine served are of great quality and taste. The staff is highly qualified, and this place is the one which you shouldn’t miss in Moscow. The place is very elegant, and the center of attraction is a rotunda which dominates the two floors in the restaurant. It is in the list of best cafes in Russia.

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5. Bar Strelka

Bar Strelka

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If you are in Moscow and looking for a place to taste something amazing, then this restaurant is the perfect place for you. It is an urban space filled with architecture and design. Here you will find great interior and awesome designed wallpapers. There is a variety of dishes on the menu including great flavors, salad, noodle, meat, and seafood. At night the bar becomes a club, and this place becomes a great place to enjoy jazz music and feel relaxed.

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6. Mari Vanna


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It’s a mysterious place themed upon old times. If you somehow managed to ring the bell to enter inside the restaurant, you will find all the things aged half-century. It is very popular in Moscow, and there are several branches opened in London and New York as well. Food offered here is delicious, and a person feels like home in here. Traditional Russian food like borsch, pirogi, and pelemeni is served here in traditional style.

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7. White Rabbit

White Rabbit

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From stylish interior and delicious dinner, everything seems perfect in White Rabbit. The most popular chef Vladimir Mukhin refined all the Old Russian dishes to give you a better taste of Russia. There are several parties hosted in here. In the menu, there are several dishes like a fried octopus, beef tartare and suckling pig. When you mount at the atrium after going through two different lifts, you get to see an amazing view of the whole city and the skyscrapers look glorious.

8. Uzbekistan


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This place is built using an old theme to make it authentic. Furnished with divans and patterned tables and rich woven rugs will make you experience an old era of hospitality. The menu of this restaurant has many options like mutton, chuchvara, pilaf, and preserved sweets. There are belly dancers who are entertaining the crowd with their great performances so that a person does not get bored. This place provides customers with different cuisines like Chinese, Uzbek, Arabic as well as many other cuisines also. A person who wishes to taste a variety of food would find this restaurant an ideal one.

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9. Varvary


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If you want to experience a great dinner, then you should visit Varavary. Foods have original flavors, and its furnishing is unique. Head chef of the restaurant is Michelin, and another star-chef Anatoly Komm also works in here. From the staff to the interior, everything is excellent. Deep red walls and sleek silver tables make this restaurant look authentic. It provides with modern Russian cuisine. It is a classic restaurant, and it is also in the list of hard rock cafes in Russia.

10. David B. Café

David B. Café

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It is one of the most musical and popular cafés of the city. It is built on pure Russian style. There are various types of coffee like espresso, latte and many more and two special Raf drinks namely classic and citrus are something new in the whole city. It is a place where people love to show their skills like singing and even playing different musical instruments.

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If you are in Russia and wondering where you should go to taste great food, then these are the best cafes in Moscow, Russia. All of them are unique, and most of these hotels are theme based which would provide a person with variety. Thus, on your trip to Russia, don’t forget to take a sip here.

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