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Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, is home to not only some of the most extraordinary architectural marvels along with numerous natural wonders that are well-preserved. From gardens and Natural Reserves to Zoological Parks and serene lakes, the floors of Chandigarh offer one of the finest juxtapositions of concrete jungles and refreshing nature. One such nature-preserving unit is the Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh. This Zoological Park not only boasts about being home to the enchanting Royal Bengal Tiger and the mighty Lions along with other reptiles and mammals but is also famed for the walkways surrounded by lush green forests. Take a look at this guide that answers all the questions that you might have about this zoo in Chandigarh!

Table Of Content

  1. Best Time To Visit Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh
  2. Details About Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh
  3. Timings Of Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh
  4. Entry Charges Of Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh
  5. Top 4 Things To Do In And Around Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh
  6. Top 4 Places To Visit Near Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

Best Time To Visit Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

Lion in the jungle

Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh happens to be a spot that is extremely close to the hearts of locals residing in the destination. Home to the Royal King of the Jungle, the best time to pay a visit to this destination is anytime during the winter season.

The months from October to March are considered the best months to pay a visit to Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh. During these months, the day temperatures usually hover anywhere between 20-degree Celsius and 30-degree Celsius. As the night gets closer, the temperature starts falling and can get as low as 2 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius.

One can also travel to Chandigarh during the months of August and September as the monsoon showers bring down the temperature and make the weather bearable to stroll around the zoo.

It is advised to avoid travelling to Chandigarh during the summer months for those who can’t bear the scorching heat of the destination. The temperature during the summer months of May and June tends to get as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

Details About Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

National Zoological Park

Also famed as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is spread across a massive area of grasslands. Home to an extensive number of exotic flora and fauna, this Zoological Park is a perfect spot for a family day out and one of the most famous zoo near Chandigarh 

Chhatbir Zoo is a location in Chandigarh that is not only attractive but also educates the little ones about animal and plant kingdom. The best thing about the Zoo is that it gives travellers and visitors an opportunity to witness the Royal Bengal Tiger up close.

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Timings Of Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

tigers in anna zoological park

Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is open from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening. The Zoo is open six days a week and remains closed every Monday and on all the national holidays including 26th January, 15th August, and 2nd October.

Entry Charges Of Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh


The entry fee for Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is around INR 25 per person for kids between the ages 3 to 12 years. For individuals above the age of 12 years, one needs to pay INR 60 per head while the kids below the age of 3 can enter the premises free of cost.

If schools are planning to take the students on an educational trip, they need to pay INR 25 per student for Primary School students and INR 30 per student for High School batch.

Those who wish to try their hands on still photography will be charged INR 150 per day and for videography INR 250 per day. If the Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh needs to be a part of commercial shooting, it will cost around INR 40,000 per day.

The ferry vehicle costs INR 25 for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years while for adults it costs around INR 50 per head. The bus ticket for Lion Safari will cost INR 50 per head for individuals above 3 years of age.

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Top 4 Things To Do In And Around Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

There is no dearth of fun-filled, exciting, and educational experiences awaiting behind and outside the doors of Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh. Here is a list of all those things that you can do at this location. Take a look!

1. Lion Safari

Honeymooners watching a lion walk past during a game watching in South Africa

Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh gives travellers a chance to witness the king of the animal kingdom roaming around in their habitat freely. The Lion Safari is a jungle journey with a couple of fellow travellers in a caged vehicle that goes through the evergreen lush forests of the zoo.

Apart from spectating the enchanting big cat in their true lifestyle, travellers also get an opportunity to witness various other species of the animal kingdom including leopards, barking deer, cranes, white Indian peafowl, holden pheasants, and jackals. The vibrant and colourful peacocks dancing around the zoological garden are an additional sight for the visitors.

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2. Stroll Around The Zoo Aviary

Deer walking in the zoo

For those who wish to get closer to the enigmatic marvels of mother nature, strolling around the well-protected walkway tends to make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The Walk-In-Aviary of the zoo welcomes visitors without paying any charges of any sort.

The stroll around this zoological aviary takes around 20 minutes and showcases the best of the colourful birds residing in their habitat. This allows parents and guardians to help the little kids learn about the ecosystem, various terrestrial and aquatic birds, and much more.

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3. Soak In The Beauty Of Sukhna Lake

Basic Info Of The Sukhna Lake In Chandigarh

Located at a distance of around 23 kilometres from the Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake is one of the major attractions sitting in the heart of the capital city. Reeking of serenity and tranquillity from every nook, Sukhna Lake has plenty to offer to travellers.

This man-made lake is not only one of the greatest respites for those who wish to do something offbeat on their vacation but also gives photographers and videographers to try their hands on clicking some scenic nature scapes.

This location is home to numerous fish and migratory birds, thus, it a perfect spot for those who wish to understand the wildlife of Chandigarh even further.

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4. Get Closer To Mother Nature In Garden Of Fragrance

Garden Of Fragrance

Another location that gives travellers an opportunity to escape from the chaotic city culture and simply relax amidst the natural wonders is the Garden of Fragrance.

Blanketing a myriad of floral species, herbs, and the ever so stunning pathways, this garden is home to an extensive number of fragrant plants including Raat ki rani, damask rose, Champa, jasmine, and more. There are numerous open spaces and routes where travellers can be engaged in their favourite activities and games.

Top 4 Places To Visit Near Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

With the floors of this capital city being covered by many tourist attractions, Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is an ideal spot that never lets anyone get bored in or around the park. Go through this list of all the places that you can visit on your trip to Chandigarh.

1. Rock Garden

chandigarh rock garden

One of the famous tourist attractions sitting near the Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is Rock Garden. The Rock Garden is the epitome of best out of waste and makes visitors intrigued with what all one can do with broken bangles, broken tiles, broken glass, and more such materials. Along with the massive sculptures, Rock Garden is also home to an extensive number of garden features, pathways, and artificial waterfalls, that simply add to an already impeccable experience.

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2. Pinjore Garden

Pinjore Gardens in Himachal

The famous Mughal Gardens in the capital city of Punjab, Pinjore Gardens is spread over a huge area that offers ample open spaces and floors covered with lush greens to the visitors. Also famed as Yadvinder Garden, Pinjore Garden boasts well-maintained creations from the Mughal era, rejuvenating fountains, and refreshing water bodies. Apart from the lush green species of flora, these Gardens are also home to the Japanese garden, mini zoo, nursery, and numerous amount of picnic spots.

3. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Another marvel of mother nature is the well-preserved Rose Garden sitting on the floors of Chandigarh. A great escape for all nature lovers out there, the Rose Garden is home to a total of around 825 species of flowers. Emitting the fragrance and the mesmerizing sight of colourful flower beds at a glance, this location takes away the breath of spectators, leaving them awe-inspired.

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4. Government Museum And Art Gallery

Apart from something or the other for nature lovers, there is something for the history buffs as well. One of the most premium museums amidst the entire collection in the Northern side of the country, the Government Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit when looking for places to visit near Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh. A rich collection dating back to the time of partition that includes Pahari artworks, Gandhara sculptures, Rajasthani paintings, and much more can be seen housing in this museum in the present day.

How To Reach Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

Reaching Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is not that difficult of a task by virtue of the public and private transport that is readily available. Take a look at all the transport modes that one can use to visit this destination. The best and most efficient way to pay a visit to this Zoo is by using roadways.

By Air

Chandigarh International Airport

The nearest airport to Chhatbir Zoo is the Chandigarh International Airport which is located at a distance of around 12 kilometres. This airport is well-connected with not only the major cities of the country but also the major countries in the world.

This International Airport allows various flights to fly to and fro including IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, Vistara, Air India, and many more. One can easily hire a taxi or board the bus to cover the remaining distance between the airport and the zoo.

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By Railway

Delhi To Goa Trains Timetable

The nearest railway station is the city railway station which is located around 16 kilometres from the main destination. One can hop into a taxi from the station and cover a distance of approximately half an hour very effectively and efficiently.

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By Road

roadtrip through Autobahn Route

This is the best mode to reach the destination. Chandigarh is a city that is well-connected to all the major parts of the city by road. One can easily board a bus from the major cities including Delhi, Jaipur, Shimla, and more, and get off at the Zirakpur Bus Stand. This bus stand is located right in front of the entry gate of the zoo.

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Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh is a Zoological Park that has plenty to offer to travellers. From giving them a chance to witness the Royal Bengal Tigers to spectating the Royal King of the Jungle in its habitat to strolling around the lush greenery, this Zoological Park is a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life! Plan a trip to Chandigarh with TravelTriangle and enjoy a perfect vacation here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh

What are the timings for Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh?

The Chhatbir Zoo in Chandigarh opens around 9 am in the morning and closes at 5 pm in the evening. This zoo is open 6 days a week and remains closed every Monday.

What are the ticket prices for Chhatbir Zoo Chandigarh?

For children below the age of 3, the entry to the Chhatbir Zoo is free of cost. For the children from the ages of 3 years to 12 years, the entry charges are INR 25 and for individuals over the age of 12, the entry is for INR 60 per head.

What are some places to visit near the Chhatbir Zoo?

There are numerous places that one can pay a visit to the Chhatbir Zoo with Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Pinjore Garden, Terraced Garden, Sector 17 Market, Government Museum and Art Gallery being the top choices.

What animals are found in Chhatbir Zoo?

There are many exotic species found in Chhatbir Zoo including leopards, Royal Bengal Tigers, jackals, cranes, peacocks, barking deer, white Indian peafowl, and many more.

What is the best time to visit Chandigarh?

The best time to pay a visit to Chandigarh is either right after the monsoon season or during the winter season. The months from August and September or the months from October to March are considered the best to visit this destination.

What makes Chandigarh famous?

The peaceful vibes, lively ambiance, warm-hearted locals, and numerous tourist attractions are what make Chandigarh famous.

How far the Chhatbir Zoo from the Chandigarh Airport?

Chandigarh International Airport is located at a distance of around 12 kilometers from the Chhatbir Zoo. It takes around 30 minutes to cover the distance.

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