A view of Dal Lake in Kashmir

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Who hasn’t heard of the poetic charm of Kashmir and its Dal Lake! As soon as you put your foot down on the magnificent land of sparkling rivers, deep green lakes, and sleepy towns, you can feel the magic in the air. This magic remains in the air, in the waters, and in each season of this sleepy hamlet.

Just like there is no comparison of breathtaking views of Kashmir in autumn, Dal Lake also look spectacular in certain months of the year. The hypnotic colors of Srinagar’s Dal Lake that change every season cannot be described in words. With the best pictures of Dal put together, this blog takes you on a virtual trip to experience the spellbinding beauty of Lake, even before you actually plan a Kashmir vacation.

Spring – March to April

Day temperature – 15 to 18 degrees celsius
Night temperature – 0 to 5 degree celsius during night

Spring’s arrival brings new life and hundreds of colours to the town. It’s time to renew zest for life as the morning breeze blows over the mountains and Dal Lake…

A boat in the Dal Lake in Kashmir

Seeing the reflection of the coloured boats on the surface of the clear water of Dal Lake while sailing in the water is undoudetdly a sight for your sore eyes.

Flower being sold on a boat in Kashmir

The lake comes to life as the spring splashes colourful flowers on the face of the valley. Here’s a boatman contentedly decorating his boat for the day.

Sunset view of Dal Lake in kashmir

The evenings are a bit cold but you can sail as long as you want on your comfortable and snug houseboat. Witness the glowing sun rest behind the mountains after shining all day long.

The beautiful Dal Lake in Kashmir at dusk

The lake looks majestic in the long hours of twilight with stardust above. The hustle and bustle of the floating bazaar is delightful.

Summer – May to August

Day temperature – 20 to 30 degrees celsius
Night temperature – 15 to 20 degree celsius

The months pass by and the Summer changes the whole picture of the town, painting it green and the Sun shines brighter now…

Flowers being sold on boats in Dal Lake in Kashmir

Summer brings infinite fun for tourists and a lot of business for the dwellers. The town is greener than ever making it a perfect hideaway for couples and families alike.

Shikaras in Dal Lake in Kashmir

When the days get warmer, the skies get clearer. You can clearly see the mountains wrapped in green velvet-like grass meeting the wide blue skies.

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Greenery and mountains surrounding Dal Lake

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The gardens and forests around Dal lake are decorated with fresh, green leaves and flowers making the lake look ever more majestic.

A picturesque Dal Lake at sunset in Kashmir

Spending your evenings sailing on Dal Lake while watching the dramatic silhouette against the dimming sky. The water of the lake and the sky go all orange making it a picture perfect sight.

Autumn – September to November

Day temperature – 18 to 25 degrees celsius
Night temperature – 10 to 15 degree celsius

As Autumn approaches, the Chinar trees turn from uniform green to all shades of yellow, red, mauve, and gold. The changing colours foreshadow the arrival of Winter…

A view of Dal Lake in Kashmir

The Autumn makes the sun go mild and brings a chilly mist into the air. Walking on the land, you can’t miss the rustling sound of fallen Chinar leaves.

Dal Lake with lots of boats and shikaras sailing on a beautiful day

The shedding of Chinar leaves mark the onset of Autumn bringing a beautiful change in the valley and around.

Dal Lake on a bright day in Kashmir

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The colour of the town begins to change with each passing day. The golden, crisp leaves fall on the ground from almost bare trees.

Leaves floating in Dal Lake in autumn

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The Chinar trees around Dal lake start shedding their leaves on the surface of lake water. The harvest days end with this.

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Winter – December to February

Day temperature – 5 to 10 degrees celsius
Night temperature -4 to 2 degrees celsius

Now arrives the most misunderstood season of all, Winter. For Kashmiris, it’s a season of staying snug at home while making a cup of hot Kahwa for a cold winter day…

A chinar tree standing tall in Dal Lake in Kashmir

The town is covered with snow and becomes a visual treat to eyes. Every blade of grass, every fallen leaf, and every intricacy of twig, is clad with snow.

Boat covered in snow sailing in the Dal Lake

Image Source

It’s an incredible experience to be on a boat as the soft snowflakes silently fall on the partially frozen Dal Lake. A different Kashmir comes to life as the snowflakes touch the ground.

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Lone boat standing on the shore in Dal Lake

Leave behind the noisy city streets to watch the freezing Dal Lake. The deep blue sky is covered with a thick layer of mist during Winter.

Picture perfect view of Dal Lake covered with fog

Image Source

The town becomes intensely silent and the lake almost abandoned. It’s the best time to visit Dal Lake for those who crave for ultimate peace.

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